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Some Mild Paralysis
Citation:   Spicy-LAD. "Some Mild Paralysis: An Experience with ETH-LAD (exp112221)". Aug 21, 2018.

T+ 0:00
400 ug oral ETH-LAD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 6:00   vaporized Cannabis (extract)

I have had several experiences with psychedelics and many with THC before this. I have used LSD, 1P, Shrooms, and MDMA all several times.This was my first foray with ETH-LAD and it exceeded expectations to say the least.

After reading the few reports available I decided to pick up a few tabs of ETH-LAD to see if they could lend more visuals to another less visual substance. After getting the tabs me and my roommate decided to try the ETH-LAD on its own first. We knew one 100ug tab was a good idea to start with, but when the time came we ended up going with 2. Because why not. If I have any recommendation to make for this substance it would be to start with 100ug and work up from there.

The most recent drug use before this was 2 grams of shroom tea 3 days prior. No thc had been used for over a week.

T: 0-0:20
After dropping both tabs we hung out for a bit and turned on some fans because our AC was broken at the time. My roommate has always had much faster comeups than I, or anyone I know, she began to feel the body load and see the beginnings of the visuals well before me. We made our way to the bedroom and turned off all the lights except for the bedside lamp after lighting candles around the apartment.

My roommate’s body load was getting increasingly uncomfortable and she was not able to do much other than lay on the bed and comment on the visuals that were slowly taking over her field of view. My body began in earnest, I could feel my limbs stiffen and my spine started to ache. The visuals also began but they were very slight at this point.

T1:00- 2:00
My visuals increase and my body became more and more uncomfortable. The come up was still rising and I was somewhat disconcerted by how intense these 2 tabs already were. The carpet began writing and shifting into patterns sections made up of brown fuzzy tentacles. We had left our water cup out in the dark living room, I was elected to retrieve it as my roommate was in no state to leave the bed. I looked all around where the cup had been but was unable to find it, as I was about to get a new one the glass seemed to morph out of a chair leg and sat where we had left it. Okay. I returned and we watched some YouTube videos while we waited. My roommate commented that the visuals now looked like something that would give you an epileptic seizure if you were prone to them. I thought I knew what she meant. I did not yet.

Now that we were deep in the peak our bodies began to heat up. Once again I ventured into the dark apartment to grab some cold packs to put on our heads and backs. This proved difficult as nothing in the kitchen was bothering with staying the same size for more than a few seconds. Cabinets and appliances were pulsing and shifting constantly, eventually I got the freezer open and retrieved the cold packs. I was reaching the end of my ability to walk around safely and returned to the bedroom to lay down by my roommate. At this point the visuals had taken hold of my vision and everything was covered in patterns and shifting iridescent shapes. The body load was still quite uncomfortable and getting worse. This was only the beginning.

After several minutes of laying down the sound of the fan in our room began to roam around. The fan was pretty quiet actually so I think the sound of the motor was being warped and stretched around the room. The sound was much slower than the rpm of the fan, it did not sound like anything I've hear in our apartment before. Every now and then the sound would come right up next to my head and I would look around to see where it was coming from but never saw anything.
Every now and then the sound would come right up next to my head and I would look around to see where it was coming from but never saw anything.
As we lay there the visuals got cranked up to 11 and I could no longer tell where the ceiling was. I was barely able to move my head and look around at my roommate to see how she was doing. She looked back but there was no expression on her face. Here we go.

I began to feel myself entering ego death and felt like I was floating several feet above the bed, I could not longer feel my body or that body load thank god. As my mind reached into nothingness I was not afraid at all and barely took notice of the sensation as I watched the visuals become an all encompassing snow storm clustershit of shapes and colors swirling around and through me. My roommate’s voice, somehow she could still talk, sounded echoey and drifted away as she spoke. I could barely understand the words and was totally unable to respond. I didn't know that I had a mouth to respond with, conversation was a foreign concept that I no longer had the biological parts to participate in. After what seemed like a small infinity I was back in my body. I remember nothing of the transition from the epilepsy inducing void of visuals back to my body but that good old body load helped to remind me that I had a physical form. For what seemed like half a day I lay unable to move anything but my head, stuck in thought loop after thought loop. I was able to tell myself that I was in a loop every now and then and bide my time. The sound of the fan was no longer being manipulated as heavily and had seceded to a constant wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh that permeated our soundscape. Silence might have been better but the room would have been too warm, and I still couldn't move. My thoughts slowly collected to the constant beat of the fan and the loops grew less intense and less insane. Again I lost time and memory of the transition back into mostly normal thought.

Suddenly, I sat up and checked the time to see it was about 2am. I was able to move and walk around. The visuals had died down a merciful amount. I could see the room and only the popcorn ceiling still shifted and pulsed with anything near the same intensity as a few hours ago. I refilled our water and reflected on the last few hours I had spent trapped in my own mind. I took a piss and laughed at a red towel hanging in front of the toilet, it was a soft one with fairly long fiber strands that were all swaying like blood stained grass in a field.

My roommate and I watched some videos and talked about what had happened. She put on my gear VR to watch videos and I fired up my PC to play some Destiny 2. The game was beautiful and I spent most of the time looking around on foot and speeding through the different planets. I had some sativa from our wax pen and the visuals returned a bit to add the movement and patterns into the edges of objects. After an hour or 2 they were mostly gone and we were both quite tired. We got ready for bed and slept. Total time after dropping was a little over 9 hours but I wasn't able to sleep for at least another 1-2 hours since the sun was coming up at this point and I still felt an electric body energy, lucky the discomfort was gone by then.

I plan on just taking a single tab next time and possibly only using .5-1 tab mixed with another psych is the future to boost the visuals. This stuff is the most visual compound I've tried so far, granted my limited experience. The body load though, boy diddy.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112221
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Aug 21, 2018Views: 2,748
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ETH-LAD (688) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), General (1)

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