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The Wrong Alice
by Spicy-LAD
Citation:   Spicy-LAD. "The Wrong Alice: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp112331)". Sep 21, 2018.

2 hits oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)


[Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]


My past experiences with substances include THC, LSD, 1P-LSD, ETH-LAD, Shrooms, and MDMA. It had been about a month since the last time I tried ETH-LAD, I certainly did not plan on trying it again so soon.


We were both in okay moods, we had run some errands and done some chores around the apartment, but the general vibe was somewhat depressed due to recent events. We were, however, both looking forward to taking some psychedelics as we had been planning this for a week. We had just received 25 100ug tabs of what the vender said was 1P-LSD.


Our fairly clean 1-bedroom apartment in the latter half of the afternoon.


On a hot Saturday in August my roommate and I decided to try a couple tabs of what we thought was 1P-LSD. I wanted to push for 2.5 tabs but my roommate convinced me that we should start with 2 for a total of 200ug each. This turned out to be a good idea.

T: 0:00-1:00
I started a timer on my phone and we dropped the tabs. We then headed over to the supermarket near our apartment to grab a few things we were out of, we knew the store trip would take less than 30-45 minutes. By the time we got back the more noticeable stages of the come up were starting to work on us and we did our best to prepare our living room with blankets and pillows. I put on some music while we waited for the peak but that soon became too much for my roommate who was feeling much more intense of a body load than she normally does for 1P. After about 1 hour I could tell this might not be 1P.

T: 1:00-1:45
At this point I knew we were going to be tripping quite hard, more noticeable visuals had already started. The popcorn ceiling was crawling, and the stucco wall patterns were shifting and spinning under a layer of colorful shapes and minor tracers. I got up and checked the package that we got the tabs from, yes it said 1P-LSD. I checked the tabs themselves and once again saw that each one had “1P-LSD” inked onto it and on the other side had a picture of the molecule spread across the remaining 21 tabs. But as we approached the full peak and the body high grew more uncomfortable while the visuals ramped up, only one thing came to mind.

Shit, this is ETH-LAD.

It had only been about a month since my first 2 tab ETH-LAD trip and I was not exactly ready to do it again, but what can you do? I knew it was very likely ETH-LAD since the other RCs the vendor sells are 1P, ALD-52, and AL-LAD which seem to be distinctly different and less visual. Plus, what we were going through was exactly like the last time we used ETH-LAD. We discussed all this as the peak began and got quite upset at the vendor, thankfully this didn’t really ruin the trip. We knew what to expect from this and agreed to just settle down on the blanket strewn floor to wait out the several hours of discomfort and intense, chaotic visuals.

T: 1:45-2:30
The familiarly uncomfortable body load began in earnest as large shifting patterns and smaller flurries of colored shards began swirling around me. The walls and ceiling still moved and shifted but as time went on the visuals that seemed to affect physical objects seceded to the more distracting laser like lines, shapes, dots, and plains.

At some point I felt the familiar smooth dropping sensation that I now attribute to the beginning, or possibly one of the early stages, of ego loss.
I felt the familiar smooth dropping sensation that I now attribute to the beginning, or possibly one of the early stages, of ego loss.
The room was growing darker and it felt as though we were becoming more isolated as the peak continued to buffet us. Visuals grew less and less attached to objects and seemed to just be flying through the void around me as the room got darker. The body high had reached something of a peak and seemed content to stay for a while, but we were both still able to talk. I did not enter full ego death as I had the last time we took 2 tabs, I just felt less connected to myself. Time seemed to stretch out and minutes went by in what felt like hours, probably not helped at all by the body load.

T: 2:30-4:00
We talked about random things as we waited. Conversation was difficult but none of the topics we touched on required much from us. I had started adding plurals to words and using the words we and us rather than I or me. This happened unconsciously and I didn’t really notice when I began doing this. The headspace didn't feel like 1P or LSD, it was vast but I find it difficult to describe. I felt open and connected to everything in the apartment but the headspace felt a bit...flat. I was grateful for the nearness of my roommate and our shared discomfort.

Our ceiling now looked like a spinning galaxy of colors rippling above us and we occasionally called out to ask the sky gods to ease the trip. We assured them that we were doing our best. We got no answer of course but it helped to pass the time and shift focus from the ever-present body discomfort. Unsure of what else we could do to appease the gods of this trip we continued talking about random things and remarking on the slight improvements to the body load. My roommate got a fruit bowl and ate almost all of it, I took 1 or 2 bites but the flavor and texture were overpowering for me, she can always eat on acid. Eventually I felt my myself slowly returning and we were both finally getting comfortable.

After preparing for bed, my roommate and I laid down on our soft mattress which was a welcome change from the floor. I was looking at my phone while she began to fall asleep surprisingly quickly. This is another thing she has no problem with on most substances. I knew I would still be up for a while, so I grabbed my wax pen and took a few hits to see what happened. I was hoping it would help relax me and maybe help me sleep sooner. I filled our water cup and noticed as I was laying back down the colorful visuals were returning, as I reached over to turn off the bedside lamp I felt my headspace return and my ego drift again. I was once again tripping pretty hard.

T: 4:45-10:00
Now I was lying in a mostly dark room with only the faint light coming through the blinds letting me see the outlines of the walls around me. As I stated at the ceiling I felt myself sink deeper into the headspace with the THC seeming to add some structure to the visuals. Unfortunately for me the THC also brought back the body load. Only this time it was in the form of painful neck and shoulder tendon cramps and jaw tension. My jaw muscles hurt where they attached to the bone and every now and then I felt rolling tension in the nerves or muscle tissue connecting my teeth to my skull. In short, if I couldn't sleep before there was no way I was going to now.

The visuals had become more cohesive with the addition of THC, or maybe it was the almost total darkness and stage of the trip, but I think THC had something to do with this. I began by seeing some sort of digital readout shifting and changing above me in the dark, sort of like Iron Man's HUD display. This changed into more patterns and symbols that I can't remember very well but it was always different, every few seconds I had something new to look at. Soon the visuals spread out so that I seemed to be in a much larger space than the bedroom. Everything was made of small squares that constantly changed colors and had intricate patterns that were always shifting. These small squares formed the walls but were also collected into the center of the space as ever changing complex interlocking shapes. Like multicolored gears that formed twisting spinning loops around each other rather than toothed wheels. The patterns were always different and I zoomed over and through these complex knots for what seemed like hours. I was amazed at the level of detail and individuality I was seeing. I soon realized that I could interact at some level with the scenes, sort of like a lucid dream. If I tried I could instill my presence in whatever I was seeing, I could cause some small things to change and they would start changing as soon as I thought of it. I could not choose what I was seeing but I could control it to some extent. If I moved my head enough and focused on the walls of the bedroom I could see patterns there too. Splotches of colors that I seemed alive would move and shift around the room in unison. If I focused back on the dark ceiling the strange ever-changing room would return. This display slowly faded over time and finally diminished to minor lines and shapes moving around as the first grey light of dawn seeped through the window. It felt as though the visuals drew their collectiveness from the THC and as it metabolized they returned to what I had seen before while I was peaking, though much less intense.

During this experience I also had decent headspace and began analyzing myself as though from an outside perspective. I found myself able to objectively review the consequences as well as what I felt was the source of some personal issues I had been dealing with. It was like being a therapist for someone but also being that person, very useful. Introspection has been a struggle for me since I started using psychedelics, so this was a welcome change from my past attempts. When my roommate woke I discussed my personal revelations with her for a while.

T: 10:00-13:00
We both ate some breakfast and watched some TV until I was tired enough to sleep. The visuals were still present but very minor and most just the letters squirming on my phone screen. I slept for 6 or 7 hours very comfortably and woke up very groggy.


The trip ended up being very visually intense and interesting, not to mention personally beneficial. I am glad to have gone through it uncomfortable as it was. I feel fortunate to have taken ETH-LAD prior to this trip, because if we hadn't the realization that we were not about to trip on 1P would have been much worse. From now on we are going to be testing new batches with smaller doses rather than trusting the packaging and the tabs to identify themselves
From now on we are going to be testing new batches with smaller doses rather than trusting the packaging and the tabs to identify themselves
, as we really should have done all along. Lesson learned. We decided that since the tabs and bag were labeled as 1P-LSD the vendor either laid the wrong substance on the tabs or they were low on 1P, which is a great RC, and decided to send out some disguised batches of a harder to sell RC like ETH-LAD so as not to miss sales opportunities. They probably figured their acid head customers wouldn’t know they got the wrong Lysergamide, either way, bastard move.

As rough as the body load of ETH-LAD can be it seems to have much more effective ego dissolution ug for ug than other substances I have tried so far. If I wanted almost assured ego death on a solo trip I think ETH-LAD could accomplish it quite economically, almost worth dealing with that body load but your mileage may vary.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112331
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 21, 2018Views: 2,617
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