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Popcorn & Monkeys
by SnowWhite
Citation:   SnowWhite. "Popcorn & Monkeys: An Experience with LSD (exp112089)". Aug 23, 2018.

2.5 drops oral LSD (edible / food)

The end of Dec 2017 I decided I was at a point in life where I needed something to take me outside of myself and depression. I needed some sort of proof that there was still beauty in the world because as it stood my faith was pretty much shattered. My boyfriend had always been into psychedelics whereas I had never done anything. I told him I felt ready and asked what I should try. He said lets go all the way down the rabbit hole and do acid. He was experienced in it and knew what to expect. There was no way to prepare myself for what was to come.

We grabbed a pizza and ate a few hours beforehand and stocked up on water/Gatorade and anything else we may want because he was like once we drop we arent leaving the house. I dont recommend eating pizza because it caused upset stomach after taking the acid. Unfortunately I'm unsure of the actual dosage but it had been put on sweettarts. We both ate 2 1/2 of them.

After about two hours I started to think 'man this isnt real this doesnt even work'. I got up to use the bathroom and when I looked at the shower curtain I noticed it was 'breathing'. Slowly moving in and out. This got me excited so I ran out and by that time he was already looking at me smiling and asked 'Starting to feel it?' of course I was. The come up was slightly annoying in the sense that my jaw kept tightening and my actual teeth hurt. I chewed some gum but it didn't help. We also noticed that we were getting warm off and on. This overall good feeling started kicking in and I knew it was about to happen!

We decided to look at some art books but weren't really having the full effects yet. Now I know this is going to sound crazy but hear me out. At this time I saw him yawning but my mind thought it heard a car with screeching brakes. I couldn't tell whether I had heard a car or him yawn. I started randomly giving him this theory that when the human body stops to yawn its the same thing as a car hitting the breaks. Its life's way of telling you to stop/slow down. He laughed and entertained my theory but I was so certain I had unlocked some secret lol. We walked outside and it was freezing cold. I looked up to see the top of a tree that was best described as popcorn...the leaves were just bubbling over & spilling over themselves. It was incredible. Every time the wind would blow you could literally hear each branch it was creaking.

We go back inside and began listening to Ravi Shankar and Indian sitar tabla music. We both were just in awe of how amazing it sounded. I swear the auditory perception was truly amazing on acid. The only way I can accurately describe it is like I could hear so many layers of notes just pouring out of the speaker. It was like falling down a never ending spiral but through sound. It was the most beautiful music Id ever heard in my life. When the crowd would cheer I was literally hearing each individual person clapping! We tried listening to our regular fav bands but they were so weak compared to that Indian music. Its crazy. My hearing was on another level. Whenever the central heat would shut off, I kept saying how I could hear each individual blade coming to a halt!

At this point into the trip something else funny begins to happen. I start looking at pictures on my phone of winter scenes. The trees in those pics are moving and breathing. Everything was alive. Still photos, the blinds on the windows, the music, even taking a clear plastic wrapper off of a peppermint sounded amazing
Everything was alive. Still photos, the blinds on the windows, the music, even taking a clear plastic wrapper off of a peppermint sounded amazing
! The color white was just out of this world for some reason and oddly enough white is normally such a bland color ya know? I walked out front and it looked like the concrete was covered in ice. It wasnt tho really. We also found that the music was in some way making us both feel like monkeys. Now, trust me I know that sounds crazy but its so hard to describe. We felt like we were back to basics in the jungle running and communicating with each other with the music. We are laughing at how amazing it all is. My face was legitimately hurting from smiling so big for so long. Whenever I looked into the mirror the pores on my face were shifting and swirly. Every time I thought it was over it wasnt and we would peak again! This went on all night into the next morning. He was able to sleep after but not me. My mind was so blown from everything that I literally could not sleep. I immediately want to share with anyone who would listen what I had experienced.

I absolutely LOVE acid and cannot wait to trip again. It helped me so much and its a shame its illegal. My mind is definitely open now to try other psychedelics.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112089
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Aug 23, 2018Views: 623
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Depression (15), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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