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Parts Unexplainably Amazing, Parts Pure Evil
DOC (sold as LSD)
by EDgerALenBoA
Citation:   EDgerALenBoA. "Parts Unexplainably Amazing, Parts Pure Evil: An Experience with DOC (sold as LSD) (exp111938)". Jun 6, 2018.

  oral DOC (liquid)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


I was about 15 if I recall correctly I was on probation for getting caught with xanax at school so I could no longer smoke weed. I loved weed but didn't want to get caught up with my probation officer so I began to figure ways to 'have fun' if you know what I mean on probation without having to worry about dropping dirty. I did not like drinking for a variety of reasons and had only used xanax before.

I discovered with little internet research that weed was basically the only thing I couldn't do within about 3 days to a week before I dropped. This did not matter that much as it turned out because being 15 years old in my town you could forget getting any of the good stuff for a good price. Not to mention there was almost 0 availability.

I began asking all of the people I knew that might have a friend of a friend or older brother what they could get. This in the next couple weeks turned up that there was some liquid LSD and it was some strong stuff. I had never done anything but smoke pot. I knew the guy they were getting it from and needless to say looking back on it I should have known to ask a couple questions but we just ordered up 2 hits dropped right on our tongue each. The guy showed up around 9:30 (later than I wanted to dose but I had time) and there wasn't much conversation. I handed him the money basically sweating not knowing what to expect but he just said hold out your tongue and pulled out a spearmint bottle and dropped what me and my friend recall to be a small stream of liquid not 2 drops. This slightly alarmed me and my friend but we dismissed it. He wouldn't give us more than we payed for... Right?

He told us after that that we could call him if we got bored as if he knew what we were in for. Then he said some chick had bought 7-8 hits and did all of it herself and was now texting him telling him she was naked in the street. I thought 'what a dumb ass why would she take so much' thinking LSD is just that powerful and mind melting. Yes I was very ignorant looking back and having now taken real tested stuff many times. I consider myself a little bit of a psychonaut now having pushed my limits with clean LSD over the past few years tripping has become something that I have grown to enjoy very much and has taught me so much.

10:15 is now upon us and my friend and I along with 2 others walk to one of their houses close by. Sitting on the couch I felt a mild weed like relaxation and euphoria. By about 10:45 I noticed that I definitely felt different. I stood up and took a couple steps... No problems with my balance or anything. I walk around some more and now I'm feeling my eyes begin to be snapped open with no urge to blink and then the thick tracers, vibrant colors, and slowly breathing walls. I enjoyed this come up very much. My friend however was much bigger and reported that he took a drink almost right after he dosed which we were told not to do but he didn't know. I also didn't know that being told that should be an alarm that you are taking research chems. He said he started to feel it a little but nothing special to report. I on the other hand began to laugh quite loud about random things. I began to think that since I haven't had so much as a puff of weed or a drink of alcohol in months that I was in for a ride but didn't know what to expect. I sat back down a little paranoid but okay and felt the couch and it felt...SOO GOOD. This kept me busy just touching the couch for about 15 minutes laughing. The group however wanted to walk to the near by mcdonalds. I was nervous to leave the house but we started walking anyway.

We walked down the dark street with trees and houses on the side of the road. The houses began to look incredibly warped and crooked and the trees seemed to reach for us. This set in anxiety that wasnt too bad but I knew I didn't want to go into mcdonalds. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to convince anyone that I wasn't anything short of tripping fucking balls by this point. PANIC. We drew very close to the mcdonalds only to find out that the football game had just ended and all of the preppy kids we could have imagined were there. The whole football team and the cheer squad were crowded into the mcdonalds along with numerous people that had just watched the game. I was very shy but right now I was thinking there was no way I was going in there so I proceed to walk over and sit down on the bench and looking at all of my very social friends take on that crowd of people like pros. I felt like they were talking about me and my state of being and that did not sit well with me. I Decided that I had to go in sooner or later as I watched what looked like cartoon cars go down the street. I walked in and see my group of people standing around a booth concealing who sat there. I walked over heart pumping not being able to think of anything normal to say other than 'holly shit I'm tripping balls'. I walked around and became a part of the circle and was met with half the cheer squad looking at me to which I responded by speed-walking away...

I sat down at an empty table and pretended to look at my phone but in reality what I was seeing on my phone's screen was nothing short of nonsense and kind of amazing at the same time. It was so bright all I could see were lights dancing on the surface of the screen. I was suddenly joined by my original group and 1 extra guy I didn't know quite at all. My friend and him were conversing and he then added that we had dropped acid earlier and that he was starting to feel it. I Managed to say 'Yea I'm tripping balls right now man' but remained calm and made eye contact with them. He agreed that I looked much more messed up than my friend. He than began to talk bout his recent first experience with cocaine. As I looked at him and he was talking and all of the sudden his mouth and eyes began to change position with his mouth and eyes at the same level, his head got big and what looked like a colorful pot leaf appeared on his forehead. This shocked me and I closed my eyes and looked down but this scared me as well because the visuals I was having with my eyes closed were even more intense.

I have a blank in my memory from then until we got back to the house.... We went to the basement were the stairs almost claimed my life breathing and shifting. I made it to the bedroom and plopped on the bed where they turned on one of those red light bulbs and nothing else on that side of the room. I was glad to be back and started having fun again after having peaked in mcdonalds for a long unknown time. This red light they turned on was sort of unsettling. But seemed to make my visuals even more intense. My friends older brother was on his home studio in the room playing and singing along to his own music which at the time was pretty good but he started to look like a rat in the face and the more I saw it and thought about it the more it became visible. He was now a rat standing on 2 legs, wearing clothes, rapping....I can tell you that this idea was really crazy but really funny to me and while I didn't want him to get near me his dancing around made me happy as hell.

At this point I felt what was left of my short term memory slip away within 10 minutes leaving about 3 second intervals that I could string together a couple words and actions and then just get washed over and back again into wild sensations and out of body experiences where I felt like nothing was real. And at one point just closed my eyes on the bed. My friend watched me as I sat there in a trance like state but in my head I remember getting up and walking around the room, around the stuff and people in the room but went unnoticed and turned back to get to the bed. When I looked at the bed I didnt see myself but what I did see was an entity that was more or less just a cloud of almost smoke but looked more like distortion behaving like smoke. I remember thinking that my mind was just making up a representation of where I was sitting and wanted to go back but then it goes black and I opened my eyes and I was in the exact spot with a good suspicion that I hadn't moved and that scared the shit out of me So I asked my friend if I had walked around the room but he told me I just sat there with my eyes closed in a trance laughing a little but haven't moved for a long time...

At this point I am losing my mind trying to grasp any part of reality and failing. I called my girlfriend at the time but the only things she could understand over the phone was me saying 'hello' loudly followed by 'I love you' but nothing else. I remember this in bits in pieces and how frustrated I was getting with myself because I kept forgetting I was on the phone. Now is where it starts to get weird and not so good. The music was stopped and my friend said he was somehow tired so we went upstairs and sat on the couch. I dont remember walking up the stairs but I do remember sitting down and then getting an overwhelming urge to feel my friends hair which was very long and glowing. I followed through and it was the satisfying asf for no reason other than feeling incredibly strange. We were being a little bit loud and eventually my friends mom came out and saw the wreckage that was us and scolded us not knowing how truly tweaked we were. As she was lecturing us I got no information but did see a larger than life spider crawl across her face and disappear.. PANIC. As I almost jumped out of the couch a told myself that it wasnt real and this seemed to calm me slightly.

Everyone left the room one by one until it was me and the other guy tripping but he was falling asleep. I was alone and started to get bored. I went for my phone but could not find it for the life of me. I just watched some TV knowing I was too messed up to be looking for something but this bothered me a little too much. I kept thinking about where my phone could possibly be and where I lost it. This turned in to constant anxiety which eventually drove me to look anyway but after looking though couches and under everything I could think of it became clear this was going put a damper on my trip thinking about what my parents will say. I started to become unnecessarily worried.
I started to become unnecessarily worried.
I searched but turned up nothing downstairs but my friends newports so I light one trying to calm down. The only light in the basement was red and I was alone. I was still having extremely intense visuals on all accounts. Audio, visuals, and mind were all being rocked by this drug.

I ended up enjoying the first cig so much I lit another since I hadn't had one all day. Out of the corner of my eye I see something large crawl into a shadow on the wall and like that I was convinced I had reached a point of seeing actual entities and when I did I was overwhelmed with horror and had never felt what I would describe to be pure evil until then. I was panicking and shaking in the basement hugging my knees too scared to move. I closed my eyes and stood up and then opened them an got out of that room as quickly as I could and never went back. I made my way upstairs were I was met with his cat at the top and he looked so interested in me. I petted him but got away from that hellish stairwell but he stuck to me like glue and got in my lap when I sat on the couch. As if he knew I was in an internal panic he calmed me down enough and I proceed to pet him and watch TV. His fur felt like a cloud on my hands and the TV sounded like it had reverb and an echo on it and the visuals were still going strong. I began to notice I barely recognized my own hands as they looked darker and like the blood had been drained out of them. I lifted my shirt and I was shocked. I looked and felt like I was dying at this point. My stomach had started to churn, my hands were cold, and my mind felt fried as fuck.

I wanted to sleep but I knew I wasnt going to. I felt as tho I had forgotten how to sleep and was just having trouble stringing together simple thoughts for longer than 3 seconds. I began to notice the visuals were becoming less intense and I began to be able to ignore them but notice that 4 distinct swirls went everywhere I looked and distorted everything they covered. I was able to see them starting to fade but slowly as ever. I was still rolling so hard I accepted the fact that sleep wasnt coming and tried to wake up my friend for comfort and maybe he even had my phone. He had been having wild dreams all night from what I could tell and would not wake up at all. I ended up smoking his entire pack of newports throughout the night not moving from the couch asking myself why I did this and if I would ever stop tripping and rolling. I felt I had been mentally attacked and scared permanently by this drug. I for some reason had this overwhelming feeling that if I didn't find my cell phone I was never going to come down completely. I was sure of it and panicking. I was on the brink of tears and this psychosis lasted for a couple of hours until my friend eventually woke up for a short period of time and when he sat up he looked at his newports and expressed disappointment as I left him one. I only said dude do you have my phone before he felt his pocket and FUCKING PULLED OUT MY PHONE.

This washed me with relief but I was still thinking maybe this could be it for my mind. I had visuals still but they were subsided. Audio still seemed distorted and my body felt septic. The sun started to come up so I started to wait for my girlfriend to wake up so I could go there and get out of this house because I feared if I went to my house I would be undoubtably found out. She eventually answered and I walked there at about 7:20 in the morning. I was still seeing cars as if they were cartoons but I made it to her house where I was met with disbelief. I looked different as my girlfriend would describe and I told her everything. My fear that this wasnt going to end and the phone ordeal. I said it felt like the blood had been drained out of my body and my skin felt like leather to me and she agreed that it looked like exactly that had happened. I looked very very sick. It is embarrassing to admit even now and I've told this story 100 times but even my dick looked shriveled and the color was off and I confirmed this with my girlfriend. She was frightened but I actually managed to catch an hour or so of sleep.

This did not last long. I would continue to tweak for another 48 hours, my eyes sauced the fuck out every step of the way. I was fried but aware enough to make it in front of my parents. I would be told about 5 days after I initially dosed when I had decided I wasnt harmed but I was actually given DOC. Me and my friends continued to hear numerous accounts of the dealer actually telling people that he was over-dripping people to see what would happen and we were included in that group of guinea pigs. I felt violated but still did not quite regret the experience. It was my first time using a psychedelic and I had went balls to the wall. I had seen what I only can describe to be evil demons crawling on the walls. I just felt lucky to come out unharmed to be honest.

As I said I had since pushed my limits with real tested LSD and still enjoy a good trip often. I will never try research chems willingly or knowingly again. This I am sure of. This experience did teach me first hand to never be to trusting of who you buy from. I could have been seriously mentally by this unintended experience. Test your drugs guys! You are never being too safe.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 111938
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Jun 6, 2018Views: 1,941
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