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More Than One Bargained for One's Own Fault
by Dr. Vortex
Citation:   Dr. Vortex. "More Than One Bargained for One's Own Fault: An Experience with 2C-I (exp111758)". Mar 27, 2018.

T+ 0:00
  oral 2C-I (capsule)
  T+ 7:30   insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 14:00 10 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 22:00   smoked Cannabis - Hash (liquid)
  T+ 22:00 30 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (liquid)
  T+ 30:00 1 cup oral Caffeine (liquid)


I had been looking forward to doing this for a long time, and my session buddy felt the same, so we decided to make an event of it. I had just won a big work contract, and it was my buddies birthday, so we were both in a good mental space before we started.

I had been on a detox for 8 days prior, eating healthily and getting regular exercise, with plenty of water and some vitamin supplements. We had a small meal of light steamed fish and vegetables 2 hours before beginning, so that my stomach was neither full, nor empty - Ideal for such a test.

I very measure out 35mg of 2C-I for myself, and another 35mg from my session buddy. I placed the two 35mg portions of 2C-I in 2 transparent vegan-based capsules (purchased from a pharmaceutical supplies store).
NOTE: The original plan was to consume between 15mg and 20mg of 2C-I each. It wasn't until after I had re-calibrated my scales after the experience that I realised that what I thought was a total of 30mg, was in fact closer to 70mg.

The following is a transcript of written notes, and then a dictaphone when writing was not possible.

START (12/06/11):
23:00 (+00:00) - I orally ingested a 28mg capsule (I thought it was 15mg) with a shot of warm boiled water (it looked like a near-microscopic pinch of beige/golden dust, almost too little to notice in the capsule with the naked eye). My buddy did the same.

We then sat down to watch a film while the 2C-I metabolised, (Moonwalker, I believe), occasionally sipping mineral water in case we are physically unable to hydrate once the main event starts.

23:30 (+00:30) - Feeling slightly fizzy and floaty, maybe slightly euphoric, barely anything at all really. It could be my imagination.

23:50 (+00:50) - No noticeable effects - I think the previous effects noticed were a placebo.

23:55 (+00:55) - I snorted a further 9mg (I thought was 5mg) of 2C-I, half up each nostril, in an attempt to kick things into action. It stings like hell in the sinus! Far worse that snorting Mephedrone or ketamine shard! Tastes like a cheap and bitter artificial sweetener mixed with a corrosive liquor - not at all pleasant.

23:58 (+00:58) - Feeling slightly more thoughtful and sedate, like the first stages of mild magic mushrooms. But with the addition of slightly cold clammy hands like I get from MXC. And my nose still stings a little too much.

24:00 (+01:00) - Feeling kind'a restless and music sounds deeper and accentuated. Its requiring more concentration to keep my mind on one thing to write this. Like the start of an acid trip making my mind wander before things get bent out of shape.

00:02 (+01:02) - Feel like I need to take a big poo but I know its probably not real because 2C's tend to do that. As I stumbled upstairs and sat on the toilet, staring at the floor, suddenly in the space of about 2 seconds, the textures in the room all started bleeding together and dancing to their own rhythm, as though someone has quickly flicked a switch to start them moving. Not especially intensely, but definitely noticeable, and in that typical 2C visual style. I'm not as physically incapable as I was when I last had 2C-B but I feel nicely floaty and relaxed, definitely not rushing or heightened like other 2C's can be.

00:20 (+01:20) - Now feeling quite nostalgic, thoughtful and we both have the chronic giggles. Very yummy feeling, like a massage and not caring about the troubles of the world at all, perhaps due to the lasers projected on the ceiling and the Arabic lounge music that's playing. Everything is beautiful and perfect. Similar to an Opiate + Acid trip but with different kinds of visuals and not slipping occasionally between dimensions, I am still very much on this planet. Neither of us can be bothered to do anything at all, other than sink into beanbags while watching swirling wall patterns.

00:30 (+01:30) - We are now both glued to the floor, talking nonsense and rolling around, not capable of anything. My body is of absolutely no use to me now, whatsoever. Laughing uncontrollably, so much it hurts my sides. I can almost hold a conversation but writing this is increasingly difficult.

00:40 (+01:40) - Vivid neon trails are following moving objects and my hands wherever they go, colours are so much more vibrant than other 2C's. Almost comparable to LSD + changa. Very nice!

01:00 (+02:00) - Slight nausea and vomiting (dry heaving), but I couldn't care less.

01:15 (+02:15) - I cant remember what I was about to write but the words are dancing away from my pen as I write them. (if I am writing them at all)

01:20 (+02:20) - Coming in heavy waves now and I can feel and see with my minds eye a godlike glow around my powerful brain.

02:00 (+03:00) - Crawled up stairs, and sitting on the toilet. Now the visual effects are changing by the minute, my pen can't keep up. Mentally and physically I cant tell my ass from my elbow. Florescent colours appearing everywhere, vapour trails and electric edges, like firework coloured lightning surrounding all objects within my field of vision. I am utterly useless.

02:15 (+03:15) - Finally got downstairs and I've never seen anything quite like this. Slight bubbly diarrhoea, nausea subsiding. I've come to expect this type of bowel movement from 2C's, but while also feeling this chilled and care free.

02:45 (+03:45) - I AM MADE OF HOPELESS AND UNCONTROLABLE ELECTRIC ENERGY, flowing out of my shaking hands
02:45 (+03:45) - I AM MADE OF HOPELESS AND UNCONTROLABLE ELECTRIC ENERGY, flowing out of my shaking hands
, such power but no way to yield it, impossible to describe. I literally feel like a bolt of supercharged technicolor lightning.

04:00 (+05:00) - Things are STILL changing by the minute. Songs I've heard a hundred times are re-arranging themselves on the fly, just as words on the album inlay are re-arranging themselves as I read them. I can feel and see sounds... Am I still a Human?

04:20 (+05:20) - Still absolutely ruined, all tasks are impossible and hilarious. How am I even saying this? Is this one of my new godlike power that's projecting my voice without moving my electrified lips? Every sense is distorted beyond comparison.
(I can no longer read my own handwriting, nor can I be sure that I am really holding a pen, so I have switched to a Dictaphone instead)

05:15 (+06:15) - Still very surreal and intense but I can feel it starting to let up a bit. I can almost just about perform menial tasks like a human being should. Everything is still all over the place but I can now function within it. Strange waves of competence but not as much of a disabled mess.

5:40 (+06:40) - A lot less hectic now, I can feel the drug starting release its grip on my body and mind slightly. It would be nice to return to reality sometime soon.

But more and I know that Ketamine will overpower all drugs so I wrack up a small line. Before I can snort it the 2C-I comes in again stronger than ever! I watch the line of K wriggling away from me like a scared little larva, while fizzling away like a bioluminescent slug doused in salt. I love ketamine but I cannot bring myself to snort the scared little fella! Am I feeling pity for a inanimate chemical?

05:50 (+06:15) - Dawn is breaking outside and the lasers and disco lights in the room are now proving a bit too much for my companion so he turns them off.

06:00 (+07:00) - I close my eyes to have a rest from the insane things going on in the room, and I am immediately plunged into an infinitely vast glowing and spiritual space, filled with immeasurable spiritual atmosphere. Spiralling stars with pulsating trails are flying towards me in the most indescribably calculated geometric dance, and in the distance, them a vast black and purple L latex biomechanical sea serpent is twisting and evolving into shapes and folds that I could never imagine possible. Behind all of this is a strobing pink and green mist of unparalleled colour saturation intensity. This mist is forming pixelated patterns a million miles away. The patterns change and merge faster than I can see them but in detailed resolution far beyond what the human eye can detect. I have mixed LSD with DMT before, and have seen been beyond reality into higher dimensions of space and time, but is this scene in front of me the most beautiful and insane thing I have ever seen? Quite possibly - yes.

06:20 (+07:20) - After maybe 20 minutes of amazement I open my eyes (I think, or perhaps my eyes were open the whole time?) and the ever evolving black and purple shiny latex biomechanical sea serpent is still in the room with me, but writhing around in the gelatinous carpet in front of me, still bigger than life, and then it evaporates in a wisp of colour and energy, in a way that I have never seen before, leaving behind a silhouette of a new colour altogether - a colour that I have never seen before.

06:30 (+07:30) - After much waiting, we are finally capable of introducing new players into the equation. So I have a small line of Ketamine (roughly 75mg).

06:?? (+07:??) - (illegible handwriting)

07:00 (+08:00) - I never thought I'd say this but ketamine has an ally! The Ketamine has literally fused with the 2C-I to create a wholly different drug altogether. Shimmering beauty everywhere, like a crazy florescent pixie land. The lasers are still here even though have not been switched on for hours. Small plants and lichen are sprouting out of rug and walls, and withering and disintegrating moments later, only to be replaced by more evolved versions of the previous simple little plant. This cycle seems to go on indefinitely.

10:00 (+11:00) - I move towards the computer to change the music to something even more chilled and as I look across the room to my friend, I see him in low resolution pixels, like looking through a crappy old TV screen. A lilac mist has come over the room and I feel indescribable love, yet also turmoil. I don't know why, or what this loving turmoil is felt towards.

10:15 (+11:15) - as I move closer to my session buddy, through the TV screen wall between us I see that his face is a mosaic of vibrating eyes, and my hands are now tentacles leaving glowing hand/tentacle prints all over the watery floor (did I spill something?).

11:30 (+12:30- This drug is an all consuming orb in my torso that fuses with everything I take and do together into a psychedelic mess. Amazingly, the ketamine has done something I never thought possible. Instead of numbing my senses I am now flicking electric purple and blue bolts and drops of electricity from my fingers and I can feel detail in things I have never felt. I am scared to touch anything in case my power melts or disintegrates it. What use is my body now that I cannot interact with anything without destroying it? Colours still trailing and swirling.

14:00 (+15:00) - Things are now getting a but insane, the trip is not wearing off, if anything its getting stronger and I'm starting to think that maybe I got the dosage wrong.
the trip is not wearing off, if anything its getting stronger and I'm starting to think that maybe I got the dosage wrong.
Not that I care much, but maybe I have met my match.

15:00 (+14:00) - We are now physically exhausted, like we've run 2 marathons, its wringing every last drop of energy out of us and I am pinned to the floor, quivering as bolts of energy shoot from me. Such powerless power. Surely the endgame must be in sight, so we take 10mg of valium to calm things down and hopefully knock us out.

15:15 (+16:15) - But oh no, the 2C-I is having none of it! It has fused with the valium and I am no longer made of electricity, but of a fuzzy gaseous substance. My hands aren't repelling from objects with magnetic repulsion but instead passing straight through them. My phone rings and it turns to limp jelly in my hand. What am I meant to do with this? What if there is an emergency? Answering it seems ridiculous as I cant even make out the name of the caller on the screen.

21:00 (+22:00) - this isn't funny anymore, I have work tomorrow and I am still very drugged up. I feel like every drop of energy has been sucked out of my still useless body. If I ever do this stuff again I am doing a quarter dose. We are determined to knock ourselves out so we have a hash joint, eat some bread and butter pudding with warm milk, and follow it with 30mg of valium dissolved in warm water, a fool proof sleep recipe!

21:45 (+22:45) - I think I am still awake and tripping. 9 Must end this somehow!

05:00 (+30:00) - I wake up on the floor and the room is still shimmering slightly. I pack up my stuff and load it into my car. Have a strong coffee that tastes strange and very slowly make my way home to bed.

16:00 (+42:00) - I wake up at home and I think things have stopped moving. Must eat food!

CAUTION ADVISED! When the dosage is not precise, 2C-I can be VERY dangerous. If I had been any more generous with my initial INTENDED dose, or if I was very much physically smaller, older, younger, or with a lower natural tolerance to most substances, then I may well not be here to share this experience with you now. Not least because if I needed an ambulance, then I don't think I would have been able to call one (but at least there would be no mystery, as the Dictaphone around my neck persisted throughout the 2 day ordeal).

About 2 years later, I repeated this experiment, but with the dosage CAREFULLY measured to 10mg. Prep and Method were similar, and the experience was a lot more manageable and more enjoyable, due to the 8 hour duration and retaining the use of most of my faculties. I am now certain that the more extreme visuals (e.g. The giant PVC electric squid bubbling up through the carpet) were a result of the 2C-I combined with sleep deprivation.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 111758
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Mar 27, 2018Views: 452
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2C-I (172) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), General (1)

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