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Positive and Shroomy
by petitprince
Citation:   petitprince. "Positive and Shroomy: An Experience with 4-HO-MiPT (exp111781)". Apr 3, 2018.

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral 4-HO-MiPT (liquid)
  T+ 6:20 1 bowl smoked Cannabis - High THC  


Positive and Shroomy First Time

2 days prior to this trip I tested the miprocin with an Ehrlich reagent (proved to be positive), and placed a small amount on my tongue for an allergy test. I scaled out 15mg. 15mg seems to be a threshold amount, and 20mg seems to be the more common starting dose, however due to my size I have always found substances hit me much harder and much faster. I planned this trip for during the day on a completely free weekend with my SO in our house. The sun was shining and it was a gorgeous and sunny day, my SO would tripsit and record my experience and we had absolutely nothing to do. Everything was in place for a great experience.

+ 3:05 - I mix the miprocin with a small amount of water in a glass and chase it with more water.

+ 3:15 - Light physical sensation of energy flowing through my body.

+3:20 - Come up feelings begin to take place as I set up our room with entertainment and lots of natural sunlight for the trip. I feel very floaty and light, so I lay down and begin to listen to music.

+3:25 - I get an extreme headrush and a feeling of disconnection similar to DXM for a split second, this energy slowly turns and builds into a “jumping out of my skin” sensation where I am simultaneously sedated and wanting to burst with energy.

+3:40 - Tracers are lightly present, natural light seems incredibly soft and glowing, and I have a goofy and fun sense of nonstop euphoria. My SO and chat while we listen to music, but I interrupt every 5 seconds to giggle. I feel very energized and dancing feels very graceful and fluid. I have an increased appreciation for the music, and I’m able to pick apart every single note and it seems as if I am able to hear everything around me. I can pinpoint cars passing by outside, birds chirping, and people in a nearby dog park. I began to reflect on life, and how each person I’m seeing for a few seconds has an entire life of their own, and I feel as if I’m having many revelations about life, which I now realize appeared much more groundbreaking on miprocin.

+3:50 - The euphoria is becoming extreme, it feels almost like MDMA (I described it as “forest Molly”) as I am absolutely brimming with energy and love yet I am slightly “stoned” and find myself wanting to lay down.
I am absolutely brimming with energy and love yet I am slightly “stoned” and find myself wanting to lay down.

+4:00 - I close my eyes and I am amazed at the CEV. I turn on some heavy shoegaze and find myself sinking, “seeing” the music in beautiful vibrant displays of radiating purple shards in a thick fog. Once the music ends I open my eyes and realize that I am fully tripping now. Time baffles me as I feel like I was floating in the song for eternities, even though it was only 5 minutes. There is extreme visual warping and the floor appears to breath and bubble fluidly. I look at my white ceiling and I can clearly see every individual streak of paint, the closer I inspect them they begin to morph and melt as beautiful green hues seep from the corners until the entire ceiling appears to be green. I look out my windows and am absolutely blown away by the beauty of the day. The sun is glowing and colour saturation is incredible. There is a radiating sense of purple pulsing through everything, and my perspective is becoming distorted slowly. I marvel at my cactuses and houseplants, remarking at the beauty of nature and life. My euphoria is non stop, yet it is more controlled than MDMA. My feelings are grounded and not overwhelming, but I am beaming with positivity and love.

+4:30 - A floating sensation takes over my body, and my tracers become extremely pronounced.
+4:30 - A floating sensation takes over my body, and my tracers become extremely pronounced.
I drink some water and have some fruit, and my perception is incredibly distorted. My cup appears enormous, and I have to drink slowly with two hands. I find this absolutely hilarious, and the banana I try to eat shrinks and grows in my hand. I feel very energetic and wanting to enjoy nature, so my SO and I take our dog for a walk. The sun felt amazing on my skin, and it was as if I suddenly was able to see in 4k. I was able to make out incredible details of every surface, and light was slowly pulsating and glowing. I felt a deep connection to the earth as we walked through a park, and I felt almost humbled by the beauty of nature. I go into a shop and smell and look at the gorgeous flowers until my SO reminds me that we came to get drinks. I come to a realization that I have been very forgetful this whole trip and have a short memory due to the miprocin. I felt very anxious and stupid for a second, however the good vibes immediately washed over and I realized mistakes are okay, and that once the drug passes I will be back to my normal self. Colours appear to be beaming themselves to me, and looking at all the different bottles and packages is very entertaining. I feel very confident and not anxious at all about interacting with people.

+ 6:20 Throughout the trip I had very little anxiety, and when I did the overall euphoria and nonstop positive energy kept me happy and motivated. It was a very down to Earth experience, and I felt very connected with nature and my SO throughout it. I realize I need to eat, as I fasted until I injested the miprocin and during the trip all I had eaten was a banana, so I smoked a bowl of strong medicinal sativa for appetite increase.

+ 6:45 Visuals return, and I have the same body load I experienced earlier.

+ 7:25 Body load has subsided to a constant feeling of euphoria. In addition to the purple visuals I was seeing, after smoking the same “grid” pattern I would see was layered on, this time in green. At this point the cannabis has taken over, but some light visuals are still present.

This was an absolutely amazing experience, and just what I was looking for from this compound. Very very similar to mushrooms (many times during the trip I forgot that I wasn’t on actual mushrooms). I had the same emotional feelings of “completion” after a mushroom trip, and after a particularly bad week this was the perfect way to ground myself and gain a deeper love and respect for my life, the ones in it, and nature especially.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111781
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 3, 2018Views: 3,484
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4-HO-MiPT (342) : First Times (2), Personal Preparation (45), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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