Trip to Outer Space
DMT & Propanalol
Citation:   Hazeyblue. "Trip to Outer Space: An Experience with DMT & Propanalol (exp111991)". Jun 12, 2018.

130 mg insufflated DMT (freebase)
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DMT and Beta Blockers - Trip to Outer Space

I've smoked DMT countless times and I'd say at this point if its not from the machine or a nice bong, at a music show (or festival), or on LSD its not worth it or boring for me, a message I've already received, after all I smoke the spice to answer questions I've always had.

I feel snorting it is one of the most intense ways to do DMT. It is also not worth it if I don't insuffulate over 100mg of the spice. It begins to hit me in 30 seconds or so, and within minutes I remember on my first experience, I was floating above my body, conscious, but without my body. A thought crosses my head as I am floating and everything begins to become more multi-dimensional than I had ever known. A thought crosses my head - Am I dead? As soon as that thought crosses my head, my entire life, up to that exact moment flashes before my eyes - its almost too much. The one thing that kept me from freaking out as this was happening was a mothers voice, as if from the back of my head going 'its okay, its alright... Just... Let go.' And then I did. I let go.

I let go and immediately I come back from my life flashing before my eyes to a figure, a light, a being, I don't know... In one instant and eternal moment, this being or light or whatever it was communicated to me, perhaps telepathically, every single human emotion possible. Love, hate, empathy, jealousy, everything. It was beautiful this light, this being, it almost looked mechanical. It was so intense, so amazing and beautiful I remember I started crying. As I wept at the majestic beauty I slowly began to come down and regain my body. As I looked at my hands as if it was the first time I looked at my hands, the music that was playing in the background was so beautiful. This was the first time I felt I had truly 'done' dmt. Truly had I experienced complete and utter ego death, and I learned for the first time to let go. And it is when everything is taken from me and I'm given all of it back that I realize whats truly important to my in life. This experience forever changed my life.

This experience was without beta blockers, the dosage was about 130-140mg DMT insufflated.

A year later I had been given beta blockers for having trouble speaking in front of crowds, they are quite easy to get from a doctor, my friend got some just by asking for it. The beta blocker that I was given was called Propanalol.

A friend of mine had randomly decided to try beta blockers and dmt together and he had a profound trip - he saw the world end (metaphorically I'm assuming since we're all still alive). He told me of his trip and it shook me up, this was in early 2011 and I thought hey 'if he gets to see the world end, why shouldnt I?'mYou know, how people thought the end of the world was coming in 2012, for some reason I was shook about that idea lmao. So, I decided to try DMT on beta blockers.
I decided to try DMT on beta blockers.

Now I've taken a lot of shrooms (not too huge a fan), a LOT of LSD, enough to make me feel like I was disintegrating in the sands of time for years and years and years, and enough to make me freak out to the point where I needed a full 2mg klonopin just to stop the intense fear, and another one just to calm down. But never, have I ever, tripped so hard in my life.

I don't know if I will ever blow DMT on beta blockers again, but here is my account:

I took maybe two beta blockers and insufflated 150mgs of DMT. A couple minutes into the trip I'm thinking, hey this is pretty normal to a regular DMT trip insufflated, the feeling of losing my body, the multi-dimensional space the feeling as if I was on a table or bed experiencing something. But then. Blast, off. I felt like I was on an elevator shaft that was just jutted into space at the speed of light. Now I was no longer in a multi-dimensional area, now I felt like I was 2 dimensional colors and every time I tried to think of the concept of 'me,' of 'I,' these colors (which was all I was) would shift around as to prevent me of thinking of myself. I then came back sort of. I was back in my room, back on my bed, and I had a glass of water next to me - all I could think was 'I feel like I'm melting I need some water.' As I grabbed for the cup, my body failed on me and I fell down onto my lap and there I realized that it was too late for water, that I had to let go. And so I did.

I let go and started to feel the information seep into me and I uttered the word 'wow' once but it went on in my head for what felt like eternity. The next thing I know is I am flying through space and visiting planets and aliens, climbing buildings and mountains and creating cities with just the power of my mind. After this joy ride through the universe I was in what felt like a room. I was in this room and one by one, people that I know would open a closed door and enter that room and take me places or show me things. My closest friends and roommate came in one at a time and had a different part to play. The closer they were to me the further they would take me, when I saw my father it took me to the city he had worked in all his life to provide for me and my family and I could feel the tremendous experience of his life. When my mother entered the room I could feel her pouring love into my soul and existence. My one best friend who was the first person who convinced me to go to my first live music show (disco biscuits 2011 nye iirc) showed up on the trip too.

The one thing that was common about all the people I saw, was that everybody had this knowing smile on their face. It was almost a mocking smile, but no, more closer to that of an inside joke. Like I was searching for the answer to the most important question and everybody had the smile like they knew the answer. But the other thing was the look in their eyes was a look of deep understanding and also as if they were joking with me. One by one everybody came and went and suddenly started coming back but it felt as if I was speaking in my head, a BOOMING voice. The voice said two things and repeated them over and over 'it was you all along' and 'love is the answer'.

I realized the question I had in my head was what is it all about? And the answer is love. I realized the purpose of life was to share and experience love. As I came back, I turned on my light but realized I was still tripping slightly, this trip had actually shooken me up. I looked at my wall and tried to move it with my mind to see if I still had the powers that I had on the trip, but hah alas no.

This trip felt like months if not years if not an eternity. I don't know if I'll ever insuffulate DMT on beta blockers again, but I might try smoking it on beta blockers.

In The Spirit Molecule, I read the interesting reports about beta blockers. From a May 5 2001 Q&A on spiritplants IRC:

Rick Strassman: **Well, I can't really give medical advice. But, we did do a study using pindolol, a beta-blocker, which is sometimes used for high blood pressure. It actually ended up magnifying the effects of DMT by a factor of 2-3 times. The thing about most beta-blockers is that they also block one of the serotonin receptors, called the '1A' site. Most tryptamines activate this site, which actually turns out to be an 'inhibitory' site. That is, if you block an inhibitory site, which the 1A site is, then effects of DMT and other psychedelics are more powerful. We got into some dicey territory with pindolol.**

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 111991
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