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Sharp and Instant
Citation:   nervewing. "Sharp and Instant: An Experience with 2C-D (exp112153)". Erowid.org. Aug 6, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112153

T+ 0:00
20 mg insufflated 2C-D (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:20   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
T0:00- I cut out 20 mg of powder and prepare to insufflate it. I have about two hours to myself before some friends come over. Upon dosing, the pain is instant and exceptional. It burns the exact split second it touches the inside of my nose and sears my flesh the whole way up, like having a white hot rocket shoot up into my sinuses. It hits the back of my throat and instantly triggers coughing, shattering me with an itching discomfort. Tears stream of my eyes and the pain sets in. What caught me off guard was just how instant it was. 2C-B gives me a split second to think about what I've done before exploding into a cacophony of pain. 2C-C is heftier burn, like a bonfire, virtue of the sheer quantity of it that needs to be insufflated. 2C-I is more a slow burn, a smoldering ember gradually and slowly setting in. But this, this was as quick as could be, instant, unrelenting, unforgiving pain.

To my relief, the pain eventually gives away to a throbbing numbness. Perhaps this is the maximum capacity for pain without any tangible physical source that my body has. I am content with that. The inside of my nose still feels dry and scorched, reduced to burnished ash.

T0:05- The drip comes along now. I shudder with each bitter spear it traces down the back of my throat, each drop triggering a shuddering nausea. There is a pulsing, bubbling, rising sense of queasiness and filthy sickness starting in my feet and the pit of my stomach and radiating upwards. I feel swirly, like I am viewing the world through twisting heat waves, though I am not sure if this is from the drug or if this is simply a reaction to the intense pain still shooting through me.

T0:08- There is a deep sickness in my guts. I want to vomit but the feeling is manageable so long as I lie on my back. Any movement dares to disturb this equilibrium. The fire in my nose still rages and my throat is sore from the drip. There are ripples and waves at the corners of my vision with patterns forming into pointed arches and domes in any blank spaces I gaze upon.

T0:20- I smoked some weed and washed my face out with saline solution. I am feeling substantially better. The pain has subsided for the most part. However, I still feel fairly sniffly and uncomfortable, the twisting nausea has not yet passed and I am shivering and shaking a good bit, with deep chills running the length of my flesh. The sensory aspect of the trip has been developing more and more. The visuals now consist of large forms, not arranged in any consistent overall pattern, but rather forming an organic sort of landscape. They give the illusion of a receding depth of field and are adorned with intricate designs, more fractal and algorithmic than the forms that contain them. Delicate radial traceries adorn the infinite geometric fields that are embossed onto my vision, iridescent colors flashing at their borders like an ornate relief catching prismatic sunlight. The patterns blossom like plants, larger veins fractalizing into more intricate capillaries. My thoughts are scattered and stimulated, I find it hard to focus on any one thing and am constantly jumping between tasks (the tasks being browsing various pages on the internet and taking notes mostly).

T0:30- The trip has picked up substantially. Frilly fractals are forming at the fringes of anything that appears contrasted in my field of vision, especially the stark black and white of letters on my laptop screen- this makes reading fairly difficult. There are not really any worthwhile close eye visuals. Mentally I am mostly lucid, there is none of the extreme focus and projection I have gotten from trips with a similar degree of sensory alteration. None of the little snippets of the experience breaking off and latching indelibly into my memory, burned into my mind in an odd psychedelic archive. It mostly just feels like eye candy.
None of the little snippets of the experience breaking off and latching indelibly into my memory, burned into my mind in an odd psychedelic archive. It mostly just feels like eye candy.
I am still cold and shaking a great deal, but the nausea seems to be showing signs of subsiding which is a relief.

T0:40- It feels like itís beginning to tail off already. I notice Iím not feeling that tired Ďfriedí feeling I tend to get as psychedelics wear off- rather it feels like my brain is slowly and gently being warmed up, elevated into a more functional state.
I notice Iím not feeling that tired Ďfriedí feeling I tend to get as psychedelics wear off- rather it feels like my brain is slowly and gently being warmed up, elevated into a more functional state.
Itís not that sense of overwork and overuse, but like it is being altered to just the right temperature, just the right degree of functionality. I am getting easily and superfluously distracted- I have maybe 20 tabs of Wikipedia pages open that I am only now beginning to sort through. Flashing, pulsing, high contrast yet faint and prismatic visuals are creeping in at the corners of my vision still.

T1:00- Most of the energy has left the trip now, just leaving me with a crispy psychedelic glow, like the warmth in oneís skin after being in the sun. Everything has calmed down and the choppy waves of energy I was adrift on before have calmed down to a gentle undulating tide. Everything is more manageable, my thoughts are easy to process, I have stopped shaking as much and the nausea has all but left me. The visuals dance a gentle interplay with reality. I feel mentally stimulated like I do when Iím stoned, where my curiosity is insatiable, yet this feels sharper and cleaner. I just want to aimlessly read a bunch. Some friends are coming over in an hour.

T2:00- Some of my friends come over to hang out and play videogames. I feel slightly altered and social interaction feels awkward like it does with psychedelics. Being in the presence of other people is odd and feels difficult to navigate. The experience feels mostly like afterglow now, like the scattered remnants of what was once a great galvanic and dynamic machine. We smoke a great deal of cannabis and the trip quickly fades away below and beyond my notice, into just being stoned.

Conclusion: There were two noteworthy things about this experience. The first was how instantly and intensely painful snorting the chemical was, more so than other 2Cís Iíve dosed intranasally. The second was how short it was- it was fast, intense, pretty uncomfortable, but passed into nothing fairly quickly. Overall it felt very standard and inconsequential, just a brief foray into psychedelia with somewhat standard visuals. The bodyload was offputting though. There was none of that cognitively stimulating afterglow that came with dosing the same chemical orally also.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112153
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Aug 6, 2018Views: 3,635
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2C-D (103) : General (1), Various (28)

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