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Gives Death To Anxiety, And Life to Life
Citation:   Eggboy. "Gives Death To Anxiety, And Life to Life: An Experience with Phenibut (exp111966)". Jun 18, 2018.

1 g oral Smarts - Phenibut
A little background to me: I have anxiety a lot of the time due to the fact I'm on the autism spectrum - I have Asperger's Syndrome, but, in my opinion and that of people around me, I don't seem like I do too badly. For example I often don't tell people I'm on the spectrum and pretty much every time they were none the wiser. Now, drug talk:

I have used phenibut a few times a month regularly for the past 6 months. My doses have ranged from all over the place just out of self-experimentation and on multiple occasions I have combined it with other substances. Mostly alcohol, but also LSD on one occasion.

Alcohol and phenibut is dodgy - I have used 1g multiple times with only cutting my drink in half and got as drunk as necessary, whereas other times I've taken 1g and drunk as much as I normally do and got black out beyond belief. In the most recent example (which I've learned from) I apparently acted the exact opposite from what I usually do when absolutely positively car-parked. Instead of falling asleep or getting depressed after drinking my arse off (which is what usually happens) I chat more shite than you'll find in a fucking compost heap. Now, chatting shite isn't too abnormal for me because I do that anyway 99% of the time, but even then, comparitively I chat bird shit when sober, but when on phenibut and a fuck ton of alcohol I chat whale shite (I hope that's a thing). Overall, I wouldn't recommend alcohol and phenibut unless one stays below one's standard dosage of phenibut as well as cutting drinking at bare minimum in half.

Now, onto LSD and phenibut. I must say, I'm a bit of an idiot for the location I chose: a nightclub. I have only done this once due to the location, not the combination. I can safely say that if I hadn't done 2.5g of phenibut with the 100ug LSD then I could've had a panic attack, it turns out those guys [online] who told me LSD in a nightclub is uncomfortable as Hell were right, and I'll tell you why: it was uncomfortable as Hell. LSD and phenibut mixed pleasantly to produce a body-high and was different to both and opiate and MDMA or MCAT body-high. It was more of a genuine sense of confidence, warmth and well-being. The music-appreciation was also excellent, as I learned later in the night where I lay down in bed listening to Neil Young for 4 hours (don't judge me).

Now, phenibut alone is, of course, different to combinations with other stuff: I'll outline my experience of phenibut itself into a few categories: 0.5-1g, 1.5g, and 2-2.5g. The reason it's all multiples of five is because I'm autistic af.

0.5-1g of phenibut:
Onset: 90-150 minutes to start feeling
Peak: with this small a dose about between 4-7 hours since dosing
Come-down: Not really a comedown but the off-peak influence will probably last about 5-7 more hours.
After-effects: Will still feel confident for the rest of the day, and a positive attitude will be present. Due to the length of the drug it'll last most o my waking time.

If I'm using it in a workplace or as self-medication this is my ideal dose. It's very subtle, I feel more chatty, up-beat, relaxed, and confident. As a chatty person anyway I just do even better craic and banter than normal. It's like when a comedian goes from making solid 6/10 jokes to making 8/10 jokes, it's noticable and I enjoy it - as do those around me.

When I first started going to the gym after my first acid trip I had a bit of anxiety and would use 0.5g every Monday and Friday when I went to the gym because, it's a bit intimidating for some guy who's never been. It's worth noting I wouldn't use it on Wednesday or Thursday because I wanted to normalise this interaction without phenibut so it wouldn't be a crutch. Doing this makes it much easier to lose anxiety in the long run. Phenibut's like a teacher, when I'm off it I try and act like when I'm on it
Phenibut's like a teacher, when I'm off it I try and act like when I'm on it
- then I'll never need it again. I don't exceed 3 doses a week, never dose consecutive days, and don't dare exceed 1g per dose if I'm doing it three days a week.

I also took 1g for a speaking exam in French so that I wouldn't stutter or clutter my brain with stupid irrelevant anxious thoughts. It did the job muy bien.

1.5g of phenibut:
Onset: 90-150 minutes
Peak: between 3 or 4-7 or 8 hours since dosing, it can vary
Come-down: Still lasts similar to above, about between 6-8 or 9 more hours. Again, it'll last all day.

This is my ideal dose, it's essentially like the above but a bit stronger and the presence of a body-high that's quite weak so it's not distracting. Thought deceleration also begins just a tiny tad here which is why for workplace I take 1g or less. I don't feel that dopey but then again I'm a wee bit of a spastic anyway. I might feel a bit more tired if I lie down.

2g-2.5g of phenibut:
Onset: beginning to feel effects around 60 minutes (so sooner) but fully begins the much stronger 2-2.5.g around 150 minutes
Peak: Lasts a bit longer, again, between 4 and 10 hours since dosing,
Come-down: I honestly don't know, if I take this at 4pm so I can go out on it I'm usually in bed by 4am but, based on previous dosages, it'll last more than 12 hours, I've never just been awake long enough to find out. I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted a total of 18 hours.

This is the dose where I start feeling more spackered and like I could go lie down and have a nice sleep. On this dose I personally can't shut up even more than normal and I get almost too confident (but not arrogant, just a feeling that I can talk to anyone and usually I can). On this dose I feel tired and a bit of mong but that's fine because I usually take this when I'm going out but can't afford drinks, but still want to go along with all the drunk chat.
I usually take this when I'm going out but can't afford drinks, but still want to go along with all the drunk chat.
That's essentially how I feel, drunk-lite but with a better headspace and I can think a lot clearer than if I were on tinnies.

Now, something I haven't mentioned, is using phenibut just as a sleeping drug. When I do this I usually have it before or after dinner then sleep about 4 or 5 hours later. Most people would say not to eat an hour after or two hours before consuming phenibut but fuck em I'm not going to sleep hungry or two hairs later than I want just because I should be getting the best bang for buck.

Overall, phenibut makes me feel confident, chatty, happy, and a bit sleepier and dumber at higher doses. It's perfect for social situations if I wake up and go 'you know what, I want a good fucking day today'. I've never done it for a job interview but it would work splendid around 1g. I just remember to never do more than 3 doses a week and, if I am dosing daily, I don't go above 1g a day. Phenibut withdrawals are not worth it.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111966
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jun 18, 2018Views: 14,045
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