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Aucar, The Island Of Sailing Souls
Citation:   IMG_9999. "Aucar, The Island Of Sailing Souls: An Experience with 3C-P (exp111751)". Mar 27, 2018.

T+ 0:00
40 mg oral 3C-P
  T+ 0:13 10 mg oral Pharms - Cyclobenzaprine
  T+ 15:00 5 mg oral Clotiazepam
Since there is almost no information online about this chemical, we thought about sharing the very interesting experience we had with 3C-P. This trip happened we were on vacations, traveling through the beautiful Island of Chiloé, at the far south of the world. We had a moderate tolerance from a 2.5 g mushroom trip a week prior to dropping the 3C-P. Both of us had a fair share of experience with psychedelics.

We had planned to spend the trip in a place we would be visiting that day, called “Isla Aucar”. The few reports we had read all indicated a 2 to 3 hour come up period for this psychedelic, so we thought that dropping the dose just before taking the bus that would take us on the 20 minute ride to the Island we wanted to visit was a good idea. That way we would start feeling the effects while already there. So we took the dose (One of us took 40 and the other one 45 mg) pretty early in the morning with a completely empty stomach, knowing that otherwise sleep would be impossible that night given the duration of this drug.

Contrary to the reports we had read, effects were felt within 30 minutes
effects were felt within 30 minutes
, while we were just about to eat a small breakfast. Extreme nausea was felt. Unbearable for one of us, that actually had to throw up multiple times. Wavy visuals were present within the first hour after ingesting the 3C-P. We were quite overwhelmed with the physical intensity of the come-up and taken by surprise because we had expected to feel nothing at all until the second hour. We have speculated that maybe the fast onset was a result of taking the drug on an empty stomach. We were feeling quite clear headed, and actually almost sober, but some visual distortions where becoming apparent and the nausea was so intense that we thought we would have to give up on our plan to go to Aucar Island. Gladly we didn’t get on the bus immediately after taking this psychedelic, otherwise experiencing this come-up in such a situation would have been catastrophic. Vomiting in public transport doesn’t sound fun.

We decided to let the effects settle down. We were, camping so we just waited for the come up to be over in the tent. We took some meds for our upset stomachs (Domperidone and Pargeveril). Around the second hour nausea began decreasing, but the physical effects were still the dominant aspect of the experience, going back and forth between pleasant tingling and uncomfortable body load.

We decided to listen to some music with headphones on in our tent, and that’s when we discovered one of the most magical aspects of this drug. Music enhancement was completely out of this world. We started listening to some “Com Truise”, and it sounded so sharp and clear, every timbre was perfectly defined, every detail and texture stood out and we started feeling pretty euphoric. Later we put Vivaldi’s Summer on, and it was such a beautiful experience that one of us was brought to tears of joy. Can’t really emphasize enough how great the musical enhancement was with this drug.

After that, even though the nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort was gone, we were getting all sort of weird cardiovascular symptoms: Shaky and cold hands, swollen fingers, accelerated heart rate. Unfortunately, this uncomfortableness was present on and off throughout all the trip. And whenever we would feel euphoric or overly excited about something, our heart rates would immediately go up significantly.

Around t+3 we were feeling more or less fine, and although we were definitely tripping at this point, the headspace was still very clear and we felt functional enough. We started feeling very stimulated and visuals were becoming much more prominent, even though they were subtle. They didn’t consist of colorful patterns superimposed on things, such as acid visuals, but more like a sharp clearness of detail and lines that made everything look as in a Van Gogh painting, and a beautiful enhancement of color.

Since we were feeling alright by that point, we went to took the bus to Aucar Island. Before stepping in the bus, we were feeling clear headed and almost sober, with a very rational internal dialogue. But the ride was actually a pretty intense experience. We immediately started feeling very anxious, hot and almost suffocated. We got concerned about our heart rates and felt generally uneasy on the bus. It was a complete roller coaster. We would feel moved and joyous about a thought or an image seen through the window, and the next second we felt jittery and anxious. Needless to say we were glad when the short bus ride was over and we arrived at the mysterious Island.

“Isla Aucar” is a magical, beautiful, unique place. It is connected to the main Island of Chiloé by a 500 meter wooden bridge, covered with moss and lichen. While we walked the bridge to the Island, flocks of birds were flying around us in myriads, and it was a breath-taking sight. The sun was shining bright, and the wind was blowing strong. We were still somewhat shaken by the bus ride, but the beauty of the place slowly lulled us into a calm and happy state of mind. On the Island there is nothing more than a small forest with beautiful native trees, lots of birds, and a cemetery with a small chapel. This Island was baptized “Island of the sailing souls” by a local poet, because of the curious decision to put a graveyard on a place that seems like it will sail far into the ocean at any minute. This is were most of our trip took place.

We reached the peak on the Island, around four hours after ingesting the substance. During the peak most of the concerning and uncomfortable side effects were gone, except for the increased heart rate that was less noticeable when we stood still, so we chose to move as little as possible. Headspace remained clear and very analytical during all of it. Music enhancement was the most impressive aspect
Headspace remained clear and very analytical during all of it. Music enhancement was the most impressive aspect
and it was present for the whole duration of the experience, even well into the comedown. We felt very happy during all the trip. Mindset was generally positive. We felt that critical thinking was stimulated. Ideas were easy to dissect. Conversation was easy, and dialogues were grounded and logical. We felt a sense of wonder and excitement, similar to mescaline in a way. We watched birds and laughed, walked around and read poems, took pictures and laid on the grass watching the sea, and everything felt achingly beautiful. Appetite was definitely suppressed.

We returned to our tent around eight hours into the experience. We hitchhiked and had pleasant and open conversation with the lady driver. Visuals started to fade by that time, but very slowly. We decided to smoke some weed around t+10 h, which made eating easier and brought back the visuals significantly. We listened to music which sounded awesome still at the 12th hour.

After a light meal around t+13 h we were still feeling stimulated and agitated, so we took cyclobenzaprine (10 mg) to start relaxing and ease the come-down. Also, because cannabis added some additional anxiety about the cardiovascular effects, to the point where they once again became difficult to ignore.

We took 5 mg of clotiazepam and tried sleeping around t+15. Falling asleep wasn’t particularly difficult, probably because of the cocktail of downers we took, but we woke up multiple times during the night and had a very light sleep. We woke up early the next morning still feeling stimulated, and even though no other drug effect was evident, we never felt tired on the day after the 3C-P despite having had poor quality of sleep and probably a bit of cyclobenzaprine still on our system. We spent the day chilling and in a nice mood, still impressed with our experience.

We can say as a summary that 3C-P is euphoric, analytical, with subtle phenethylamine style visuals, very clear headed, more extrospective than introspective, insanely good for music enhancement, but unfortunately has a very rough come-up and the cardiovascular effects where rather concerning or at least very distracting. Very sensual and not at all confusing or mentally challenging. Has some pro-social potential, but there’s also random jitters present. It lasts a good amount of time too, with the main psychedelic effects lasting until around t+8 to be overpowered by the stimulant aspects for the remaining 6 or so hours, with some residual stimulation to be felt even the next day. When we went to sleep at t+15, minor visuals were still present, although head felt sober. All in all we felt it’s a very special psychedelic that would be much more enjoyable if it wasn’t for the body load and rough come-up.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111751
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Mar 27, 2018Views: 7,932
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