Plugging Infinity
by Noir
Citation:   Noir. "Plugging Infinity: An Experience with 4-ACO-DMT (exp112029)". Jun 21, 2018.

15 mg rectal 4-AcO-DMT (liquid)
[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
Iíd like to start this report by saying that I consider myself an experienced tripper, having by this point in my life consumed my fair share of different psychedelics. I wonít go into the details as Iím sure that would be unnecessary. I used to trip very frequently and at one point I was tripping several times per week. Well all of that kind of died down after a while and so far this year Iíve barely tripped at all. Something about psychedelics have changed for me. Maybe theyíve expanded my mind all they can already. Lately Iíve felt that I donít necessarily need to trip for 8-12 hours. It can be a little exhausting and I have to plan my entire day around it. However I have been feeling Ďthe pullí (as I call it) to trip again. So I devised a plan. How can I have an intense shamanic experience but still be down in time for dinner? The answer as it turns out is PLUGGING.

I understand thereís a stigma surrounded plugging (rectal, boofing) but letís be real, it is actually one of the best routes of administration due to high bioavailabilty of the substance. Well a quick web search came up with only a handful of other experiences with this particular drug and this particular ROA. So feeling brave I gathered my tools for the deed: a shot glass, an eyedropper, and most importantly, lube.

I decided on 15mg because I wanted to err on the side of caution. The last time I boofed anything was MDMA and that was one hell of a ride. So I carefully weighed out 15mg of 4-ACO-DMT on my scale and tossed it in the shot glass along with with 30mL of water and stirred it around a little. Now trust me, 30mL of water isnít a lot but when itís in your ass itís a lot. Quickly insert and administer the drugs into my ass. Fairly painless if you use enough lube. ;)

Itís at this point I really question my life decisions.

2pm: No real pain except a general uncomfortable feeling down there. For some odd reason I decide now would be a great time to go to the store and run a few errands. I guess I wasnít expecting 15mg to do much. Little did I knowÖ

+5mins: Iím in the car on my way to the store and realize Iím coming up hard. 0 to 100 real quick. Everything starts feeling wavy. Iím feeling slightly disoriented and sick to my stomach. My ass feels wet. I canít stop saying ďwoahĒ. This is intense.

+10mins: Iím full on peaking. I kid you not. In 10 minutes Iíve gone from pretty sober to completely fucked up. Iím getting heavy visuals. Tracers and patterns in everything. The colours were beautiful outside. I decided I shouldn't be driving but I was already most of the way to the store so I pulled over in a park area and sat in the car looking at the sky and the trees. Still feeling very sick to my stomach. I gave myself permission to puke but nothing came up. It was now that I decided to give up control of the situation.

+15mins: My whole body feels like itís weightless.
+15mins: My whole body feels like itís weightless.
Time feels like its been slowed down. I talk to myself a lot, especially on drugs, and now was no exception. When I spoke, words sounded abnormal. As if there was more silence between them. Almost like my hearing was muffled. I seemed to be speaking slower than normal. I turned on some music and became totally immersed in it. Using my phone was very challenging. The visual distortions were unreal.

+20mins: As with other times Iíve taken 4-ACO-DMT, Iím seeing what appears to be another (slightly more transparent) reality layered upon this reality. When I look at objects thereís an energy field around them. Everything is growing and expanding and simultaneously shrinking. I wave my hand in front of my face and see a rainbow trail of tracers. Thereís patterns overlayed over everything. It looks like the flower of life (if youíre into sacred geometry) and some other patterns I donít recognize. When I closed my eyes I saw rainbow wings which transformed into a fox and then into an owl. My whole being was elevated and vibrating.

+25mins: Iím still tripping very hard but I decided to drive home because I felt like I needed to be in my safe space. The store can wait. Thereís no way I can be in public right now. I donít have far to go. I can do it.

+30mins: Made it home safely, grabbed my headphones, flopped onto the floor and began meditating. The carpet appeared to be on fire. Zoning out, I closed my eyes and just listened to the music. The song was beautiful and I was in heaven. I watched the closed eye visuals swirl and dance around. This continued for about 15 minutes.

+45mins: I can tell Iíve leveled off by now and Iím starting to come down a little bit. I move to my bed. Iím just messaging my friends and generally feeling pretty relaxed.

The total duration was only about 2 hours. Thatís it! Some minor lingering effects but nothing crazy. I should mention that I have a slight headache as Iím writing this but I suspect it will go away. This is exactly the kind of experience I was looking for. It was a whirlwind of excitement and adventure all at once and then I came down. Iím definitely going to try this again someday. Itís like a roller coaster for the mind. I think boofing is the way to go. I started out low and it turned it to be very intense.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112029
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jun 21, 2018Views: 4,161
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