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Two Very Surprising Features
by Armathan
Citation:   Armathan. "Two Very Surprising Features: An Experience with MDMA & LSD (exp112283)". Erowid.org. Aug 29, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112283

T+ 0:00
15 ug oral LSD
  T+ 2:00 80 mg oral MDMA
  T+ 5:00 80 mg oral MDMA
  T+ 8:00 80 mg oral MDMA


MDMA Under Discrete LSD Influence

After touring around France for vacations, visiting family and so on I joined a group of international friends in ZŁrich since I used to live there. A former girlfriend of mine joined us too and we were both at a friend place. A friend who has a flat with his girlfriend. This former girlfriend (letís call her Lťa) is pretty young (18yo) compared to me (27yo) but sheís awesome and we remained pretty close after we broke up. Most importantly she loves LSD whereas I didnít touch that for 6-7 years and I never thought it would be a good idea to party with that. With my group of friends in ZŁrich the plan was to spend a whole day at the streetparade (a huge electronic music event in town) and then to join a private party for electronic music lovers (kind of properly free party in private place with selected people).

My few experiences with LSD were limited. I tried that 2-3 times, no more than 50-75Ķg. As far I remember it didnít do much to me. A few body sensations, laughing, fast thinking, maybe some geometric hallucinations but no more. As a comparison I have been much more surprised by reasonable dose of mushrooms. I never experienced that more, at that time I though the mushrooms were more adapted to what I was looking for...

Then I decided to combine LSD and MDMA for the night out in ZŁrich. Why? Cause I thought it would be funny to be in a more pronounced hallucinogenic world (LSD) with the insurance that the MDMA would keep it cool, by countering the putative anxiety/bad feeling that can come with hallucinogenic compounds. Reading reports, looks likely to be a good idea, mostly nice experience for people they ďcandyflipĒ. Then, since Iím doing a PhD in chemistry/biology I went to read on the scientific literature about LSD, a compound I donít know much on a theoretical point of view. And then I have been shocked to observe that LSD is an exception within tryptamin-based hallucinogens: it also acts on dopaminergic system with relevant affinity for dopamin (DX) receptors. So from here there was no way I mix a normal dose of LSD and MDMA. Considering that mixing two serotoninergic greatly increases the risk of a serotoninergic syndrome, a dual action on dopaminergic system could lead to significantly increased heart rate and body temperature. So no way.

To merge safety and fun, I thus decided to take an almost inactive dose of LSD (25Ķg), to let it coming up if it does, then hours later having MDMA. Two hours after LSD ingestion I was in the club, dancing with my friends. On the way to the club I didnít really feel the dose of LSD I had taken 2 hours later. On a scale from 0 to 10 I would say I felt a little 1-2. I felt a bit more psychologically relaxed than usual, maybe my throat was a bit tighter.
On a scale from 0 to 10 I would say I felt a little 1-2. I felt a bit more psychologically relaxed than usual, maybe my throat was a bit tighter.
Things were cool but I wouldnít say I was under the influence of a drug at that time. Which was the goal of the stuff: Using a little dose of LSD to influence the MDMA experience.

Then in the club I quickly had half a pill of MDMA (80mg). This compound usually makes me high very fast. I start to feel it at +15min and I reach the maximum at +1hrs. Then I was dancing on raw industrial techno and had fun before and right after I had the MDMA. Then a few min later I started to got it. In a visual point of view I started to have MDMA-related hallucinations. The kind of hallucinations that come when you take more than 250mg of MDMA. But I just had 80mg... Along with my head moving, things were going to the classical geometrical/kaleidoscopic hallucinations pattern. And within that time I realized something highly unusual: I just didnít care about people around. The lovely / connection effect of MDMA was totally absent. Usually Iím like dying if I donít hug people and so on but here I just didnít care at all about that. I was going into an internal MDMA experience where it was clearly MDMA-driven in term of effects. The differences were 1) absence of lovely effect, 2) a lot of hallucinations even if it remained controllable, 3) a introspective, ideal trip without paying attention to the people around. So that experience continued, 1hrs after MDMA ingestion I was laughing by myself, dancing like shit and I knew that but I fucking loved to move very slowly and to repeat the same motion on that hard techno I was listening to. At some point I felt like I was touching the hair of someone it was very fluffy and pleasant and obviously no head was here. But I didnít mind I liked it the few minutes it lasted!

I forgot to mention about an unusual bodyload I had. During a few min I felt like an intense pleasure from my heart to the rest of my body. Kind of pleasure when youíre waiting for some very exciting news to come and then the news comes and it goes perfectly your way. I had that feeling during maybe 20-30 min and liked it a lot. As expected my heart was beating unusually high for MDMA (~140bpm) and I sweated a lot. I didnít drink anything excepted water during that night, and very seriously (half liter / hr). Then after about 2hrs of intense clubbing the MDMA started to come down. At +3hrs I started to feel almost normal (at +4hrs MDMA has no more effect on me). Normal but still with some light hallucinations, which remains not usual at that dose of MDMA.

Then I started again with 80mg more of MDMA. It happened almost the same than with the first bomb. Surprisingly, I had less hallucinations that time than with the first bomb. All the rest was pretty similar even though it was a bit less intense. 3hrs later I had the last 90mg and once again the trip repeated in a similar way. That time I had almost no hallucination at all, which is highly surprising at the end...

To summerize, this MDMA experience under LSD discrete influence had two very surprising features. Hallucinations happened with 80mg of MDMA whereas such things happen usual at more than 250mg. And I got less and less hallucinations along with the dose of MDMA I had. Itís also important to note that I didnít properly feel like I came back to the usual baseline after MDMA. There was some kind of residual influence of something that made me feel a bit better than usual when I came down.

So it has finally been a nice experience but I wonít do it again. The interesting property of MDMA is the empathogenic effect and without that itís useless to combine and increase the risk. If I want such kind of experience I will find a single compound to get it :). But definitely I brang some LSD back from Switzerland and I keep that for experiencing a bit deeper than 6-7 years ago :).

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112283
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Aug 29, 2018Views: 2,491
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MDMA (3) : Combinations (3), Club / Bar (25)

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