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One Night In New York City
LSD, Beer, Cannabis & Lithium
by JaseIsThePlace
Citation:   JaseIsThePlace. "One Night In New York City: An Experience with LSD, Beer, Cannabis & Lithium (exp111869)". Nov 16, 2020.

300 mg oral Pharms - Lithium (daily)
    oral LSD (liquid)
  4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  0.25 g smoked Cannabis  


Cannabis __.25g_, LSD _approx. 400ug_, Alcohol __4 beers_ Lithium _300mg daily_
To give you a little background on myself, I’m in my late 30s, male, well educated, designer, etc. I’m no stranger to drugs and mind altering substances and have been tripping semi-regularly since I was 17/18. I’ve never smoked crack, meth or shot heroin, but that’s about it. Oh, I’ve never tried PCP, but I’m not sweating that either. I’m quite active in the American dance music scene and as such, have at least the opportunity to party every weekend, if I desire. Drugs, it seems, are relatively normalized in my life and it's not unusual to lose a whole weekend with your friends, imbibing, snorting, dropping, etc. It’s just what we do and we are really good at it.

Sweet, right? Well, I also struggle with mental health issues, and have since I was in my early 20s. I’m undiagnosed, but show a pattern if bipolar behavior, but don’t exhibit traditional signs of “mania”. I get depressed tho, seriously. As such, I take lithium as a mood stabilizer. For whatever reason, I was unaware that lithium and LSD interact. I’ve tripped a number of times since being prescribed lithium (LSD, 1P-LSD, AL-LAD, DMT, 4-Aco-DMT, 2C-B, 2C-E) and never had an issue... until the other night.

So called “Techno New Year” is coming up and I wanted to get a bunch of acid for the weekend. I ran into a friend at a club who said they could hook up quantity. I was looking for at least 20 tabs of blotter. A few days passed and I contacted my friend and they invited me over. “I dunno why,” they said “but everyone wanted acid this week. This is all I have left.” And they handed me a small bottle of Clear Eyes. “Shit,” I said, “Liquid?” “One hundred doses”, my friend replied. Well shit. Ok. I forked over the cash and we sat down for a light dinner, with wine’n’weed (twas the holiday of their people). Around 9pm I left to go to a club to hear a DJ I was interested in. I got there around 10pm, paid cover and went in. Now, at this point I was a little buzzed from the wine and a bit stoned. I’d say my spirits were high. I was super curious about this DJ, and super curious about this acid... I ordered another beer and posted up. A couple DJ friends arrived who I was glad to see. I laughingly told them that I picked up a vial of acid and that I was going to dip into the bathroom to blast off before the DJ really got going.

Now, my recollection from here on out gets a bit hazy. I got into the bathroom and unscrewed the tiny bottle. I contemplated dropping it in my hand, then licking it up (like you are supposed to do) but I was in a strange and mischievous mood. Fuck it. I’m a pro. So I just squirted some into my mouth. Wowza. The taste of pure consciousness. Zap. I exited the bathroom with a smile on my face and rejoined my friends with a “thumbs up” sign. Let’s do this. Now, I know this sounds kinda dumb, but the DJ was going to play for 8 hrs and I wanted to basically be there for the duration. I was with friends who knew I was tripping. I had my phone and Lyft ready in case I needed to punch out. I think I was around 6/10 on the “responsibility” scale.

About 15-20 min go by and the DJ was heating it up. Another friend shows up, and asks us if we wanna split a J outside. Now, I’ll admit that this was dumb, especially since said friend is known for smoking extremely powerful weed and lacing his joints with hash. A couple months prior I shared a joint with him and literally had to call a car and go home I got so blazed. So yeah. We went outside to smoke. Again, the memory banks are incomplete here. But according to one of my friends, we passed the joint around a couple times and by the third time I got it, I simply held it in my hand and stood motionless. A friend asked me if I needed the lighter, so which I apparently replied “Why?”. Oof. So yeah, the acid was kicking in. We went inside and hit the floor. By now, my vision was full fractal to the point of basically being unable to see. I’m honestly not sure if I was “dancing” or just squirming around. One of my friends decided he’s too stoned off that crazy joint and has to go home, so he calls a car. Hugs. Then an unknown amount of time passes and I go to the toilets. I presumably do my business and exit, but get stuck in the corridor that leads to the bathrooms. Now, there certainly wasn’t anything (in this universe) preventing me from leaving the hallway, but I was def trapped. After a while, some friends came looking for me and asked if I was ok and I gave ‘em the “thumbs up”. They proceeded to check on me every 30min for the next hour or so. Finally they were able to convince me that I didn’t need to be stuck and should go back to the dancefloor. Awesome.

At this point, the archive is effectively scrambled. Here’s what we do know; I have a recollection of leaving the club, and “calling a car”. This was an obvious impossibility because my phone was dead at this point. My theory is that I realized this and “decided to walk”. The club is approx. 12 miles from my home. It is cut off by rivers and freeways. It’s literally impossible to walk home. But that wasn’t going to stop me. I should note here that I wasn’t, or at least don’t recall, being frustrated or otherwise pissed by the (impossible) prospect of walking home. In fact, I saw it as a kind of adventure and had a good attitude about it. So far, no aspect of this trip has been “bad” or unpleasant, despite being totally consuming and intense. Rather, it seemed as if one reality was simply switched for another. Nbd, right?

I take off in some direction. Mind you, my phone is dead and I’m pretty unfamiliar with this part of town, so I doubt it was the “right” direction. My vision is still full fractal, but clusters of intensity described traffic, street lights, etc. so I wasn’t exactly blind. It was probably around 5am by now. After an unknown amount of time, I notice that the ground feels weird. I pause and look down at my feet. My motherfucking shoes are gone. “Oh well,” I thought to myself, “water under the bridge!” and continued on my quest. By now, I was in full ego-death territory. I was just blitzed, wandering through the streets like a zombie. I was probably smiling, tho. Very positive so far.

As the trip went on and my exploration continued, I began to get incredibly cold. My lizard brain suggested I take shelter. But this is a pretty inhospitable part of town. Very industrial. Rough. After some time, I managed to wander into a dirt parking lot where I noticed sheets of artificial turf piled up like blankets in the corner. Bingo! I wrapped myself in these makeshift “blankets” and snuggled down in the dirt. Awesome. I fell asleep for a couple hours.

I awoke warm, refreshed and still tripping, tho with considerably less intensity. I knew what my name was, at least. I checked my phone; dead. I check my wallet; bank card gone. Shit. Did I leave it at the club? And... where the fuck am I? I was wandering all night. I’m lost as fuck. Ugh. Today is going to suck. And what the hell? Where are my goddamned shoes? I arise from my dirt nap, pick a direction and start walking. My vision is still really ~~wavy and I’m doing the old “that’s not a word, is it?” acid thing. I come to the realization “swirlydinks” is not a word, although just “swinks” might be. I come upon a bodega. A lone outpost in the wasteland. I try to look semi sober and walk in to ask if they could charge my phone. This is a total long shot, but the dude behind the counter seems to know everyone in the shop and is joking around. I may have just lucked out. A kid buys some candy in front of me and the its my turn. Oh shit. I can’t really talk yet. “Yes, my friend?” the guy behind the counter asks, I manage to slur out the words “phone?” and “charge?” and hold out my now completely dusty phone. “Are you lost or something?” “Yeah, haha, need car.” He notices I’m not wearing shoes. He knows I’m a total degenerate. But it worked. As a thank you, I managed to find $2 in my bag and buy a juice. It was the right call. Things are looking up. After about 15 min the dude gives me my phone back and I fire up Google maps. As the app loads I steel myself for a nightmarish journey back to the club to recover my bank card. I wandered all night, I must be in a completely different... what the fuck? According to the app I was 2 blocks from the club. No way. Things are definitely looking up.

I stroll over to the club and notice that the side door is open. I pop in and see a bartender. I don’t think he noticed that I wasn’t wearing shoes, but generally the “get your card the next day” move is a dead giveaway that you are a degenerate, no matter how much acid you did or didn’t take. After a bit of searching, they found my card and cashed me out. I’d only purchased two beers. Sweet. Thrifty tripper. I inquired about my shoes as well and they said they hadn’t seen any black Nike slip-ons the night before. Fucking weird. I wonder what happened to those damn shoes. I thank the bartender and go outside to call a car. The neighborhood is pretty saturated with drivers and it only takes 2min to get a ride. The feeling of the black Honda accord pulling away from the broken curb was was of the most satisfying feelings I’ve ever experienced. I’m ALMOST home. The driver is quietly playing Bob Marley, and I’m totally not a fan, but in my lysergic haze, it worked. Everything is going to be alright. Damn. It really is. Driving down the freeway the skyline danced like flames. Unreal.

We arrive at my apartment and I profusely thank the driver and practically run into the building and dive into bed.

The next day, perplexed as why I was sooooooooo out of it, I was doing some research on LSD online and read about the potentially dangerous interaction with Lithium. Wow. I really dodged a bullet. Not only can it case total ego death on relatively small doses of LSD, it greatly increases the risk of potentially fatal seizures. Jesus. I guess that explains it.

I’m currently in the process of weaning myself off of the lithium. Aside from the obviously uncool interactions with LSD, it poses a number of other health risks and drug interactions. I’m simply not comfortable taking a drug that has so many side effects. One thing I have noticed is that the information on acid and lithium is not nearly as prevalent as the information in say lithium and alcohol (which is also a no no). Its pretty standard boilerplate lingo to say pretty much any medical drug interacts with “street drugs” but I’ve always read that as like, heroin or PCP. Those of us who have a fondness for acid like to think of it as a relatively benign substance. However, my experience, although never “bad” could easily have landed me in the hospital, victimized or much worse. This is absolutely something I will never do again, and something that should be avoided at all costs.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111869
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 16, 2020Views: 695
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LSD (2) : Combinations (3), Various (28)

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