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Within the Cube Were Numbers, Like in the Matrix
by The Psychedelic PT
Citation:   The Psychedelic PT. "Within the Cube Were Numbers, Like in the Matrix: An Experience with DMT (exp112367)". Sep 30, 2018.

  smoked DMT


The DMT Matrix

I am an experienced DMT user and this was around the 40th time I had taken it.

I was sitting in my kitchen, I placed my earphones over my head and pressed play on my iPhone. The hypnotic beats of Saraswati by Krishna Das came flooding into my mind. Lifting the bong, I lit it and inhaled deeply and held my breath. [Reported Dose: "Not sure... A table knife tip worth"]

Within seconds, the familiar tingling began. Starting at my feet it crawled up my body, spreading its numbing, massaging feeling into every cell of my body. I exhaled and then immediately hit the bong deeply one last time.

As I exhaled the smoke I felt myself sinking into the chair. I was catapulted into a tunnel that seemed to be made up of a grid. There were coloured squares all around me and I could see through each square. It was like I could have put my hand through each one as if the tunnel was a cargo net folded around on itself but instead of rope, it was these perfectly straight lines of ever changing colours.

Outside was nothing but space. It was a blue haze with stars everywhere. I was hurtling down this tunnel but was never afraid, it felt… free!

I can’t remember what happens between that part and what happens next but all I know is that I was now floating in this nothingness. I still have my music on and I can hear it playing but it is like I am not aware of it as music, it has now just become part of this innerverse I am floating in.

I begin to feel a presence coming upon me, though I am not sure what direction or what it is, I can only sense it. You must realise that at this point I am not me, as in the human form me, I have been transported somewhere, I mean I literally believe that my spirit has left my body in some part, and is now in a different realm.

I see this… thing come along beside me, it’s energy is clearly male but I sense no malevolence from him. He communicates with me telepathically, telling me to follow him. We pick up speed and I can remember starting to feel mistrust. I look behind me and see two very small flickering lights in the distance, one is slightly bigger than the other.

Understand that at this point the human me no longer existed where I was. Not my family, my friends, my job, memories…. NOTHING! Time no longer mattered, there was no sense of it. All I knew was this moment and felt like this had always been how it was but at the same time, everything was new.
All I knew was this moment and felt like this had always been how it was but at the same time, everything was new.
I know that probably makes no sense to you lol, but it is the only way I can articulate it. It is like trying to describe the cloud purple to a blind man.

The presence senses me looking back and tells me to keep looking forward. I got a sense of doubt and began feeling an unease. I looked back and the lights were flashing brighter now. Again he sensed me doing this and I could feel like not an anger but an annoyance emanating from him. I felt myself slow and look back once more at the lights. They were closer now and I could feel an importance within them. I knew they meant something like they were bonded to me.

The entity became angry and I felt a pressure on my head now, it wasn’t painful but it was controlling. It was deciding what pressure to place on me and I had no choice but to submit to it. It was actually a nice feeling but still I could see the lights flashing, each flash was like another bit of information to me, I knew these lights meant something important to me, it was like without these lights I could not live.

Suddenly BANG! I recognise what they are. They are my two daughters.

I jump up out of the trip and I am aware of being in the kitchen again but I am confused, so so confused! I know that my partner and daughters are upstairs asleep but I am standing there still 100% immersed in the trip but now conscious of who and where I am. The only problem now is that I can’t fucking see properly!

In my field of vision is a cube of see-through material, made up into a cube. Within the cube were numbers, like in the matrix, that same green colour, shooting up and down within this see-through piping.

Now within this cube is another cube, identical in every detail, only smaller so that it could fit inside the outer cube. And within that cube is another identical cube, only smaller again. This goes on 5 cubes deep, like a set of those Russian dolls.

My field of vision is now restricted to the gap in the sales cube in front of me and the sales left between each cube. I am pacing the kitchen at this point panicking. I am wondering how am I gonna tell my partner that this is how I will be forever. I was scared to death but at the same time felt enlightened. (at this point I remember feeling that I knew everything about everything… ever! I was the ultimate being) I was frustrated that I would not be understood because my level of understanding was at such a stage that is was beyond mere human understanding (I know? I honestly can’t convey what I truly experienced at this point but it was crazy).

I was beginning to really freak out about this situation and began to believe I would somehow lose my kids? I was mumbling to myself, “come on, come on, sort this out! Get a grip, how do you fix this?”

Suddenly the letters DMT came to my mind.
This wasn’t real!
It was a trip!

I have never felt a wave of relief like it in my life. I sat down, placed my elbows on my knees, my hands cradling my forehead, and smiled to myself. Thank fuck for that and let out a massive sigh. I sat there for another few minutes, tidied up and didn’t touch it again for about three months.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112367
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40 
Published: Sep 30, 2018Views: 1,728
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DMT (18) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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