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Walking on Thin Ice
by T
Citation:   T. "Walking on Thin Ice: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp11201)". Erowid.org. Oct 13, 2019. erowid.org/exp/11201

  repeated   Methamphetamine
So you're a tweeker, or you tweek occaisionally, you want to be a tweeker, maybe you have no desire to tweek whatsoever but want some info on the illicit substance in question? You have to be one of the four, otherwise why would you be reading this? In any case, I was first introduced to criss New Years Eve of 2001. For nine months afterwards I used it occasionally, like once every month, the last three months however I've begun to seriously speed up. I've never blasted and I don't plan on doing so. I've never gone on any 10 day mission replete of sleep and I don't plan on doing so. I am not the classic tweeker you read about in Time Magazine or hear so much about on the news. I could be any person you drive on the same road as, the person standing behind you in a line shopping, that guy working on your car. Chances are you see a tweeker everyday, sometimes they will be slipping and give the tell tale signs you can hear about from the DEA. The thing is, the majority of users are quite good at hiding their use, sometimes a little too good. There is a serious lack of quality information on the net about drugs, particularly methamphetamine. Most if not all is written from a law enforcement perspective, very little about what you can find is of any relevance to the majority of users. With that said I will now impart my experiences, habits, and lessons learned whilst walking on thin ice.

Like I said, it was December 31st in the lord's year of 2000 10 O'clock in the PM. A man who I did not know returned from the local connect with an eightball of criss. My companions being the not so reformed dope fiends that they were became excited upon sight of the baggie. Let me state at this point I realy did'nt know jackshit about clavo. I saw the effect of what a realy bad habit can have on the mind and body from an ex girlfriend, I heard the insane urban legends about dope fiends walking into the living room with two .45s and blasting their own families because they looked like space aliens but aside from that I did'nt know much. Naturally I was a tad apprehensive about what I did not know, Impetuousness got the better of me however and next thing I know I was in a shabby bedroom doing lines off a school binder. I took two toothpick sized lines with a bic tooter, I barely felt any burn in my sinuses and basically felt very little whatsoever except a feeling that this stuff is'nt all it's cranked up to be.

My companions finished up the gram we procured in a series of 6 lines each and so we all went outside for a cigarette. I figure about 10 minutes after our session, somewhere in mid cigarette drag I tasted this vial taste in my mouth. I spit this foul substance out and then I began to feel something. It was not a powerful feeling but I could feel it none the less, kind of like drinking a 44oz big gulp of mountain dew. 2 O'clock came around, after I concluded that this stuff is definitely not all it's cranked up to be we decided to obtain another gram, only this time we were to smoke it on reynold's wrap. It took two puny hits before I got the hang of lighting and inhaling. I took around 15 good hits and my companions each took a similar number, at this point we were high and out of clavo. This feeling was most indeed a potent kick, entirely different from snorting. I felt my head tingling ever so softly, my breathing had never been clearer and I felt as though I was levitating like the maha'rashdi. It was a good feeling most definitely, everything was so incredibly crystal clear, until morning came.

It was 9 O'clock now and I could clearly see the effects fading, one of my companions had managed to scrounge a 20 sack worth of criss from the carpet but refused to share any with me. Feeling a little bit butthurt I then left and went home, I wanted to sleep though I felt awake just the same, it was all downhill from there. As soon as I smoked that bowl out of my bong everything changed, suddenly I felt as though my high was returning, I was once again energized to say the least. I spent the after noon cleaning my room and playing Quake 3 like a champ. I was liking it again, right up until 4:30 where I smoked another bowl 10 minutes late and I remembered I worked at five.

Now that I think about it, going to work that night was a big mistake, I was feeling pretty fucked up from the comedown dancing with the indica I was smoking but I didn't think I looked at all high. Work was OK at first, that is until one or two or three people started complaining to me. It was the 'somebody's had a few too many smoke breaks today' quip that really got the pressure building up in my brain's compressor. After a bit I settled down and went through the rest of the night OK, my emotions were getting kind of shifty and I was getting seriously tired but I didn't care. The rest of the night passed, I drank a six pack and a bottle of Cuervo to ring in the new year a day late with my manager. Foolishly I decided to drive home about 6 am very drunk/stoned/generaly wasted, thankfully I managed the one mile drive and then crashed in my bed. I was supposed to work at 1:00 pm that day, needless to say I didn't show up, or even call.

Some months passed and I hadn't gotten much of a thrill from the 5 or six times I did criss since that night that spanned two years.I was at a new job that I would come to realize was extremely corrupted, corrupted by clavo. My new manager had a taste for the high life, naturally he didn't mind when we all began having sessions in the bathroom. I had at least 5 tweekers and a dealer for coworkers, that kind soul kept the crew supplied so naturally everyone was working harder, whenever the manager got angry about our escapades all that was needed was a 10 sack to calm his worries.

Things were going well, I was working harder and more efficient than ever, I was getting good deals on eightballs. This was the highlife, I always ate something, took my vitamins and managed to sleep whenever I got high, everything was perfectly under control. For about a month.
everything was perfectly under control. For about a month.
One day came when I got a 'clear glass vaporizer' of my very own. I said I wasn't going to try it for three days, however my impetuousness once again got the better of me. It didn't take long for those sacks to start going up in fumes, sure I was looking and feeling more fucked up as the days went on but I knew everything was fine. Then one day I got bronchitis, my frustrations grew when suddenly I was smoking up a 20 sack and feeling absolutely nothing. Even this wasn't so bad but I decided to quit for a day. This was a very hard day indeed, finally I decided to go to work the next day. I sparked up and felt better, I only managed to last 2 hours before I had to go home sick. I got home and I wanted some, naturally I drove down to the connection and got another 20 sack, everything would be all good I thought. Sure I was disconnected, sure I was spun but I felt just fine. Just fine, until the front bumper fell off of my car on the way home, somewhere while retrieving the bumper I lost my clavo sack. I was already pretty edgy and feeling the pshycosis when I got back with my bumper, the fact that my twomp was no longer in my pocket did not go over well. That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks, aggravation, I found myself growling like a rottweiler as I looked in the mirror only to see a person that looked just like Gary Oldman in The Professional. When I frantically retrieved my pipe and smoked the last four hits inside my car in the garage that was open... That's when It hit me like a PCP charged Mike Tyson, I have a problem. I smashed my pipe in utter frustration only to spend the rest of the night all by myself, depressed, melancholy, empty. I smoked a blunt and then I decided I should take a break, I NEEDED to take a break. It was a brave new world for me, I was not pleased.

That week was surprisingly not that bad. I wasn't fiending that hard and I went to work just a day after the turning point happened. Amazingly to me I wasn't doing so bad without clavo, I had the energy to perform and I was feeling alot better. I got back in touch with my good friends bud and pipe and they filled that need to get high quite nicely. Still just that in the closet tweeker that you wouldn't think a thing about were you to see me. I was using EVERY single day for about a month and a half but I was always eating something, and I never went a night without even a little sleep. My problem and everybody else's problem is that this stuff can get out of control so easily. During my stunt I only lost about 10 pounds and physically I never felt that bad. The psychological side to this drug is has to be the most powerful tool known to man. It lets my ideas flow so free, it makes all learning and facts so crystal clear. I call it the ultimate learning tool
It lets my ideas flow so free, it makes all learning and facts so crystal clear. I call it the ultimate learning tool
, it had opened up sides of my brain and things about my life I never realized. It lets me read and remember, write and write and write.

What I am thankful for is the wisdom I have garnered, the wisdom about my world and knowledge about myself that will not go away when I come down. I have opened my eyes to eating healthy foods and drinking ALOT more water. Whenever I come down I eat, I eat as much as I can. I've found that milk will help with the clavo breath, it also helps build strong bones and teeth, afterall I need those for grinding. Complex carbohydrates, proteins and about a gallon or so of water seem to dramatically minimize the withdrawl feelings the next morning. 66% of this country is chronically dehydrated and when one is tweeking one is pissing alot of perfectly good water out, not to mention water is the cheapest high you can get. I try to keep the cigarettes to an absolute minimum while I'm flying high, this leaves my lungs feeling less clammy afterwards. I have always smoked bud while tweeking because the high from the two is very pleasant, however I'm totally avoiding the indicas from now on when I'm on clavo. It might just be me but sativa strains just don't leave me with that fuzzy feeling and emptiness when I come down. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies are all to easy to suffer from after tweeking for awhile, so I take a B-multivitamin in addition to extra vitamin C,E and calcium with a jamba juice fruit smoothy as often as possible. Then there's sleep, I've found the best possible way to get by as a tweeker is to abstain one day for every day I get high. This in combination with eating alot better has improved my physical shape tremendously. Sleeping longer and more often in addition with writing is starting to improve my mental shape. These lessons have been learned the hard way, I feel that tweekers generally get a bad wrap and any info encouraging more responsible use is a very good thing. Myself, I know that I can quit if I wanted to, honestly though I would miss it. Thing is I really have no reason to quit at the moment, I've always had a kind of tweeker personality so clavo just goes over well with me. I know that I could lose control one day, I also know that I can use it in moderation and enrich my life. Nevertheless one day I know I must quit, till then I will be walking on thin ice.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11201
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 13, 2019Views: 2,260
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