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Limbo Rift
by bohannon
Citation:   bohannon. "Limbo Rift: An Experience with DMT (exp111899)". Jun 4, 2018.

30 mg vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)
    vaporized Cannabis (plant material)


I was up all night working on drawings that needed done by the afternoon. I decided to take a break at 0600. My mind was a little crunchy due to the deadline, but overall I felt alright.

The decision to partake was nonchalant, as is the norm for personal adventures of this nature.

Figuring I would just test the waters for my first go, I measured ~30mg powder, mixed it with a bit of shake, and packed it into the vaporizer.

I laid down and waited for the temperature signal to give the go ahead. I took one long pull, held, exhaled, and another...

The vapor rose and dissipated with a harmonic buzz that trailed off of the chirping of the birds outside the window. The buzzing grew from the center of the head, and gently enveloped the rest of my body. The chirps dripped and rippled into the golden undulating pool that became my field of vision.

The onset was so quick that I didn't have time to feel any fear of it. I was swept with an incredible calm and sense of warmth. I felt perfectly fine right where I was - and with relinquishing control.

The sensation seemed a bit mild, so I dipped back into the physical, took another pull, and folded my hands over my chest.

I had some difficulty emptying the mind and holding focus with eyes open, so decided to keep them closed.

The buzzing shifted in tone as new morning sounds entered through the window, each phase altering my internal perspective. Blooming patterns tilted until I was flying just below them around a long curve. Another phase shift, and a feathery hand swept the patterns into a chromatic spray.

The particles danced and swirled into the shape of a serpent whose gaping maw pulled the entirety of the surrounding space into it like an out of control vacuum hose. Once satiated, the thrashing subsided, and the serpent folded in on itself until I was inside the ring of a toroidal fountain.

A slender fey figure emerged to the surface, and began dancing in the center. Several hands waved gently through the flowing grid to form bubbles that were pushed into my being; filling me with warmth.

As the streams flowed through their fingers, the field of vision ripped open to reveal a mess of visual noise. I could see all of the layers of tiny thoughts that were cluttering my mind at once. Flashes of daily input, images & noises unregistered by the top of the consciousness.. A cacophony of mental clutter buzzing away just outside of this toroid space.

The fey creature dissolved into the center spiral, and the bubble caved in enough to push the grid into me. This change in pressure allowed me to become a part of the outer surface of the torus. Once I settled in, I could move just up and to the left to look inward through an elliptical window. I went back and forth a couple times to play around with the view until resting in third person perspective.

I gradually regained awareness and sat just outside of my self; simply being within that space where time becomes a singular bubble rising through eons. There I found nothing. Just my being being a torus; floating about, enjoying the quiet.

I opened my eyes at 0617 to lingering geometry trickling through hanging tapestries. I laid in the pre-dawn, thinking about friends, smiling at the myriad threads of interconnectedness. Euphoric lounging carried on for about an hour, then I drifted off to a deep and restful sleep.

I woke up feeling fantastic. I had a small breakfast, followed by a few dried cubensis stems & caps, and a pull of whatever was left in the vaporizer. I went on to have a productive & creative day filled with great conversation.

Integration was effortless, and recall of all the details of the experience comes now with ease.

I felt like I was given a moment to become aware of the noise, so as to clear it out. As if I entered a sort of limbo rift where one can do a lot of internal janitorial work. Prep work for deeper journeys, perhaps.

I found that place to be somewhat similar to where I would go with Salvia. However, where Salvia felt more like micro-vision, DMT felt like macro-vision.

With Salvia, I was the center spiral of the torus looking out. With the universe folding through me, I could observe the smallest layers of infinity. Here, I became the outer shell of the torus, looking in on a much bigger picture.

The blastoff was much more feathery than expected. Instead of being picked and flung right through the other side, I felt like I was being folded and inflated at a rapid but gentle pace.

I found it easy to be in that space, and think that particular level could be quite useful for a rapid reset to stillness. I'm excited to go exploring further.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111899
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: Jun 4, 2018Views: 1,203
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DMT (18) : General (1), Mystical Experiences (9), Entities / Beings (37), Hangover / Days After (46), Unknown Context (20)

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