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Unity with the One Collective Consciousness
LSD, Ketamine & Sleep Deprivation
by Heptagon
Citation:   Heptagon. "Unity with the One Collective Consciousness: An Experience with LSD, Ketamine & Sleep Deprivation (exp111937)". May 24, 2018.

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


This report was written approximately 3 months following the experience. Portions were recorded during the experience and used in this report. The author has experimented with numerous psychedelics and lost count of the number of experiences prior to this one, though estimates the number of LSD experiences to be around 100.

The experience which is the subject of this report was preceded by, and is continuous with, another psychedelic experience beginning on a Friday evening.

I was living in Thailand, on the hidden bays of an island, in a small community of trippers from all over the world living together in paradise. There are nonstop dance parties every week, and Friday evening was getting ready to kick off. The parties go all night and all morning, so we often just go in the morning. I was really tired this night in particular, but a friend came by the house and shared some cocaine. Suddenly, all us tired folks decided we ought to go to the party.

A 5 minute walk later we were there, and very awake, but the cocaine wasn't great and we were a little sober already. I had been meaning to have an LSD trip with the closest friend I made there since I arrived, and hadn't had a good opportunity. So I asked him and he was in. So we dosed about 150μg around midnight and settled in for a fun evening.

The trip was fun but not particularly noteworthy, other than the memories it brought back of doing the same thing in the same place years before. But it's important to mention because, of course, we stayed all night and morning until the music stopped at 11am.
we stayed all night and morning until the music stopped at 11am.
We went to get some food and chill out, and made it back to his house, where I napped for a couple hours.

Now it was Saturday afternoon/evening, and we were relaxing getting ready to Saturday night and musing about the previous nights adventures. I was really tired at this point. But another friend was the first DJ that night, so we headed to the next venue around 9 to hear his set.

This is where the first strange experience happened. I was pretty much exhausted in every way walking there, but arriving I was extremely awake, energetic, ecstatic, and happy. I was completely sober at this point, but so high on life and happy with what I was doing. Our friend was dropping some amazing tracks and I grooved really hard for a couple hours. As our friend finished his set, most of the gang was getting ready to leave and sleep for a few hours before the morning set.

But I felt an incredible pull to stay for the evening and experience the memories of staying at the party all night, as I'd done a number of times in years past. So I decided to stay, and took a seat on the couch behind the DJ booth so I could chill out. Despite being both extremely awake, I was also very tired and knew I needed to chill out if I wanted to make it all night.

I hung out on the couch for 3 or 4 hours, doing a bit of ketamine here and there, enjoying the music and reflecting on life and how grateful I was to be where I was.

Then around 4 am, I'm not sure what triggered it, but I got the idea to take the LSD I had with me. Though I had my own, these tabs had been given to me by a friend and I'd been holding on for the right moment. I took a moment, set my intentions, and took the two tabs which were laid at approximately 250μg each for a total of 500μg.
[Erowid Note: Claims of measured microgram dosages for LSD are usually unsupported. Quantitative measurements for LSD are very difficult to do and cannot be done casually. Without further detailed information about how the measurements were derived, it is reasonable to assume that most statements of microgram dosages of LSD on blotter or in microdots are either misinformed or overstated.]

The moment the touched my tongue, I felt a burst of energy swell throughout my body and immediately heightened senses. I had never felt these sensations as strongly as I did in this occasion, and I attribute that to already heightened senses from the preceding 24 hours.

At this point, I became hyperaware of my own body and all the other bodies around me. About 20 minutes after dosing the LSD, I decided I would finish the rest of my ketamine. There was approximately 150mg left, which I insufflated with straw in a couple small scoops over the next few minutes, and then vacuumed out the bag.

As the ketamine began to take effect, the world began closing around me in spectacular fashion. My conscious self began to fade, and there was a period of time which I don't recall. Then, I had a vision.

I felt my consciousness leaving my physical body, spiraling upwards through a sea of cosmic wonder, reaching up to a central point. The circular point contained, at least, all human conscious minds, existing in perpetual eternity as the geometric flower of life. That is, I felt a ball of all consciousness, and the ball took the geometric form of infinitely overlapping circles. The sound I heard in this state of being, an eternally droning 'oooooooooommmmmmmmm,' was strangely familiar, as if I was remembering it not only from my earthly experiences but perhaps before my human brain could remember.

In this state of being, I felt a profound sense of calm, peace, and contentment. To be frank, it felt indescribably amazing. The feeling of 'oneness' was better than any feeling I'd ever felt in any human experience.

After an indeterminate amount of time, I felt my mind, taking the appearance of a sort of mask, leaving the point and spiraling downward
After an indeterminate amount of time, I felt my mind, taking the appearance of a sort of mask, leaving the point and spiraling downward
until I returned to my body and opened my eyes for the first time.

I immediately scrambled to pull out my phone and email to myself a number of the realizations that occurred to me in the detached state of being. Among the realizations, the most important was that we are all becoming one again. This thought came to me without effort. As I bathed in the bliss of the state of oneness, I realized that this feeling was better than any that could please our egos, and that we were all destined to feel the feeling of oneness for eternity. From this, I was able to let go of any worry I held about the the outcomes of reality in the physical realm, and trust that everything was going to be okay no matter what happens.

Among the other items I emailed to myself:
'There is a God, and We are All It.'
'God is Connection. Connection is God.'

By the time the ketamine had subsided, the LSD had fulled kicked in. But instead of seeing spectacular visuals and the crazy experience one might expect from the dosage I'd taken, all I was seeing was a vivid reality and a natural flow to all the physical objects around me. Everything had glowing aura, and I was seeing people eyes in completely different way. In everyone else's eyes, I could see a glowing pinpoint, the same point that I seemed to have experienced with my mind. Nothing was swirling, nothing was waving, nothing was bending; my vision wasn't tripping out. I was just seeing reality for what it was.

This experience catalyzed a number of other realizations, about myself and about the nature of reality. I will conclude the trip report without delving deeper into those areas. But I will say that there was no way I was sleeping at this point. It was a magical sunrise and my friends slowly joined in the dance party as my favorite DJ played from sunrise to the end. We left to get some good, and I got apple pie with chocolate ice cream and a strawberry smoothie, which were absurdly good.

I was still awake and managed my way to the final party of the weekend, Sunday day party on the beach. By this point the LSD had mostly worn off, but my vision remained. There was a natural flow to everything, and I was seeing it all unfold in front of me. The interactions I was having with complete strangers were mind boggling, everyone was on the same vibe, and the vibe was amazing. Nobody was there who wasn't supposed to be, and nobody was acting out of turn. Everyone made eye contact for the duration of conversations, and there was an incredible energy in the air. Everyone understood the same things, and everyone was connected.

I will be forever in search of these 'high vibes'. Times and places where humans are living to their fullest, and everybody is following the flow. I believe the more it happens, the more we are getting closer to uniting our individual minds. For the rest of my life, I seek not to live life by anyone else's definition of success. 'Success' as defined by this world, serves only our egos and the egos of those we know. My mission is now to contribute to conscious awakening to the true nature of reality. Nothing else matters, and my life is has no meaning to me unless I am working toward the Truth that I have been made aware of.

Various quotes by Erwin Schrödinger:
'Although I think that life may be the result of an accident, I do not think that of consciousness. Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental. It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else.'

'The plurality that we perceive is only an appearance; it is not real.'

'There are two way out of the number paradox, both appearing rather lunatic from the point of view of present scientific thought (based on ancient Greek thought and thus thoroughly “Western”). One way out is the multiplication of the world in Leibnitz’s fearful doctrine of monads: every monad to be a world by itself, no communication between them.

There is obviously only one alternative, namely the unification of minds or consciousnesses. Their multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind.'

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111937
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: May 24, 2018Views: 1,828
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LSD (2), Ketamine (31), Sleep Deprivation (140) : Glowing Experiences (4), Multi-Day Experience (13), Combinations (3), Club / Bar (25)

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