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Blissful Euphoria at Light Speed
Citation:   Shard Life. "Blissful Euphoria at Light Speed: An Experience with BK-EBDP (exp111755)". Mar 28, 2018.

  insufflated bk-EBDP
    repeated oral bk-EBDP
    repeated IV bk-EBDP
I gathered as much of the very little data that existeted at the time about doses and effects from forums. 7 grams of BK-EBDP ingested in right about 48 hours orally in doses starting at 100mg and ending at close to 500mg. Here's my summary of the experience and some personal opinions that no one probably wants to hear.

I received 10+ grams direcly from the Chinese manufacturer. I wasnt expecting much since the half dozen derivatives I purchased after the 2015 ban were all but inactive.

I started with snorting a 50mg line. I was torn between surprise and dissatisfaction. Knowing I had a hefty sac, I chose to switch to parachuting my next doses. First was 100mg and I gradually increased 20 mgs each time. After the initial 100mg oral dose, I was off to the races. Like old times the chinese chemists came through in a big way. For having several substitutions onto the cathinone core, bk-ebdp was extremely active. Very speedy and very euphoric. Just how I like it!

Minus the rare few occasions that meth gets me there, this was the first time I reached this level of consciousness since 2015 with a-PvP. The next 48+ hours I spent in a blissful state with thoughts traveling at no less then light speed. It was of high enough quality to where I sold a half gram each to 3 different people (not regular Molly users) as Molly and all of them loved it. Dont misconstrue that though, MDMA has a magic to her like no other, which bk-ebdp has none of.

On the 3rd day we headed over to my brother in-laws place with a few grams in hand. The notion of swallowing more quickly became immature when the latter half of a 100 pack of syringes was taken out.

I left my scale at home so accurate weights of doses is off the table at this point. Basically the good old, fuck it, just throw a bunch in the spoon deal followed. Strange though, this chemical seemingly existing in its crystal hydrochloride salt form wasnt dissolving in water. Even crushing and stirring made little difference. It wasnt until gently and slowly heated did it dissolve. I'm curious if it wasnt properly neutralized into a salt?

Either way, after the trial and error was over and a shot of fully dissolved crystal was plugged into the mainline...phew! And a few more 'phews' followed. Slight disconnect mentally, very IV a-PHP like, and very heavy on the lungs, almost painful to breathe sensation followed. The next 24 hours was a sweaty speedfest with non stop rambleing about how we had the secrets to which would save the human race from its inevidable demise.
The next 24 hours was a sweaty speedfest with non stop rambleing about how we had the secrets to which would save the human race from its inevidable demise.
Thoughts of doing good, being productive, and wanting to make a difference were the topic of conversation.

Looking back I smoked only a few cigarettes the entire several days and I cant recall a single thought about material possessions, money or its 'value', or even getting laid. And that's unusual for sure, I love sex on stimulants. With my girl, with a friend, with a stranger, or with a hooker, doesnt matter. Like with all good things though, this too came to an end. Without the details, I'll say it ended horribly. Lack of sleep, paranoia, distrust, delusions, and dare I say borderline psychosis were some if the eventual effects. In summary: HOLY SHIT! what a ride.

In over 18 years of experience with drugs, every bit of 30 different chemicals, I would choose a several of the chinese made cathinone derivatives to be my choice substances to use. Not all of them though, too many inactive compunds were being sold. basically every chloro substituant no matter the position, and every PV after a-PHP (PV7). A-PHP was spectacular but the fluoridated analog was a waste of money also.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111755
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Mar 28, 2018Views: 8,655
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bk-EBDP (798) : Hangover / Days After (46), Multi-Day Experience (13), General (1), Various (28)

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