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Pretty Bland
by fakenamedrugman
Citation:   fakenamedrugman. "Pretty Bland: An Experience with MDPT (exp112118)". Erowid.org. Jul 10, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112118

T+ 0:00
  buccal MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 50 mg rectal MDPT (liquid)
  T+ 1:30 50 mg rectal MDPT (liquid)
  T+ 2:30 100 mg rectal MDPT (liquid)
  T+ 3:30 100 mg rectal MDPT (liquid)
  T+ 4:30 100 mg oral MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:00 100 mg rectal MDPT (liquid)
  T+ 6:30 350 mg rectal MDPT (liquid)
  T+ 7:00 350 mg rectal MDPT (liquid)
  T+ 14:00   rectal 3F-Phenmetrazine  


Pretty Bland Experience

If solely interested in substance effects scroll til you see timestamps, for info on the substance itself look to the paragraph just before them. The rest is background on the lab rat (moi) and the state of my mind and body when taking it.

Generally speaking before doing anything potentially harmful I do lots of research. Upon finding out that RCs were a thing, it took a month before I was decently convinced that I probably wouldn't get arrested for ordering something, that the place I ordered from probably wouldn't run off with my money, and that I could use Hexen with some degree of safety. But with this substance... nothing. Nothing substantive, at least. There are a smattering of forum posts. Some of which saying it's likely stimulatory as the tert-butylcathinone part bears semblance to Wellbutrin but possibly with serotonin activity per the methylenedioxy ring la MDMA, but the majority of the posts simply consist of people saying they think it might be garbage and refuse to try it. Valid opinion, but not really useful to the discussion, lads. That's just any random internet review. Anyways, why the hell did I shove 1.13 grams of something up my ass when there exists no solid information on it whatsoever? Staying alive is something I flicker between moderate approval and complete ambivalence over. Also, SCIENCE!

Since I touched on it already I'll include my mentality/environment/whatever here for context on the experience. Feel free to skip, it's probably boring and too in depth.

As I said I wasn't super happy at the time. That's not an unusual state of mind for me: at a job I don't really care for, I see no purpose in life, very difficult breakup in recent history, probation from a DUI, and most stressful of all, a licensing board breathing down my neck because, per their logic, the DUI (that had nothing to do with my work, mind) meant that I had a substance abuse issue (doing good so far) which meant that I am addicted to that substance because only an addict would let a substance cause them legal issues (demonstrably false assumption) and, as an addict, I was not safe to practice unless monitored (total non sequitur, also insulting to people with addiction issues). Therefore I had to make a choice: either lose my license (source of a livable wage) or agree to a draconian three fucking years of monitoring with mandatory twice a week AA, weekly therapy, and random piss tests throughout. I am just, so very 'take it or leave it' with life right now.

Mental state that day in particular... about average. I knew I had a package of exciting new mind warping chemicals coming in, so anticipation kept me awake after working the previous night. Ravenously hungry. Just finished a stimulant enabled semi-starvation diet, had been off stims for about a week, and was trying to slowly titrate my calories back up to sustainable levels while my body shrieked at me to wolf down everything in sight. I already had 1000 calories overnight, so I was holding off for the time being. Specifics on the diet below. I had been up since about 1400 the previous day, report starts at noon-ish. Unless otherwise specified I'm dicking around on my phone and watching YouTube throughout the experience. In good physical health other than that diet thang. I went from mid to low 190s down to 155 pounds in around 8 weeks. Super dumb, I know. I ate about 500 calories a day for that duration, 80-90% being protein (body gets enough nutrients from fat breakdown, but the brain needs proteins, and it'll start breaking down muscle if it isn't getting them) and took a very broad ranging multivitamin/nutritional supplement. I shockingly had no negative effects other than fatigue, and that was only when not stimmed up. I only take one medication: Wellbutrin, 450mg a day. Yeah, combining a lowered seizure threshold with stimulants and a starvation diet, not super smart. But again, life is blah. Now, enough rambling background, to the substance!

So, I paid for 1 gram of (and received 1.13 grams of, cheers vendor) Methylenedioxy-N-tert-butylcathinone. MDPT they call it. So the MD part is obvious. But then uh... erm... tert can make the T I guess... and then P for....... I don't get the fucking acronym. Maybe it's totally obvious and I'm a blithering idiot, moving on. This substance arrived as a bag of small, clear crystals giving off that vague 'chemical' odor. I chose plugging because I've got the supplies and the idea of rotting my septum away scares the absolute hell out of me. Completely water soluble so if you want to crush and vacuum it up your snoot go for it, should absorb fine. May not be reasonable for the dose though... First up is the allergy test. We'll start the clock here. Times weren't recorded so will be unexact, but it doesn't matter all that much in regards to dose safety, as I'll go into below.

Start=t+0000: Allergy test
I swiped my finger along the inside of the bag to get some of the powdery residue, rubbed it on my cheek.

+0030: Plug Approx. 50mg
No reaction from the allergy test, all systems go. I select the smallest crystal from the bag, not very scientific, (very) rough estimation 50mg, and dissolve it in 3ml water. I wasn't in a rush so I didn't bother to crush it prior, so it took a few minutes of swirling, but dissolved completely, leaving the water clear. Draw, plug, no burn. I am incredibly hungry.

+0130: Plug Approx. 50mg
Plugging works pretty quick, bordering on instantaneous, similar to snorting, so why am I not feeling a single thing? Let's do a repeat. Draw, plug, no burn.

+0230: Plug Approx. 100mg
Okay still feeling nothing, let's double the dose and hit it again. Draw, plug, no burn from increased dose. Start playing Borderlands 2. Get distracted by it until next update.

+0330: Plug Approx. 100mg
Nada. What the hell is happening!? Is this just completely nonactive? Plug another dose of 100mg. As I'm plugging and contemplating whether I wasted $30 (what a tragedy that would be) I realize that I am in a good mood where I was neutral earlier. Also in retrospect my hunger started to go away at this point. Could be psychosomatic, or perhaps this is the threshold dose. Anyone's guess.

+0430: Approx. 100mg oral
Notice the time. I've got shit to do. Popped about 100mg in my mouth real quick and washed them down on the way to the shower. Good mood continues, certainly nowhere near euphoria or anything. No other noted effects.

+0500: Plug Approx. 100mg
Got dressed, made myself look pretty, plugged another 100mg, then went to pick up my paycheck. Maaaaaybe less socially anxious than I'd normally be. Hard to say. Then return home, too hot out to bother driving to the bank.

+0630: Plug Approx. 350mg
No concrete effects to speak of, I'm six and a half hours in to this little experiment
No concrete effects to speak of, I'm six and a half hours in to this little experiment
, fuck this, dissolved the remaining amount, drew up half, plugged it. Slight burning.

+0645: First (Solid) Effects
Notable elevation in mood and wakefulness, certainly above baseline happiness. Feeling a little hot and heart rate kicks up a bit. Begin monitoring blood pressure and pulse, BP baseline, pulse upper 80s (norm is mid to low 70s).

+0700 through +0800: Plug Approx. 350mg + More Effects
Here goes nothing, I plug the rest. Feeling pretty decent at this point. BP and pulse both notably increased at this point. BP about 140/90 (normal varies a fair bit between 100/60 and 120/80) and pulse low 100s, nothing terribly spooky. Audio is distorted. Hard to describe, but different enough that I would've thought I was hearing a different recording of a song if I didn't know that I was listening to the same downloaded version I've had forever. Balance is affected slightly. I'm wide awake at this point, despite being up about 30 hours. No jitteriness. Onset of body load. Can't put it into words, a positive effect though.

+0900 through +1000
Need to start getting ready for work. All aforementioned effects have continued to grow in intensity. This is the start of the peak, which lasted roughly 3 hours. My heart has been feeling pretty jumpy. Pulse oximeter reading heart rhythm as abnormal, stethoscope confirmed it. BP holding at upper 140s/lower 90s. Took 50mg metoprolol, pulse regained normal rhythm within the hour, pulse and BP normalized fully within two hours. Standing up from the couch I noticed my balance was affected to the point that walking straight required some concentration. Feeling very warm towards humanity. Happy to go to work and be around people, happy that I've got friends and family who care about me, etc. I am uncomfortably hot, but not concerningly so. I get dressed, take several tries to put my shoes on while standing, then off to work.

Feeling weird. The only differences from before are that sounds are now heavily distorted and my thoughts have become looser, more tangential. I'm a straight male, and as my gay coworker, who is very into me according to all the gossips, said goodnight on his way out I began to ponder if maybe I could be in a relationship with a man. My mind wandered around in this area for a few minutes before remembering the whole 'sex' thing and how very unappetizing I find the penis and scrotum and wondering what the hell I was just thinking about and moving on to a different topic.

Feel the urge to go to the restroom. Get up to go, get distracted by something, returned to computer.

Notice one last new effect, massive time dilation. 1 minute felt like 5-10. I felt like the night had to be close to halfway over, and I had been there an hour and a half of my eight hour shift.

About to go on break, remembered I never went to the restroom. Better do it on the clock. Go and use the restroom. It was likely just aftermath of the plugging, as when I urinated later in the night I didn't notice it, but the bathroom smelled like a public pool when I was done. As it usually smells like shit, a chemical smell was probably welcomed.

On break, I'm noticing most of the effects have died down significantly or gone away completely. There is mild residual mood uplift and sound distortion but that's it. I feel safe calling this the beginning of the end of the ride and plug some 3-FPM to bring me back up and head back to work.

+1430 through END
3-FPM actually works, so no complaints there. Did it have any synergy with what was left of the MDPT? Not noticeably. So we'll call this the end.


Did I enjoy it? I mean yeah. It was a net positive experience. Not hugely in the green, but not red.

Would I do it again? I suppose. Like if someone was like, 'Hey I got this shit and it's not touching me, and no way in hell am I stupid enough to do a whole gram of it no matter what your long winded ass report says, do you want it or should I flush it?' I'd take it. I wouldn't ever pay for it again though.

Do I recommend it? Eesh. I mean... not really... Maybe my neurochemistry isn't a good fit for it, or you just need to do like a gram and a half to really get rolling... Maybe this, maybe that, but I didn't have what I'd call a $30 experience. Also not everyone has access to various medications that can stop their heart from beating erratically, which can kill instantly. It's a short bridge from non-sinus rhythm to sudden cardiac arrest, and while it's a bridge not many people cross when they enter non-sinus territory, the longer you're there the more chances there are for the neurons to fire at just the wrong time and send you across. Unless solid info comes out indicating my experience was abnormal, or you like to map out potentially hostile territory, I'd give it a miss.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112118
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jul 10, 2018Views: 6,508
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MDPT (861) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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