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From Serenity to Hell and Back
Mushrooms - P. cubensis & LSD
by Tree Spirit
Citation:   Tree Spirit . "From Serenity to Hell and Back: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis & LSD (exp112343)". Feb 14, 2019.

  oral Mushrooms (dried)
  2 drops oral LSD (liquid)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  


It was the most exciting summer of my life yet. I was 17, nearly 18. I had recently released the frustrations of my confusing upbringing through running away from home and living on a hippie commune in Portland, Oregon.

I was new to psychedelics but had already experimented quite extensively with various psychedelic substances during the prior months. After having spent much of high school as a computer and cyber nerd, I had since forsaken all technological pursuits in favor of spirituality, nature and the pursuit of enlightenment. This led me to trade my $800 laptop for an ounce of shrooms, which I deemed far more valuable at the time. We called him Chris, he was notorious for his flamboyant and extroverted (far out) personality and wild self-proclaimations. He often had quite a large stash of Shrooms, multiple pounds.

It was around midday when we drove off to the park to make the deal. Along with Chris and I, our three comrades from the commune tagged along for the ride and walk in the forest. We arrived, made the deal and all was well. The birds were singing, the August sun was shining through the brilliant green northwest canopy. I had no scale so I just ate a fair amount of mushrooms out of the ounce bag I acquired, an amount I later realized was around 6.5 grams. The bird sounds became more crisp and clear, what were once meer bird chirps now appeared to be a distant language, I obsessed over It all the while feeling one with the forest. What felt like centuries was a meager 30 minutes since I had taken the shrooms. Chris came over from and signaled that we get back to the vehicle where our comrades were waiting smoking a joint.

As Chris and I approached the parking area and emerged from the safehaven that is under the forest canopy, I began to feel somewhat alarmed. I felt so intrinsically organic and one with this forest that in my perception at the time birthed me, welcomed me, and loved me. I suddenly found myself barely making out the letters on this sign on the trailhead. It clearly was marked “Do not feed the Wildlife” I was astounded, utterly baffled with absolute amusement, terror and utter confusion all at the same time. My friends seeing that I was clearly very high called out for me to jump into the car, I couldn’t get over what this sign said. I thought to myself am I or am I not wildlife? Are we really separate? What in all the universe gives us a right to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the animals? And to what degree? I was roaring with laughter and utter defiance as I knew I was wild and this insult I saw written on this sign wasn’t worth the headache.

I staggered towards the vehicle which at this point was hovering and pulsating, I felt as if being abducted into an alien spaceship, but these were my friends and there was no fear to be had. The good guys were piloting it. As the car drove off and everyone was chilling, I became overwhelmed with a sense of curiosities, fear and adventure as we approached downtown Portland. I wasn’t even peaking yet and I was higher than I ever had been previously.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Little did I know that Chris (the driver) had also consumed a considerable amount of cubensis mushrooms. It started off calm, common language became ever more obsolete to me, the traffic lights were too confusing so I decided to focus on the nature we were passing, the trees and people’s front yard gardens. Such brought ease to the ever increasing anxiety of being ripped away from the forest where I had originally dosed just a mere hour and half earlier.

We arrived at a park in the middle of the city, Remember... My previous knowledge and sense of direction was now completely obsolete in all traditional terms.

The primal interconnected self was feeling was very well in tune with my friends who had since taken a more mild dose of mushrooms as well, upon exciting the vehicle we psychically gathered on a patch of grass to partake in the ritual of cannabis. Chris randomly pulled out a vial of liquid LSD and passed it around, we each took two hits and somehow the vial ended up in my pocket during conversion.

I was tripping so hard I could not recall if the LSD had ever effected me.

While smoking a bowl, passing a beer and enjoying the amazing and intricate visuals my friend said cop cop! It had actually turned out to be a mellowed out Park ranger telling us to empty our beers before he calls the cops. I hastily ran to the outhouse and disposed of a third of a vial of lsd out of fear of being caught with it. Upon our departure from the park after being spooked by the park ranger, Chris (the driver) had gotten into an argument with our comrades in the backseat which resulted in a few punches, bloody forehead and us stopping the car in moving traffic only for our friends to leave the car and for Chris to driver over my friends foot. The commotion, the trauma and agony emitted from our friends haunted me as we drove off and I with no idea what was really going on.

The trip took a dark turn. Now I was stuck in a car with a mad man who was also high as a kite on shrooms who had just ran over my friends foot, and punched another with a coke can. I was no longer with the forest and in an urban jungle that made little sense to meaning to me. We stopped at a Walmart, where I was perplexed by the consumerism, and alienated planet I found myself on. Chris was stuffing his jacket with beef jerkie and anything he could find with no intention of paying for it. I overwhelmed and quite frankly scared, decided to step outside for a cigarette by the entrance and await my crazy friends return. I was peaking on the shrooms at this point and Chris was all I had left, I had lost my friends and the forest and I was stuck with my troubles comrade and his beaten up car. As I awaited outside the Walmart I felt the energy shift, before I was feeling everyone’s intentions and symbiotic consumer flow.

Although strange and frightening in part to do with the superficiality compared to the depth the forest had presented to me earlier, I felt hostile intentions in the air. Now I must say although I was tripping hard I swear on all that is sacred that this really happened.. The gentlemen on the bench near me suddenly got up with pistols out, they tackled an unsuspecting man and held him up against the wall with guns to his head. Not 15 seconds later this undercover arrest appeared to not have happened. I watched this happen and him being dragged off so quickly I couldn’t believe it. I was now terrified, lost in the very epicenter of what western consumer culture stands for, I was convinced that these men with guns could grab anyone at anytime for any reason. I was struck with panic. I could see through this shallow robotic world and I was fearful that this would make me a target. Chris came running out with jerke and god products falling from his overfilled pockets. He saw me in fear and became ever more alarmed as we rushed to our 'space ship”. His pupils were huge and clearly he was out there. We ran multiple red lights in our hasty attempt to return to some park, any park or forest or patch of grass we could call home.

This led to us being pursued by the police, what here follows is a vague yet clear memory of what happened. After what felt like centuries and multiple minor collisions with other vehicles and successful evasion of the police we were safe. But clearly on the ethereal level we felt every police radar in the city focused on us and our imminent capture. After much persuasion I convinced Chris to stop me off on a side street where I exited the now damaged car. I opened the tail gate to grab my stash only for him to speed off with the tailgate open an all of our things and drugs still in it. When he and his vehicle vanished in the distance, I became overwhelmed with joy and peace. No police nobody to dictate where I was to go or not go. I was free. I then realized that the sun was setting and that I needed to find shelter, my shelter. Which at this time was the basement I shared with 15 other people.

I could not make out the street names or signs, but became rather quite acquainted with the location of the sun and mountains in the distance and used those to determine my location in correlation to the commune... My nest. I pranced through the streets barefoot and overjoyed in my sense of freedom and autonomy. Nearly forgetting all the cars that screeched to a stop as a result of my neglect of traffic rules and crosswalks.

Hours later I found myself home where I was greeted by old friends and a bowl of cannabis to smoke. From the cradle of the forest to the heart of the industrial world, no words could describe how this trio has affected me and how I see the world and our place in it. I do strongly advise to measure dosage, and to not be in vehicles where the driver is under the influence of any substance. I was fortunate to survive this day unscathed.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 112343
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Feb 14, 2019Views: 1,219
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