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Doing the Hula Without Lessons
Citation:   silvercrank. "Doing the Hula Without Lessons: An Experience with Cannabis (exp11227)". Oct 14, 2019.

3 bowls smoked Cannabis  
    oral Cannabis (tea)
I first smoked weed as a sophomore in high school. I felt nothing the first time. Fast foward to this year. I recently got a friend to hook me up with a twenty sack. I had no idea how much this really was, and it wasn't until I was twenty dollars lighter and at home with my ziplock baggie that I could examine it.

At the bottom of the bag were about 7 or 8 'nugs.' I had done some research and from what I saw it didn't look like 'schwag' but rather some semi decent stuff. I proceeded to break off the stems and take out the seeds. I didn't know whether I had to do this or not, but it seemed logical as seeds don't contain THC and the stems are supposed to produce harsh smoke. That night I went outside and smoked a bowl. I didn't feel any high.
That night I went outside and smoked a bowl. I didn't feel any high.
I was disheartened but determined to try again the next day.

The next day I made sure my parents were going to be gone all day. I also stuffed a toilet paper roll with dryer sheets and rubber banded an additional sheet at the end opposite the one I was going to blow the smoke through to cut down on the smell.

I sat down on the carpet in my room and slowly lit up a bowl packed with a fairly good sized bud (I had broken up and de-seeded the nugs mind you). I inhaled deeply and held it in. I repeated this twice more, making for 3 fully smoked bowls (with each piece as big as the thimble-sized bowl would hold and smoked until it was mostly black ash).

After I was done with the third bowl, I felt a little off balance. I quickly removed all traces of evidence from the area and decided to wait and see what happened.

After a few minutes my head started spinning and I was scared. I felt almost like I had taken some good knocks to the head and was about to faint. Soon my hips started spinning and I stood in front of a full length mirror and laughed as I realized that I looked like I was trying to hula dance without a grass skirt (pardon the pun).

The funny thing about this was that not only did the hip swiveling come from nowhere, but it was as if I could not control it. It seemed like invisible puppet strings were making me move and I could see it happening but couldn't stop it. I felt almost detached from my head...almost the feeling I would imagine the coyote feels when the roadrunner drops an anvil on him...stars.

When I sat down and started typing on the computer, my hips could no longer move and my head took over the spinning. Over and over my head spun like a hula hoop and like my hips, always in one direction.

Soon I felt very hungry for something starchy. I found myself eating several bowls of Rice Chex and questioning whether I had been sold some very potent shit or if the potency of high was directly related to how many times you had done it in the past.

I felt some mild paranoia that I think prevented me from getting the most out of my high, but I think it was due more to my worry of my parents walking in than it was the pot.

I laid down and listened to Cynic (a technical jazz-metal band) for a while and while I noticed no real changes in the music, I did find my limbs relaxing and staying in any spot I put them in. I had no desire to move, but instead I just lay there, more relaxed than I had ever felt in my life.

I eventually took a shower and went back to sleep. The sleep was the best I had had in years. Like a newborn infant.

The next morning I took what was left and threw the raw, seedless nugs into a mug of very hot water. I had read that THC is not water-soluble but fat-soluble but when you make tea like that the THC floats in the water much like oil molecules do since THC is (supposedly) an oil.

After about ten minutes I took the nugs out. The water had a light brownish color and miniscule bubbles that looked like oil molecules were in the liquid. I drank the whole thing down and felt a mild, sleepy-like high for about two hours. Smoking is definately a better alternative than tea if I can do it without getting caught.

My final verdict: The 3 thimble sized bowls I smoked didn't even seem like a lot at all but they kept me high for at least 5 hours. I felt like there were sparkles of glitter flying around my head for most of the time and the hula/starry head thing was fun. I felt immensely relaxed, but it was easy to stay awake and enjoy the sensation. When I did go to sleep after the high had worn off, I felt almost like I was a corpse I slept so heavily.

Pot isn't the worst of drugs by a long shot. I know I'll be doing some more when I can hook up another twenty, that's for sure!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11227
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Oct 14, 2019Views: 736
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