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Dimensional Travel - Setting Is Everything
by TS
Citation:   TS. "Dimensional Travel - Setting Is Everything: An Experience with S-Ketamine (exp112236)". Erowid.org. Aug 18, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112236

T+ 0:00
100 mg insufflated S-Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:10 50 mg insufflated S-Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 50 mg insufflated S-Ketamine (powder / crystals)


As I write this, I am returning from a place that has no name, time, or location. It just exists. Prior, having spent the whole day very mentally engaged with various work tasks and education, I drove back to my hotel in my rental car and worked on required tasks until 6, spoke with my lovely wife, then drove to eat a big sushi dinner, followed by more work. It is 10 pm by the time I have finished the required tasks for the day in my life here on earth. I am in a hotel room in a city that is not my home, away from family and loved ones, though I always keep them closeby in my heart. My wife and I speak again, for the last time that day. I turn off my work laptop.

I shut off all lights in the room besides the table lamp and my netbook which I set to a visualizer. I have 200 mg in a capsule which I disperse on a sheet of paper in my hotel room. I then shower and brush my teeth, and meditate for a few minutes to calm my mind. I am anxious as I have never intentionally consumed this amount in a controlled environment. I ready the bed, then turn on some nice music from Lee Burridge. I insufflate 100 mg and then lay down for 10 minutes, music coming from a smartphone speaker. I begin to notice some effects, but I have a mission. 1030 and I hit 50 mg more, at this time I am still able to move about the room physically. I change the music to the most beautiful mix of relaxing electronica with a 4 on the floor beat. I lay in the bed under the covers, warm and cozy. My body tingles. 1050 I consume the rest. 200 mg done. I pop my earbuds in and change the music to a mix by Ben Bohmer, which was the best choice I made that night. Melodic beats keep me anchored.

10 minutes later, the room fades as it feels I am in a pit of quicksand.
the room fades as it feels I am in a pit of quicksand.
My heart beats quickly at first, then I focus on breathing and the falling becomes faster. I can feel the wind on my face. I know K does not affect respiratory rate, so I breath deep and continue falling. The sand takes the image of green light beams, and I no longer can tell if my eyes are open or closed. The falling begins to slow, and I'm gently stopped in a black room. I feel as I am in a hospital bed with someone pushing me around except I am moving at light speed out of the planet, and it is pleasant. I contemplate that I am no longer in my hotel room but just... Am. I am moving through the galaxy with ease via elevators and worm hole like tubes. I see important people in my life and smile at them. They smile back. I reflect on all the love I have to give to everyone I know.

I begin going UP sideways every direction bringing me to new points in the universe. At this time I am floating at the whim of God. I stop at many checkpoints, some have a green net matrix like netting, which bends as I walk on it. I am thinking how insane this is but then I just resume observation and let the thought pass. Mindfulness. I am floating through dimensions of red and green netting before stopping. I am standing IN a galaxy, like calvin once did from calvin and hobbes in a comic strip. I express gratitude for the many positive things in my life. I am literally emitting a beam of love light. I ride that beam to a new dimension to another elevator which takes me in a downward direction. All this time the melodic deep house is a beautiful anchor that reminds me that I am alive. I am not sure I would know otherwise. I exit the elevator and am laying prone again, with something pushing me to my next destination, gently yet faster than anything I've ever done. I continue reflecting on the positive things in my life, and as each new track is mixed in, visit a new area to explore and reflect on friends and family, those that share common values. People and things that bring me joy. I see my dog.

The music sounds so clear and is the soundtrack to this journey.
The music sounds so clear and is the soundtrack to this journey.
I am being gently pushed with red and green light waves passing by as I open my eyes and see the visualizer on the screen. The mix is coming to an end and so is this journey. My conciousness begins to reassemble itself as I watch, very jaggedly. Parts just interlocking like some kind of tetris game. The more my conciousness connects I start to feel cool air on my hands. I being to feel my limbs and they feel as an electric current is passing through them, in a pleasant way. I stop flying and now shapes and fractals are spinning in perfectly natural patterns with grace. Reds, greens and yellows. The music stops... One hour has passed in my body, though I could not comprehend time. I open my eyes and see the room I am in. Close them and let the set end. I open my eyes. The space time fabric I had been in has dropped me back in my hotel bed. What a beautiful journey.

I think one time on this ride was enough for me. I have plenty to be thankful for. Be safe and do it right. Solo. Comfortable. Gracious. It is now 1245 AM. I take a benzodiazepine so that I may sleep, I plan to have a big day tomorrow. I can't wait to get home to my wife and dog in a couple days, though they wont ever know about the extra trip I took, I will and am better for it :) This is definitely not a substance to be abused, take out of it what you need to and return to what matters to you.


I write this the following afternoon of the trip. I leave the above unedited, as I wrote it while still under mild comedown effects late at night to preserve the writing impairment caused by the substance. I am here today (another very intense mental day workwise), with no hangover, other than being tired as falling asleep was difficult after that experience. I feel mentally sharp, aside from the tiredness.

I have had many experiences with this compound in smaller doses, often mixed with others while at music events. This was much different. The hole dose needs the proper setting and state of mind to truly comprehend. A k hole requires proper setting, and state of mind. If one has stressful events and happenings in their life, that they would bring on the trip, I would wait until those are sorted in the real world before embarking. Additionally, I beleive that this substance is best left used in hole amounts sparingly.

I personally do not feel the need to do so again, but again that is only my opinion as I got out of it what I beleive was intended. I approached a khole clear of mind and heart, and was rewarded.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112236
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: Aug 18, 2018Views: 3,321
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S-Ketamine (797) : Music Discussion (22), General (1), Personal Preparation (45), Alone (16)

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