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Gluttonous Computer Dwellers
by buggyman
Citation:   buggyman. "Gluttonous Computer Dwellers: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp111855)". May 2, 2018.

  repeated oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

With no drugs, no internet and an uncomfortable amount of boredom I decided to take a trip down delirium lane. This would be my 10th DPH trip and 'probably' my last. The other times I partook in this substance were not necessarily positive, nor negative. My sister was often my trip sitter and we would laugh the day after at the hilarious nonsensical word play that would come from my mouth. Or the funny attempts at interacting with the odd gelatinous hallucinations that would crawl all over the room.

I've read the reports of living breathing hallucinations, accompanied by tactile feelings, sounds, and 'meaning'. while I experienced this to some degree other times, this time it was not fun 'tripping' I was very lucky to have made it through with no dire consequences. It wasn't a simple trot through Hobbiton, but a full on conquest through Mordor *so to speak*

Situation was, I was on house arrest, allowed only to go to work when I had a shift. One slip up getting caught doing something funny would wind me in jail for a year.

I started with 250 mg just to get the heaviness, warmth and comfortable silence; a semi-decent legal high, one that is looked at well in desperate times of sobriety. Only 10 minutes later it was decided I would take another 10 pills for 500 Mg. Into the shower, to cleanse and wait for the effects. Still no high, and I decided I would be safe to take more upping it to 800 Mg. This wasn't an attempt at redosing, or thinking I didn't take enough, I was just feeling more inclined to a stronger trip.

I sat at my desk to watch The Godfather while I waited. It didn't take long until the computer stopped humming, the fridge stopped woozing, and the warmth of a a blanket was gently wrapped around my soul. The movie quickly took on a sinister vibe. Shadows around don corleone's eyes seemed to depict the grime reaper. The man flirts with death I thought, and quickly a shock of electricity was sent through my pelvis and I was stuck with irresistible arousal. Moving to my bed I undressed and got to work on my self. It didn't take long with the dirt filthy images that came into my mind, stuff that normally wouldn't be so much arousing as off putting. But in that state of electric pulsations vibrating through the groin only the darkest thoughts would work to keep the flow going.

After I finished I looked down at my naked flesh to see thousands of hairy spider legs poking out of my flesh.
I looked down at my naked flesh to see thousands of hairy spider legs poking out of my flesh.
Their limbs flailed, bent at the joints as if to reach for a hold to pull them self out of my body. It was not disturbing, my ideas of horror were muffled up. The thought had no emotion to it, I saw it and it just was. My eyes rose gently to the wall. I observed a mass of critters of different length shape and size dance and swim, their giant googly eyes transfixed on me. Like a seashorse they bobbed up and down as they came close to my face. Leaning in close they would scram back towards the safety of the wall at my slightest movement.

I had a desire for round two, but I wanted to get higher for the ultimate DPH-induced orgasm so I slowly struggled with gravity to get across the room to the bottle containing the pink pills. I am unsure on the amount I took, the day after out of a bottle of 100 I awoke to 18 left, I suspect multiple redoses over the course of the next few hours.

There is little memory of the next 6 hours. I was back with my self for a moment here and there, as true to that meaning I'm not sure of, but I was no longer in the spell of the DPH's control and would come back to my present moment for brief periods of time. I went to my computer, it was locked. I typed the password, but a prompt appeared 'The fat people inside your computer are eating the password' the screen informed me. I typed faster and faster, but the fat people my screen would report on were too quick for me. I had to feed them big words to fill them up long enough to keep them occupied. Finally I placed a piece of paper with a hundred words on it on the outside of my computer, they ran to the window of the side panel and gawked at the words just outside of their grasp, gluttonous computer dwellers I thought to my self. It was able to distract them long enough to get in. Back under the spell, this is a phase of the DPH that shows up and fixes me in a spot or makes me repeat an action over and over until it goes away. My head was cocked to the side, viewing out my window mouth fixed wide open as if in shock. I observed many hours passed by in a matter of seconds. It was suddenly day light and roughly 6 AM.

During the period of time, being superimposed through time and space, I heard crashing, banging and screams in the kitchen, someone was in my house making a mess of things, but I was stuck in a Catatonic state and could not go and stop the mess maker. Needless to say, there was no signs of any one doing such things. The kitchen was the way it was the night before.

When I could move again, and the suns rays beamed from past the distant trees into the window. I was struck with this instant sense of urgency. I was 'late for work' I convinced my self. In reality my shift was to start 13 hours from that time. I swung on my coat, which reeked of cat piss (I'd been nowhere near cats for many weeks) so I decided to leave it behind. I went out the front door and had another black out. Come to- talking to a friend of mine, he was telling me it was important to get my taxes done, and that the car dealership on my way to work can handle it. I tried to tell him I already did my taxes, but was informed that they were not completed properly.

I rushed inside the dealership in a quick panic. Trying to act as calm as I could thinking at the time I may still be 'high' obviously not realizing that I was still fucked beyond belief. I calmly placed some papers from my bag that I thought were my tax information 'uh I hear you guys do taxes here' she looked at me with the most crooked face I'd ever seen, 'oh? I'm sorry sir, but this is a car dealership; there is an H&R block down the road they may better serve you.' Now what I thought I said was something along the lines of 'I was told you could do them here though'. But in reality I only remember another twisted look from the lady as I probably spat out gibberish along the lines of 'I was told the rocket ship makes good paper peanut butter electronics are a real thing'. It took a moment, but once the realization that this was completely absurd I muttered something about being 'sorry I'm really stoned' and practically teleported out of there.

Black out again, this time I came back to waving goodbye to a disappearing family I falsely remembered having a pleasant conversation with. When they were gone, I was brought back to reality for moment when I realized what I was actually waving towards. The local police station, just across the road. I swiftly ducked my head and kept walking towards work. On the way my vape tank would pop off every puff I took, trying to reattach it would cause the batteries to pop out, so I would have to hold it awkwardly from both ends to ensure that it would not fall apart during a haul. I blew unbelievably massive clouds that quickly formed into the shapes of floating morphing spiders.

Every car that came my way, from the distance looked like a cruiser with its lights on, but as they approached they would morph back to their real vehicle shape and keep driving past me. I safely made my way to my workplace. I looked around at my coworkers, it was the day shift. I tried to ask why they were working so late, but couldn't properly put into words my mass confusion. When my boss started to look at me funny, it made sense. She would never stay later than she needed to, and never works night.

I made my way back home to sleep a heavy coma. I awoke to massive depression that lasted a few days. I decided I would never do DPH again.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111855
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: May 2, 2018Views: 2,844
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