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Got Caught by Grandma
Cannabis - Hash
Citation:   grandmaonambien. "Got Caught by Grandma: An Experience with Cannabis - Hash (exp112017)". Sep 21, 2018.

1 cig. smoked Cannabis - Hash
Hash... What a night, a moroccan friend of mine rolled me up a joint full of moroccan hash (he actually knew the guy who made it there, in the Rif mountains, so the quality was really high). I was living with my grandma at that moment, and one night I decided to light it up but I didn't have a lighter so I decided it would be a good idea to heat a paper sheet with a soldering gun until a flame came up...

All of this was happening in my bedroom, with almost 0 ventilation, after several minutes the flame finally formed in the sheet, I took the joint and lit it up. All my bedroom was full of hash smoke and burned paper sheet smoke. I took 3 hits and all of a sudden when I thought it wasn't working and had finished THE WHOLE JOINT with no tolerance to hash, I started to feel my legs tingly/numb and my body became like really drowsy. I took a look at the mirror and I had my eyes ALL RED, I had trouble remembering what was I going to do at every moment and I was trying my best to clean my room (burned paper sheets, the soldering gun heatened up in the floor, joint ash everywhere). Right after finishing cleaning, my grandma who was on fucking AMBIEN woke up due to the intense smell that was coming out from my room and asked me what the fuck was happening, she knows little to nothing about hash or pot smell so I told her I was soldering something and the smoke that had came out went straight into my eyes. I told her not to worry and that I was going to sleep. She believed me and went to sleep.

My trip was really intense(in terms of hash), at first I felt a pressure above my head that was causing me anxiety and only stopped whenever I didn't focus on it or when I pressed my hand against the top of my head(it really impressed me how I couldn't control the anxiety). Everything was funny, I remember brushing my teeth and listening how the water drops coming out from the tap had rythym and how I was dancing to fucking water drops. My face was really warm as well as my body, I went to sleep and my head started working really fast, thoughts were so fast I couldn't even concentrate on something, they were like bullets passing through my head. Whenever I closed my eyes I could see patterns in the dark, they were mild but still noticeable. Another interesting effect is how I felt every single vein and the blood running through them, like I could visualize it perfectly in my head, this was really unpleasant. The effects I didn't like were the muscle spasms everywhere whenever I relaxed(the spasms would happen whenever I thought of a part of my body, if I started thinking of my leg, spasms would move there) and the anxiety along with the fast heartbeat.

To end this I must say my grandma never told anything to anyone about that night (she prob doesn't recall thanks to the ambien lol)

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 112017
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Sep 21, 2018Views: 1,260
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Cannabis - Hash (93) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), General (1), Alone (16)

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