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I Thought, 'Well, Why Not Plug It?'
MDMA, 2C-B, Alprazolam & Quetiapine
Citation:   neverseeitall. "I Thought, 'Well, Why Not Plug It?': An Experience with MDMA, 2C-B, Alprazolam & Quetiapine (exp112302)". Sep 20, 2018.

T+ 0:00
90 mg oral MDMA
  T+ 1:00 33 mg rectal 2C-B
  T+ 1:35 1 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam
  T+ 1:55 100 mg oral Pharms - Quetiapine
  T+ 2:40 70 mg insufflated MDMA
Sharing this experience cuz I didn't find a lot of good info when I was trying to search mid-trip recently. Hopefully it will add to the knowledge base. Don't be stupid like me and forget to refresh your memory of your previous research before doing a new ROA of a drug.

So, I have done a bunch of 2c-b (and other psychedelics), but only done 2c-b in lower doses like 5-20mg with 10mg being the most common. Always been an amazing time, totally one of my top favorite drugs.

I had this big camping/music event I went to recently and I'd been working really hard leading up to it and not had much free/fun time. So when the biggest party night of the event came, I was all ready to go hard and wanted to just be totally caught up in a good happy trip and have fun with all my friends. I'd been sitting on a capsule of 33mg 2c-b HBr powder for a while and thought this would be the perfect time to use it.

My night ended up being super rushed and I had to do extra work while all my friends got started partying. 2c-b always has a long come-up time for me, up to two hours, when I take it orally.

It was already around 9:30pm so I thought, 'well, why not plug it? I'll come up fast and it'll be handy if it wears off faster'. I figured I'd be totally fine with stronger effects. I had taken 90mgs of MDMA an hour previously and it was just starting to peak, which likely contributed to my poor decision making at this point.

I usually take a few minutes to research things when I'm considering new combo's or ROA's. But since I was in a hurry and thought I knew 2c-b's effect well enough I just went ahead and plugged the whole 33mg. I figured it would just be a stronger, funner trip with more cool visuals and I could always stay at the edges of the crowd and just chill if I needed a break.

I was really wrong.

Plugging it, I found out later, made what orally would have been around a 25mg HCl trip more like a 50+mg one. And I had forgotten the 2C-B doesn't just get trippy-er at higher doses, but that new, often undesirable, effects start to emerge.

So after giving it time to absorb, I went out to find my friends and start having a good time. By the time I'd walked from my tent to the main hang-out area (about 10-15 min) I was strongly into the come-up. It was very weird. I felt anxious, shaky, and just not right. No warm happy feelings at all. Vision was starting to get trippy but with more of a vibration then the usual color enhancement. I still wasn't too worried cuz sometimes come-ups can be rough. I thought if I just found my friends and sat down a minute, I'd relax and things would turn good.

But they weren't where we'd agreed to meet and I was feeling some weird physical effects. I felt like I was sweating far too much, like more then if I'd been running. I felt more like water was pouring all out of my skin. My nose was also just dripping, not snot, but like the thin clear discharge you can get if you eat too many hot peppers.

I decided to go back to my tent and lay down under a fan until the come-up was over.

It was around the 30min mark when I got back to the tent and after another 5min of laying there I knew I'd fucked up and taken too much. Everything was escalating fast. Walking to the tent had been very difficult because in the dark I couldn't tell what was solid ground, or a hole, or a big log. If I hadn't had the way memorized I might not have made it back. I also had delirium-style hallucinations where I would go to move out of the way of people passing by and then realize there had never been any other people near me.

Mentally, and in my own thoughts, I still felt calm and coherent. I've had rough trips before and I knew that very worst case I'd just have to wait it out and it would end. I understood everything that was going on and knew where and who I was and all that. The usual 2C-B clear minded-ness.

However, as far as being able to interact with the world and other people, that was going right out the window. I met a friend leaving the tent as I was entering and to me it seemed like we had a relatively ok conversation where I said I was just overheating and was going to take a break for a bit. Later they let me know that I actually sounded pretty fucked up and they knew I was totally tripping out.

I took 1mg Xanax and laid down. Once I was laying down and cooled off some, I realized I wasn't literally pouring water out of my body, it was just a messed up tactile sensation. It still felt real though and I was still too hot and had a high heartbeat. Nose was also still just constantly dripping.

I'm about 45min in now and it's still ramping up fast in intensity. There's nothing fun or pleasant about anything. There are visuals, but not the usual interesting geometries or flowing patterns. It's just a muddied mess of overlaying blobs of a swampy green and brown that make it very hard to comprehend where things are or how to interact with them. Walking required holding onto things and would have been impossible in the dark.

I felt like at that point, I was not capable of being able to interact in a sensible way with the world or other people. I knew friends would be stopping by the tent or would come looking for me if I was missing for hours. I was concerned that if they found me and I couldn't respond to them, they would be get freaked out (since they were all on some sort of drug as well) and maybe the night would go badly for everyone. I also knew things would likely keep getting more intense for a bit and maybe go on for much longer then expected.

So I decided to take my emergency backup Seroquel. I took a 100mg pill 15-20 min after taking the Xanax as the Xanax didn't seem to be doing anything. (I had already been calm but usually on Shrooms or LSD Xanax will tone down the visuals a bit as well.) I did check online about the Xanax/Seroquel combo before taking it and felt that as long as I stayed awake it would be 'safe enough'. Probably stupid in retrospect.

So I take the Seroquel. Had I been on my own for the trip, like just chilling at my house, I would have just waited things out. But in that environment I needed it to end quickly.

To stay awake and to help the time pass, I do a bunch of searching on my phone for things like other people's experiences with my situation. I didn't find a lot which is mostly why I'm writing this out now.

Using my phone was manageable, I was able to type without too many errors and while reading took a lot of concentration, it seemed to work well enough. The chaotic visuals seemed noticeably lessened when looking at things very close up. Anytime I'd try and look up from the phone though, the world was a mess.

Everything felt like it was vibrating and just this soup of static, noise, and confusion. Later I described it as if you were invited to a party, expecting a good times with friends, music, and pretty lights but instead you were forced to do a math competition in a train tunnel while a train covered in strobe lights went past.

All the individual things were understandable but my brain couldn't figure out how to interact with them together.

But after about 20-30min, when I looked up again, things were slowly becoming more normal. I knew I was on the way out.

By 45min, I was like 'whoa, ok. I think I'm pretty good now'. I was able to stand up, move around. I changed clothes, wiped down with a cool rag, drank some milk and ate some candy. I didn't feel like I was tripping anymore at all. The visuals were gone, the noise and confusion was gone. I still felt some of the rolling feelings from the MDMA. The usual distracted energy, and I was feeling more pleasant and happy.

Due to the sedating effects from both the seroquel and the xanax, I did feel super heavy-limbed and like if I laid back down I would absolutely pass out. I really didn't want to pass out because that didn't feel safe.

I probably should have gotten in touch with a friend at that point and found a more public place to chill where someone could keep an eye on me. I felt totally ok with being able to talk to people at that point.

Instead, I did another stupid thing and snorted 70mg of MDMA on the thought that 'Hey it's a stimulant, so it'll keep me awake'. It did actually work and about 15min later I just felt like I was on a regular, if strong, roll and all the sedating feelings were gone. Um, don't do that though. I'm pretty sure I just got lucky with not having anything bad happen with combo'ing all that in that short of a window. Seriously, this is an example of stupid mistakes, not things to try.

I went out, found some friends and hung out in different parts of the campground for the next few hours. Some memory loss as far as what any of the conversations were but I remember all the places I went and who was there. No one interacting with me at that point thought I was any more out of it then to be expected from someone rolling.

Felt really surprisingly ok and upbeat the next day. Didn't feel tired or sleepy till following evening.

Will absolutely never be repeating this experience. Beyond the rough trip, I'm annoyed I used my emergency Seroquel on myself as my reason for having it was to be able to help other people if they needed it and now I don't have any more and am not sure how to get it again.

Spent the next day doing the research I should have done before the trip and feel that I see no need personally to ever go past typical 5-25mg HCl of 2C-B and that I will likely continue to prefer it in the smaller 5-10mg amounts as a gentle enhancer to other drugs or if I need a small boost of 'wow this is a great night' without other people being able to notice I'm on anything.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112302
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Sep 20, 2018Views: 11,878
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MDMA (3), 2C-B (52) : Combinations (3), Preparation / Recipes (30), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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