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Sample of Heaven
Kratom (Red Vein)
by phris
Citation:   phris. "Sample of Heaven: An Experience with Kratom (Red Vein) (exp111745)". Apr 14, 2018.

10 mg oral Pharms - Escitalopram  
    oral Kratom (ground / crushed)


A couple days ago I decided to buy some red vein Kratom. I heard it was a drug that can help with relaxation and as someone who struggles with anxiety, I was excited to try it. I've smoked weed for years and its effects began to change from a pleasurable euphoria to uncomfortable bad trips almost everytime I smoked. Benzos are hard to come by so I was left with Kratom to get my fix. It's not something I wanted to take every day, I decided if I got some I would take it maybe a couple of times a month, on certain days when I need to just chill out - meditate, light some candles, etc. Well I decided for today to be one of those days!

Background: Very little cannabis use, no other drugs besides a daily 10mg lexapro. Going into this experience right after meditating so I am calm and relaxed.

0:00 I take a spoon and dip it into my bag of kratom, take some and put it into a glass. I then filled the glass with water and mixed for about a minute. The mixing didn't do much because when I drank it right after it still tasted very powdery. The taste is decent actually, kind of like a mix between a bitter and sour, very similar to black coffee.
The taste is decent actually, kind of like a mix between a bitter and sour, very similar to black coffee.
I had no trouble getting the funny tasting, powdery liquid down before grabbing a plain roll of bread (in case I got nauseous) and heading to my room to chill out.

0:20 I start to feel a little off balance and begin to feel an electric/mild tingling sensation up my legs, very similar to a pleasurable side effect of cannabis for me. I was so happy to feel this because it was something I missed about my early experience smoking cannabis before my anxiety worsened and the effects changed. I wasn't nauseous at all but I started eating some of my roll to get something in my stomach just in case.

0:40 I put on that 70s show and start to zone out. It begins to be hard for me to focus on the screen. My tingles in my legs have changed into a warmth that I feel all around my body. I'm feeling an orgasmic euphoria and smile to myself. I start to think about my life and how lucky I am to have caring people around me and I look outside from my bed and feel great about the world in general. I'm so happy. At this point the warmth has spread to all over my body and I feel as if I'm sinking into my bed, also very similar to how I felt on some very comfortable cannabis sessions. I'm really, really enjoying kratom at this point. I think to myself how similar it is to cannabis and that I'm glad I've found something that gives me the feelings back that I missed so much.

1:00 I get hungry and have a protein bar and a small bag of popcorn. Kratom did give me munchies, but eating my food didn't have the same level of satisfaction that cannabis would have given me. I still enjoyed the food more so than if I was sober. I stopped watching my show because it became hard for me to keep my eyes open. I start rubbing my feet and it feels absolutely amazing. It's as if my senses are being bombarded with pleasure and warmth, the euphoria is stronger than ANY time I've ever smoked. I close my eyes and meditate for a short while and listen to some music Wavering Radiant, one of my favorite albums.

1:30 Present time, as I'm writing now. I still feel the warmth and I'm hoping this lasts another hour at least! I'm not sure how long the duration is as this is a first time experience and nothing I've read about the drug has mentioned duration. I'm going to put down my laptop and go back to writing the experience in a little while.

2:00 I still feel, to a much smaller degree, the effects and the euphoria is lasting, which is great. I guess this will be the conclusion. Kratom was great! A 'fix' whether it's anxiety, stress, life in general, or just the need to chill out. I'm hopeful that it stays legal for the future as I will certainly order more in a couple weeks for the next time my anxiety builds up. I'm hopeful that euphoria I experienced will leave me with a bit of a glow for the next couple days.

Next Day: I feel baseline, the effects totally wore off after another hour and I didn't experience any hangover. I feel a lot better mentally, kratom was a mildly therapeutic experience. It helped me just be able to fully relax, meditate, and explore my own mind in a positive and euphoric mood as opposed to in my normal state of anxiety/mild depression. Thank you Kratom for this beautiful experience.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111745
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Apr 14, 2018Views: 8,754
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Kratom (203) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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