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A Weekend Pleasure
by tramlam
Citation:   tramlam. "A Weekend Pleasure: An Experience with O-Desmethyltramadol (exp112171)". Jul 22, 2018.

  repeated oral O-Desmethyltramadol


This opioid isn’t terribly common (yet) so I thought I’d offer some general notes based on about four months of weekly dosing, followed by a three month break before I resumed. I’ve never taken any other opioid, so I can’t offer personal comparisons, but from reading other reports, O-DSMT is probably on par with hydrocodone in its strength of effects.

My standard dose is 35-45mg orally, although it started out at 25-35mg when I was opioid-naive. On an empty stomach, I usually start feeling it after 45 minutes. I get a “heavy” feeling that slowly develops into a pleasant, mildly numbing warmth over the next hour. From 2-3 hours is the peak—gentle, lightly “rushy” waves of cozy euphoria, mild itching, and an all-encompassing feeling of blissful contentment. All is well, and all will be well. I turn out the main lights, turn on some decorative lights in my bedroom, put on headphones, lay back, and enjoy the ride. I used to feel nauseated near the peak but that seems to have disappeared after a few months of weekly dosing.

The physical euphoria tapers off over the next few hours to a more sedating plateau, where I still feel a general sense of sleepy contentment—the mood lift persists up to around six hours after dosing before I finally return to baseline, so it’s a fairly “leggy” opioid. The only drawback I’ve noticed is that O-DSMT can sometimes disrupt my sleep if I dose too late in the evening, leading to a mild headache and fatigued feeling the next day. O-DSMT has not been compulsive for me, aside from a mild desire to dose again the following day that is easily ignored.

Overall, O-DSMT is a nice treat for me, paricularly when I had low or no opioid tolerance, and to me seems to be far and away the least risky and most studied RC opioid on the market; thousands of people have indirectly taken it by taking tramadol, through its metabolism into O-DSMT. As with any opioid, regular use carries a high risk of addiction. Certain life circumstances and aspects of my personality have helped me limit my use to once per week, and even that may be excessive given the slight tolerance increase I’ve noticed over several months.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112171
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jul 22, 2018Views: 7,512
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