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Dream Materialization
Entada rheedii
by Reflected Perception
Citation:   Reflected Perception. "Dream Materialization: An Experience with Entada rheedii (exp112123)". Jul 12, 2018.

1 tsp oral Entada rheedii (seeds)


I have tried Alcohol, Marijuana, Mushrooms, LSD, Kratom, and DMT.

I have not had any other drugs in the week prior to this experience with Entada Rheedii.

The dream bean I received came as a bonus item when I purchased a tincture of Xhosa Dream root. I instantly knew what the bean was and immediately looked up information regarding it. If eaten raw it tastes like a bitter woody peanut. It can also be ground up and boiled to make a tea which removes most of the bitter taste. The bean was VERY hard to break open, I ended up putting the bean at the bottom of my mortar and crushed it with the pestle.

At about 9:30 I broke the bean open and took 5 small pieces of seed meat, about the amount that would fit in a teaspoon and put it in my lip thinking it would absorb faster.

After holding the pieces in my mouth for 15 minutes I chewed and swallowed them.
In retrospect, the only notable occurrence from keeping the pieces inside my lip was that it became raw where the pieces sat.

20-30 minutes after swallowing the seed meat I started feeling relaxed, euphoric, and slightly disconnected from reality. At first I thought this was placebo, but the effects became more pronounced.

I then shut my eyes and felt as though I could push myself closer to the dream realm at will. I then remember spacing out and being completely disconnected from reality. In this time I was completely in my head, lost in a train of thought. This stage was incredibly enjoyable as my mind was filled with thoughts. My mind was able to wander wherever it wanted and was completely free. Then there was a transition period as I went into the beginning stage of REM sleep.

I started to see things materialize and instantly knew this was the beginning of a dream. At first I saw outlines of a few people, walls, and objects that had what looked like static gathering to form the inside of the outline. This went on for a few seconds as I looked around the scene, then suddenly everything became more detailed and colored until the entire scene was formed. I remember thinking that seeing the dream materialize was an awesome experience just by itself. I then went to this place that shifted and morphed into a theatre, a movie was playing on the screen as I walked in. It was showing footage of a factory that used scopolamine so that victims would not remember what happened inside the factory. As I was leaving the theatre I looked back and realized that the theatre looked exactly like the factory and that I was one of the victims. I thought this was weird, but felt thankful just to be alive.

I then woke up and had to use the restroom but I forgot to see what time it was. I had no trouble getting back to sleep.
Although this dream wasnít as lucid as the previous dream, it was still filled with fun. This dream started out in a garage, then morphed into my parents garage where they showed me a Go-Cart that they had been keeping a secret from me. They said to have fun and be safe as I hopped on it and drove off. It was so real that I could feel how fast it was. I took it around my neighborhood a few times and felt like the Cool kid on the block.

I canít remember much after this scene. I woke up at 8:00 in the morning hyped up because I really thought I still had a go-cart in my garage.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112123
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jul 12, 2018Views: 3,137
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Entada rheedii (733), Dreams (85) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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