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Overshot the Dosage
by xxhive
Citation:   xxhive. "Overshot the Dosage: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp111861)". May 8, 2018.

15 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT
    smoked Cannabis


I've taken magic mushrooms many times before this trip, but as I've recently learned... They were always very very weak mushrooms. The highest dose I've taken of mushrooms was 12-14 grams and it was still nothing compared to my experience with 4-AcO-DMT.

So I got the bag and weighed myself out a 15mg dose (+- a couple mg, averaged out to 15mg though) and poured it into a shot glass with some water and gulped it down. My girlfriend took 20mg not believing that 15mg would be enough, and given our experience with magic mushrooms I assumed that the equivalent of 2-3 grams of shrooms would be no big deal for her. I took a dose that is small (for us) to test the potency and I'm glad I did, even if we should have taken less.
I took a dose that is small (for us) to test the potency and I'm glad I did, even if we should have taken less.

So I took mine first, and she took hers 30 minutes later. I had an extremely anxious come up, which I get with shrooms but not to this degree. The visuals started within 10 minutes of ingesting the 4-AcO-DMT, and even at that point they were far more intense than I've ever had. My girlfriend also had an extremely rough come up, which triggered a panic attack that lasted probably for an hour which of course sent me into a panic too. She asked me to bring her to a hospital because she felt so anxious, but obviously that isn't a very reasonable thing to do while on a potent psychedelic so I decided to try other techniques to calm her down first. Occasionally she would get distracted by some thought or conversation and her anxiety would begin to subside, so I attempted to keep her mind off of her anxiety by talking to her which eventually worked and she began to calm down.

By this point, I had been tripping for two hours so I was beginning to come down, or at least the confusion subsided by a lot and I felt very lucid and in control. After taking a hit from the bong and relaxing and looking at the visuals, my girlfriend eventually came down to the point where she felt she was in control too, so we decided to go for a walk outside... Which I have never done on psychedelics, but at this point we felt very in control and euphoric so we felt that we could handle ourselves in public.

So we leave our apartment and I immediately realize that I am actually tripping quite a bit harder than I expected, which was evident by the mathematical patterns appearing all over the pavement in the parking lot. The colors were very bright and everything seemed very crystal clear. It was slightly raining and it felt amazing on my skin. We walked down the road and it ended up being a very strange and unique experience.

As we started walking down the road, we were feeling very happy and upbeat and all the houses looked so perfect and happy... Until we passed this one house. Immediately upon seeing it everything suddenly seemed very dark and gloomy. The windows were boarded up, there were 'Keep-out' signs everywhere, and there was a big rusty fence. It was very interesting to me how quickly my mood just snapped from 'everything is amazing' to 'holy shit this is sad'. Luckily after passing the house we felt okay again, but the surreal-ness of the house was very cool to us. Eventually we walked past another house, and on top of the fence was a rusty old statue of a cat, that looked like it had been outside for years. Then it started moving and we freaked the fuck out because it was actually a real cat but it just looked like it was fake.

We crossed the road (very carefully) and began to walk up the sidewalk to go back home. As we were walking, a white van pulled out of a driveway and stopped, cutting us off from walking. This obviously freaked me out and I started having horror-movie flashbacks. To make it worse, as we kept walking a gate opened less than a foot away from us and a huge guy walked out and we almost ran into him. So we ran back across the road and went that way to get home.

When we got back in, we sat down to smoke some weed. I should note that we live on the ground floor and we are looking out into a parking lot... So there is a lot of activity outside our window but it's usually far enough away that we aren't concerned about leaving the blinds open while we smoke.

So I smoke a bowl, and pass the bong to my girlfriend... And mid hit the freakiest fucking thing happened. Some junkie-looking bitch that was searched through the dumpster suddenly popped up in front of our window and pressed her face against the screen and said 'put your hands up' before disappearing again.

I literally didn't even react because I was so euphoric but my anxiety-prone girlfriend obviously freaked out at this because... Like what the fuck?

Eventually we slowly started to come back down until all that was left was euphoria, and we just spent the night smoking weed (like usual).

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111861
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 8, 2018Views: 596
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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