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Ridiculous Visuals
DMT & Alprazolam
by Sarge
Citation:   Sarge. "Ridiculous Visuals: An Experience with DMT & Alprazolam (exp111841)". Apr 27, 2018.

1 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
  3 hits smoked DMT  


It was a nice sunny day in party town college USA. I had gotten my hands on DMT for the 2nd (and sadly, last time so far) time. I had acquired it once before a couple weeks before this trip. I am now telling this story about a year later so I don't have all the details quite all there but I'll do my best.

It was night time and had been looking forward to tripping on DMT all day. I had smoked it a handful of times before this but had never gotten farther than just a light trip from it, mostly because DMT is so harsh it's physically hard to inhale enough in the short time required without having special vaporizers such as 'the machine'. I didn't have the money or resources to build a proper device to break through, and I really wanted to breakthrough and thought I was prepared for it. Anyways, the easiest adequate device I had looked into was a water bottle and tin foil. I cut off the bottom of a water bottle and wrapped tin foil around it and rubber banded it so it created a seal. First, actually, I created a sort of bowl indentation in the foil to place a healthy amount of DMT in it, and then I rubber banded it and sealed it. Voila, a crackhead drug device for DMT. It was at this moment that I realized I am a full time drug addict and there's no going back now. I had read that xanax can help cope with the intensity of a breakthrough DMT trip. So I decided to take some xan before I start to smoke the little yellow fellow.

I eat a half bar of some average pressed 'xan bar' which didn't taste like xan at all so it was most likely entirely a mix of research benzo drugs. (All bars I buy from my drug dealers are PRESSED, a mix of possibly a little bit of xan and a mash of research benzos). Keep in mind I'm small bodied so a half bar of any pressed bar gets me feeling pretty wavy. I let the xan do its thing for probably about an hour and then decided it was a great time to start toking the yellow Michelin man. I pack my pathetic-looking crackhead drug device with a bunch of DMT, with the intention of going all out and taking the '3 huge tokes' to blast off and breakthrough to the machine-elf filled dimension and possibly meet god even though I don't believe in him.

Me and a couple of my buddies head out of our dorm building and on to the patio behind our building, which is a really chill spot where we would chill and smoke geebs (gravity bong) all day. We sit down at our sacred stoner table and I get set up to smoke my highly illegal and fun yellow powder. I start heating up the foil with my lighter and the bottle slowly fills up with vapor. The yellow powder starts to melt and bubble and turn brown. Once the bottle looks milky enough, I take my first rip and keep it in my lungs as I heat up the second hit. DMT tastes like burning rubber, it's pretty gross (hence why I call it the Michelin man) and the foil doesn't help the taste or my lungs either.

With the first hit in my lungs I dont feel a whole lot, I can feel the DMT but it's not too strong it just feels like I'm stoned off pot with some mushroom-like visuals. I had probably had that hit in my lungs for about 30 seconds before the bottle was filled with my second hit. I exhale and take some breaths before sucking up the 2nd hit. I held it in for probably 15 seconds or so, and what's crazy is that the second hit didn't take any effect until I exhaled: as SOON as I began to exhale the hit, it hit me like a train. It fucked me in the face is really the best I can do to describe how DMT hit me. It hit me so hard that I, in all seriousness, forgot I was alive. It just overcame me and took control.

I lose bodily control and my head drops down on the table. I have the most intense closed eyed visuals I've ever seen. I've done acid like 10 times before this and mushrooms a couple times, but never I have I seen such intricate and beautiful CEV's as I did from this DMT trip. Beautiful colors and moving patterns and animal-like things. Along with visuals I was hearing crazy auditory hallucinations of which I can't really remember specifically, mind you I'm on xanax which is impairing my memory formation so it's hard to hold on to the trip. After probably 5 minutes of that, which actually only felt like seconds because of the xanax :( I reached phase 2 (what I call it, anyways) where I kinda come back to reality a little bit and realize I exist again. I open my eyes and am looking at this dude (who is actually there) and then I look over at a tree. I experience a hardcore tracer: his head fully traces over to the top of the tree and his face is obviously psychedelic and it turns into a sort of lion-looking big head thing. There is a hill close-by with nothing but grass all over it, but the DMT is telling me otherwise. On this trip, on top of the grass ALL OVER are evenly-spaced floating neon purplish/pinkish ovals. Kinda like neon signs that businesses have on their windows ya know. At first they are just ovals, but they quickly become ovals with cursive-like writing or messages on them. This really intrigues me and I am super curious as to what the writing says. I quickly start walking over to the hill and remember hearing my one buddy saying 'hey bud stay put don't run over there' but my other buddy assures him that I will be alright and won't hurt myself and I just need to explore the trip. I get to the neon signs and try to touch them but I don't feel them and the writing was not legible it was just random curves n shit.

I walk back over and the trip is about over now, except for pleasant afterglow and slight visuals. I realize it is pitch black outside and remember it is actually night. During the most intense parts of my trip, it appeared to be the middle of the day bright and sunny. This was a big mindfuck. The trip felt like only a minute or two because of the xan. If I weren't on xan it would've definitely felt longer. Still the best trip visual-wise I ever had. DMT is a fabulous drug 10/10. It's super hard to find.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111841
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 27, 2018Views: 946
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DMT (18) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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