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More Visuals Than I Could Shake a Stick At
by Koda
Citation:   Koda. "More Visuals Than I Could Shake a Stick At: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp11217)". Apr 27, 2007.

1.0 g oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


On a slow day, I decided to purchase some Dramamine. This would not be my first time trying it, I had two previous 'unsuccessful' trips. The first one was done by myself over summer with eight pills, and had little results other than sleepiness. The second one, at sixteen pills, had some visuals, but was still disappointing and wasn't worth fighting the drowsiness.

This time, I was resolute to 'trip,' so I purchased an off-brand with 24 tablets for five bucks. I hurried back home, took eighteen, then waited for a few minutes, and took two more. I spent the next thirty minutes or so reading other reports on the internet, then headed off to the bathroom.

Then the dimenhydrinate began to kick in. While in the bathroom, I was staring at the wall, when all of a sudden it turned red. Not abruptly, but it kind of became washed over with redness. As I stared at it, the red became more intense, until finally it stayed a static color. Things were looking good, so I headed out to the front room to await my trip.

When I sat down, I perceived these faint white sparkles in the air. They all were in the periphery of my visual field, and flew about quickly before being extinguished. I sat there enjoying them for a few minutes, when all of a sudden I had the realization, 'I'm totally fucked up.' I had a strong head buzz which made it hard to concentrate on anything, and I felt like a weight a lot.

So, testing my new state of perception, I stood up. Now, that sounds easy here, but I felt like I weighed literal tons. As I labored my way around the house, I had the impression that I was in one of those early scuba-diving suits that weighed hundreds of pounds. It had been about fifty minutes since I took them. I decided to return to the front room and enjoy what I could of the trip, as my parents would be home in a few hours.

When I returned to my seat on the couch, I was bombarded with visuals. First, while staring at the fireplace, I went through a series of 'perception shifts.' The best way to explain it would be that my vision zoomed in on the fireplace about six inches and everything turned a darker color. This happened three times and then I saw some weird stuff in the fireplace.

First I saw a shadow that looked like a clawed hand on the fireplace wall, and it was constantly reaching and grabbing at nothing. Then the screen around the fireplace started to twitch sporradically, almost like it was having a seizure. After that, I noticed a gecko crawling around in the fireplace chute, and sometimes it would crawl on the screen and I could actually see the screen sag under its weight and hear it rattling the chain links!

After being impressed by the fireplace for a few minutes, I took a look around the room. I noticed that, at sertain points on the wall, there was this very thin membrane-coated -- almost transparent -- jelly, that was in odd shapes such as lumberjacks sawing logs or a person standing there. They were small, and only vaguely visible, but entertaining nevertheless.

I saw then what I probably consider my best hallucination. I saw, in the surface of the wall, a gelatinous sphere covered in yellow lights hovering there. It seemed to notice me, and began levitating towards my face. It was beautiful, and as it drew closer to me I reached out for it. Then, before it reached me, it burst like a bubble, leaving nothing behind.

I returned my eyes to the fireplace, and noticed large spiders crawling around on the screen. The hand was in there, still grasping at air, and the gecko was still crawling about wildly.

After this point in time, about an hour and a half after I took the dimenhydrinate, I began to suffer from confusion and memory loss. As I my link to reality grew weaker, I began to do odd things such as ask my dog complete questions, realizing only after I had finished that she couldn't understand me. I must have done this a dozen times or so before the end of the day.

I went to my room and idly picked up a book, and was surprised when I couldn't read it. Not that it was blurry or I was too out of it to read, but that the words looked like they belonged to a whole different language. It looked like a flowery, middle-eastern script. Beautiful as it was, however, I could hardly believe what I was seeing.

I began to enter a waking dream state, where I would think people had entered the room and were talking to me, then, when I responded, would disappear. I saw a blanket on a couch that looked like my mother, then moments later had a waking dream that she was sitting there.

I nodded off for about a half an hour. When I looked outside, I thought it was dark (when it was actually light), and some time between when I was laying on the couch and when I went to the bathroom, I had a waking dream that my father met me in the hall and asked 'What the hell I was doing up so late.'

I then remembered that, if I had school today, I had an essay due. I hurriedly went to the computer, printed half of it out (which I couldn't read), then remembered that I had already turned it in! Not only did I not know what time it was, I didn't understand where I was in the continuum of time!

When I returned to the front room, I kept slipping in and out of awareness. I had constant waking dreams that brought everyone from friends and family to my front room, only to have them vanish without warning. My waking dreams became more detailed, sometimes whisking me away to everyday settings such as classrooms and a friend's house.

I woke up about twenty minutes before my parents got home. I felt tired and lazy, and made the idiotic decision of not going to my bedroom before they arrived. They pulled up at around six, and entered the house soon after.

I made idle talk with them, and thought everything was going well until my mom told me I was babbling, and my dad commented on the size of my pupils. I decided that, to retreat to the back of the house might make them more suspicious, so I stayed in the front room (my logic faculties weren't working right by this time).

I spent the remainder of the night staring at the TV blankly, making horrible conversation with my mom and dad, and coming in and out of waking dreams. Sometimes I would mutter inane sentences, only to wake up and realize my parents were there in the room staring at me oddly. They were beginning to look more and more suspicious, so I told them I got sinus medicine off a friend at school, and had an allergic reaction to it. This satisfied them, I think. I kept forgetting I hadn't slept through the night, and had no idea what time it was. Sometimes, while sitting there, I would utter, 'I have to go to school in an hour,' or 'What are you doing here?' I did, however, manage to convince them that my strange behavior was due to a combination of a cold, grogginess, and allergies, but this is not something I want to have to explain again. When I went to bed that night, I slept like the dead. The next day, I stayed home from school all day to recuperate.

In hindsight, I do not regret what I did. Though I almost got caught by parents and had to miss school over it, it was enjoyable and ultimately did not result in any negative effects. If I were to do it over again, there are a few things I would change. First, I would have (obviously) not taken it when my parents were coming home in a few hours. I did this mainly because I didn't expect the Dramamine to work, as my 8 and 16 pill experiences were pretty small. Second, I would do it at a time where I would have at least one free day following the trip during which I could recuperate. Third, I would fight lethargy in order to listen to some music or take a walk around the neighborhood. Fourth, I would like to do it with some friends, as I think it would be more entertaining.

The conclusions I have drawn from this experience is, that if you plan to really trip off this stuff, you should make sure you're in a comfortable setting where you'll remain unbothered by people you don't want to know you're using dimenhydrinate (even though it's legal), have at least one free day ahead of you to relax, and make sure you have plenty of entertaining things to do and look at, or else you'll either get bored or fall asleep (or both). I definitely plan on using it again, and will be taking my own advice in the future.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11217
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 27, 2007Views: 26,850
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Hangover / Days After (46), General (1), Alone (16)

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