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Took Too Much
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Took Too Much: An Experience with MDMA (exp111981)". Jun 9, 2018.

2 tablets oral MDMA


[Erowid Note: The doses described in this report are potentially life threatening. The amount taken is beyond a heavy dose and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Doses such as this have been known to cause hospitalizations and/or deaths. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

I'm a regular MDMA user and took my first MDMA ever in February 2018, since then I'd probably done MDMA about 6 or 7 times. I've always been completely fine to MDMA and I don't have epilepsy and dont have a family history of seizures, never had a seizure before and usually the pills I take are '220mg' and I just take one.

Yesterday I did something really stupid and took two '220mg' pills at the same time, my friend also took two '220mg' pills with me but she didn't have a seizure or anything and she could control herself.

It started to kick in whilst I was waiting for the bus, the cars on the road was going extremely fast. Way too fast for me and it made me extremely scared. I remember walking onto the bus and being sort of fine, got off the bus and went onto another bus.

Now in this second bus I went on is went it started to go all wrong. I'm not exactly sure what happened but I remember sitting on the seat, cuddling my friends arm and her letting go of me for a second and I slid under the seat and then went to the middle of the bus and my friends said I had a seizure. I was aware that I had slipped under the seat and I only felt myself twitch ONCE for a second but I couldn't stop doing it like I couldn't stop myself from falling under the seat and I couldn't stop that ONE twitch that I had felt. It was like I was aware of what I was doing but I had no self control and I couldn't control my body.
I was aware of what I was doing but I had no self control and I couldn't control my body.

I thought that I had just passed out and only twitched once or twice because that's all I felt but my friends said I was full on having a seizure and I was shaking everywhere and hitting on the seats and windows and just having a proper seizure.

My eyes were closed for the whole time as I was extremely scared to open my eyes as everything was going fast so when I opened my eyes I was on the floor and I remember looking up, I was on the floor in the middle of the bus, everyone was trying to get to their seats and obviously everyone was staring at me and I saw this women trying to step over me.

My friend helped me up and for the whole bus ride, I sat on the floor in the corner of the seat, closing my eyes, squeezing my friends hand really hard for the whole bus journey and telling myself 'everything will be ok' and reminding myself I've taken something. My breath was really heavy and shallow and I remember I couldn't hear anything, everything was just gibberish to me. I was extremely shocked that no one on the bus called an ambulance or the police as I literally had a whole seizure on the bus.

When we got off the bus, 2 of my friends had to link arms with me to help me walk. I couldn't walk properly, it was like I was drunk. After we got to the park, I was extremely angry over this boy and I started shouting for a few seconds but then I was okay again. If anyone brought up the boy I would start screaming and be angry. I remember calling my friend and he also told me my breathing was heavy and shallow.

After the come up and after I got to the park, everything was fine from the peak to the comedown except my breathing was weird and I had a tightness in my chest and of course, the jaw shaking. I wanted to run around and explore the park and do gymnastics and everything. I even helped this women find her lost dog!

I remember every time I would look at my phone, I would see two of the screens side by side and they wasn't overlapping or anything and I remember every time I looked up at the sky I would hallucinate stuff like I would see a lot of numbers and letters in the sky. I remember I was just staring at the sky and letters started forming sort of like it was trying to tell me a message but I couldn't read it due to eye wiggles.

My friends put gum in my mouth to stop me from chewing my tongue but I had it in for about a minute and then I started gagging and spat it out of my mouth and now I bit some of the side of my tongue off.

I took that MDMA at around 1:10pm. I went to bed at 11pm that night and I had a hard time falling asleep. It felt like I had just been laying there for hours and hours just with my eyes closed, yet I wouldn't fall asleep. I remember at around 2am I opened my eyes and all over my bedroom walls I was seeing a moving pattern, it was all over the walls and ceilings but it went away when I put my phone light on it.

I just want to make this clear that the comeup was definitely the worst bit and after the come up I was sort of okay except hallucinations which is sort of normal on MDMA as its a mild hallucinogenic and then just my breathing.

Be careful. Test your stuff. And DON'T take too much MDMA. Even though the roll was okay after the come up, it made me realise I need to be a lot more careful. After this I'm not doing MDMA for at least 6 months, maybe never again.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111981
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jun 9, 2018Views: 1,782
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MDMA (3) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Overdose (29), Health Problems (27), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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