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Purple/Yellow Tinted Vision/Spine Shock Tingle
Cannabis & CBD
by YamahaJunky420
Citation:   YamahaJunky420. "Purple/Yellow Tinted Vision/Spine Shock Tingle: An Experience with Cannabis & CBD (exp112289)". Sep 4, 2018.

6 bowls smoked Cannabis
    vaporized Cannabidiol


After a 9-5 shift at the local restaurant I work for I was tired and hurting ready for the day to be over, I picked up 2 grams from this shady but cool dude I used to kick it at school with, I passed the barred out old buddy of mine a $20 bill and off I went. I was a daily smoker for the past 9 months, This was my first tolerance break of 6 days which I ended with this session.

Mindset: Worn out and tired but very positive and worry free.

Setting: Quiet and slightly lit wooden back deck with calm weather at a round glass table around 1:00 am. I was alone outside and my family was asleep.

Preparations: 2 grams of loud smelling sticky street bud which seemed to be of 7/10 quality running through a homemade gravity bong and a vape box with 100mg CBD oil.

1:10 am; I began packing the gravity bong (GB) as I sat down at the glass table, I was literally shaking slightly from excitement after completion of my first real tolerance break and I was ready to get baked. I hit the GB and I immediately began to feel releif on my back muscle which I mildly injured a week prior, I began to smile as trippy chill upbeat rap music filled my ears and the higher I felt the more drawn I was to smoke. The thoughts in my head kept racing and fighting 'go inside and chill' vs 'no f**k it another bowl won't hurt' and another led to another and another led to a few more and before you know it I hit 6 GBs (almost a gram with little to no tolerance).

1:30am: I was slumped back in my chair laughing for 5 minutes straight about a situation at work that day and I felt my heart beat speed up as my head became alot heavier and I nodded off several times.

1:35am: At this point I began to hit my vape with CBD to help relax me but instead it increased the effects of my body to the point where I felt heavy and sedated and stumbled almost falling over. After that I became anxious with a rapid heartbeat all of a sudden, I finally decided to go inside.

2:00am: I ate some leftover pasta from the night before and headed to get ready for bed, here's where things became horrific....

2:05am: I turned on my lamp in my bedroom and ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth then I proceeded to walk out of the bathroom and all of a sudden I froze solid, I felt my heart slow. As I regained my ability to walk better I felt dizzy, I entered my poorly lit bedroom from the dark hallway and I suddenly felt my muscles frozen stiff again but this time I had a fuzzy static shock sensation jumping all throughout my brain and spine as my heart slowed way down and suddenly everything in my bedroom turned a blacklight purple color mixed with amber lights all around me. Then it wore off as I moaned in shear horror because I've been smoking for over 4 years and I know weed doesn't do that on its own.
I've been smoking for over 4 years and I know weed doesn't do that on its own.

2:10am My heart sped up as I began to faint into my foam mattress, I flipped on my giant office fan to cool me down and I passed out.

7:00am: I awoke feeling just fine. I'm a little surprised but as normal I feel I decided to go on with my day. I smoked the same weed the next night with no negative effects to report.

[Reported Substance: "CBD Vape pen and 2 grams Cannabis (possibly laced with a psychedelic/dissociative)"]

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112289
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Sep 4, 2018Views: 4,762
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Cannabis (1), Cannabidiol (596) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Alone (16)

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