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I Loved It
Citation:   Michael. "I Loved It: An Experience with PCP (exp112088)". Jul 12, 2018.

  smoked PCP
My Experience of PCP Aka Wet. I Loved It.

PCP has such a bad history to it and I think I know why. All of this is NOT FACT and it is all my personal opinion. I do believe it to be true. If you want to skip to the Experience itself, then scroll down to EXPERIENCE.

Back story:
When I was a young teenager, like many before me, I had a strong desire to experiment with drugs. I would google as much info as I could before trying the drug and then take the drug with a bunch of friends.

One year I met this new kid in high school. High school is funny like this; all your life you go to elementary or middle school or know all the kids in your neighborhood and then bam high school. All of a sudden there are all these new people I never met before. Anyway, I met this kid and he always wanted to hang out with me. He always laughed and was really friendly and he was really small. And, he was living at this hotel I worked in after school. So one day we make plans to hang out at the hotel.

At that point he introduced me to PCP. He called it WET. He told me his mom sold it. The reason I explained all this is because if it wasn't for the way he acted, I would of never trusted him and I never would of tried pcp, I was scared and told him maybe another time. I looked it up and then brought another friend who I met that year. So, we all agree to smoke it. He didn't have much but no way I was going to hit it first. We had Vials of oregano with pcp on them.
We put the pcp in a water pipe. (A bubbler normally used for Weed.)

It was my turn to take a hit. I take a hit from the pipe and inhale. It wasn't a lot but it was a solid hit. Almost immediately I felt this awkward tingly experience throughout my entire body. Almost like a wave of some sort. It was very weird, it didn't hurt. It was scary to be honest and if it had been longer or stronger I might of freaked out. The feeling came and went so fast however that it didn't bother me too bad. I must note that I smoked PCP many times after this and never got that tingly feeling ever again.

So we are in the bathroom, a towel is under the door, and my friend has the shower running on hot. It started to get hot and foggy. He did this to mask what we were doing so his mom didn't know we were smoking pcp. It didn't make sense to me, but to him it made perfect sense. I made him turn off the shower and I told him I had to leave that room immediately, for some reason I was starting to have a panic attack. That small room combined with the humid heat and this new experience I assume was overload. So we left.

We go into the hallway of the hotel and I immediately feel better. The fresh air, the cool breeze of hotel AC. I felt amazing. I felt so great that I was walking on my tip toes. PCP is funny like that, it makes me feel kind of like I am floating, and I walk on the tops of my feet. The way I felt is almost indescribable. It was like an elation, a happiness, it felt great to be alive, it felt great to be with my friends, it felt great to have something to do, it was an adventure and I was very excited
it felt great to be with my friends, it felt great to have something to do, it was an adventure and I was very excited
, it was blissful. PCP for me was like a greater appreciation and awareness for life and its surroundings. There was an air of power associated with it. The feeling was so great that I tried to get all my friends to try it, later on.

We get on the elevator and I could tell that PCP messes with my sense of depth. The elevator felt very funny. We go outside and play around and it was a fun time and eventually I go home. I forget the details after going outside because this was 15 years ago.

I smoked a bunch more times that month and I experienced different things such as, if I smoke a lot of PCP I can get stuck. Which is basically how it sounds: becoming unable to move because I am in some sort of trance. I never got stuck but I did come very very close one night. I started getting memory lapses. I remember one time when I woke up, I changed my boxers and then went to do it again because I forgot I had just done it. That blew my mind when that happened. I asked my friend about it and he told me sometimes he asks his mom for money and then he will ask her again 20 mins later and she would forget she gave him money already. (She was a heavy smoker, a real heavy smoker.) Another friend asked me to remind him to make a phone call once because he said sometimes he doesn't remember if he did.

The time I almost got stuck, I smoked some wet early in the day. I then saw a friend who had a gram of cocaine and I basically took it from him. I did the coke with 2 other friends and we went on a very long journey to meet these girls. We smoked pcp the whole time. I remember at one point I was in a car and my friends went into the woods with the girls. Cars were going past the car and it was freaking me out so I had to get out. I was terrified of going into the woods because I felt I would get lost. I sort of felt this weird out of body experience and It seemed as if I could put my hand through the car but when I tried it didn't work. I knew it was the drugs but it was trippy.

A while later we got lost and I started freaking out really bad and crying, I tried to call my sister and for some odd reason I couldn't understand the phone call. It was the strangest thing. My ears could not distort the frequency the phone creates when you are listening to somebody speak. It was all gargled and incomprehensible to me at the time and that scared me even more.
Anyway, we make it home and I beg for 1 more hit. They give me one and I walk into my yard and stare at a tree for like 20 minutes before going inside and going to bed. Staring at that tree I assume was being close to being stuck. The tree was mesmerizing me the way the leaves were blowing in the wind and I was sort of in a trance.

When I smoke PCP I get high. The more I consume the worse I get. I go from being high to this feeling of being drunk and taking acid at the same time. PCP wasn't addicting to me but it would play tricks on my mind and before you know it, I would want it all the time.

The scariest part of using PCP was that at some point it made me feel as though I lost a part of myself. I felt that as a teenager you are supposed to experience different things as you grow. And I felt like PCP took something from me that I could never get back. I could never explain it as it was just a feeling that took me many years to grow out of.

Another note, sometimes I could feel high off PCP even when I wasn't using it. OR after smoking weed or using some other substance.

I would try PCP again. I would never smoke a dipper. I would only take the lightest hit. I think PCP is a drug that is very dangerous and should never be used regularly. Luckily for me the drug disappeared from my area and I could never find it again.

Another note, PCP gives me this strong feeling of, 'one more time. I just want to do it one more time.' That in itself is like a fallacy of some sort. I have learned that the only true way to make that feeling go away is allow time and distance to play its part in life.

One last thing, one time I felt this crazy out of body feeling where as I was staring at myself as though I was in a movie. It was very strange.

Exp Year: 2003-2004ExpID: 112088
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Jul 12, 2018Views: 3,317
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PCP (113) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Retrospective / Summary (11), First Times (2)

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