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Absolutely Stunning Spectacle
Citation:   HouseHaze. "Absolutely Stunning Spectacle: An Experience with Changa (exp111884)". May 29, 2018.

137 mg smoked Changa (plant material)
First Changa Experience _ DMT Lesbians

~My most vivid and authentic encounter with DMT entities~

I had less than half a gram of some changa and was sitting on it for months, waiting for the perfect time to take my changa virginity. The main reason why I waited so long was associated with the pre-flight anxiety of traveling so far inside of my mind or to somewhere else that couldn't even exist according to the rules of our dimension and of our experiences that dominated the entirety of our plain existence. It had me in it's grips.

The perfect time came though and I knew I had to try changa on that marvelous summer day. I went to the liquor store and bought a pipe for this special occasion that would only occur once in this lifetime. The pipe was small, blue, and had a mushroom head covered in white dots. It looked like a blue mushroom or a tiny penis with a severe STD.

I returned home and weighed out my dose. 137mgs of changa poured out of the bag onto the gemini scale and I decided that I would try to inhale all of that. The changa itself wasn't the 1:1 ratio, but only contained 30% DMT. This did concern me as did my smoking method as I didn't have a bong at the time, but I just had to inhale the medicinal changa fumes.

I poured the 137mgs into the blue STD stricken penis and laid down in my bed all by myself while trying to retire the all-encompassing anxiety that DMT bestows upon the curious psychonauts that dare to vape it. I let the lighter lick the top of the green magical herbs and I slowly inhale. The anxiety is gone. I now know that there is nowhere to hide and as being an extremely avid explorer of my own consciousness, I have to take the three hits. One hit, two hits, three hits, the combustion from the smoke that hits my lungs feels so familiar and exquisite. I cannot believe how easy this is as my vision of reality begins to fade and break down into acute fratals that are crunching everything in my eyesight into eventual darkness until BAM I'm gone.

The ether that my soul is acquainted with engulfs my vantage point as I take in the spectacular manifestation that we all experience once we dissolve from our simple reality. I can feel myself breathing at a swift pace as my mind, soul, or both get pushed to their mortal limit. Exquisite trigonometric fractals that resemble DNA strands are the main center piece of this white and silver room that looks like how heaven is always portrayed as. I get the eerie feeling that I know this place, that I've been here before similar to when I trip on psilocybin mushrooms or vaporize white or yellow DMT, but before I can take it all in, it disappears.

What happens next is my most vivid and authentic encounter with DMT entities. I see a dark-skinned creature with the mouth of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. In fact, after watching the Cheshire Cat scene from the 67-year-old film, this beady-eyed character had the exact grin and mannerisms. I could sense multiple spiderlike eyes floating around the entity's head as he seemed to be wearing a trench coat. Then he showed me something.

Inbetween us blossomed two humans, two beautiful girls. Approximately in their twenties, these humanoid beings defined perfection and attractiveness. Silky blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and glowing white skin, the two females bore resemblance to nordic goddesses. At first their faces were connected and they were one, but not very long after did they develop in more complexity and starting making out. I'm in complete shock as I'm witnessing the most detailed and gorgeous scene from any of my countless DMT experiences. This was nothing pornographic as their large titties were kept inside their blouses and I never caught a glimpse of either of their butts. Just love and grace washed over me as this entertaining encounter continued.

The Cheshire entity was still enjoying being the provider of this absolute stunning spectacle as I wallowed within a dimension of euphoria and peace. Before anything else could occur, I opened my eyes and had returned to my bedroom. I closed them, trying to travel back, but alas only small fractals blinked as I was forced back into this world full of hardship and suffering.

I stayed in one place for ten minutes with my eyes never wider and mouth gaped open in shock and disbelief of what I had just experienced. A rainbow film covered everything in my room and the psychedelic visuals were strong in effect. My hand looked alien as it always does after a journey to the DMT realm. After less than 20 minutes the visuals vanished, but the emotions did not. I couldn't believe what had just occurred.

Did I actually encounter an entity from some other plane of existence who knew I'd be entertained with a display of sexual love from the opposite sex of a member of my species? Or was is this just a separate intelligence deep with my subconsciousness engaging in sexual activity since I'm horny as fuck all the time?

TL;DR Smoked some changa and a dark skinned creature showed me lesbians making out. Changa is the best.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111884
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: May 29, 2018Views: 3,872
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Changa (816) : General (1), First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Sex Discussion (14), Entities / Beings (37), Unknown Context (20)

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