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If I Ever Had to Call a Drug 'Ecstacy'
Citation:   thisisscience. "If I Ever Had to Call a Drug 'Ecstacy': An Experience with 25B-NBOH (exp112370)". Sep 24, 2018.

100 ug IV 25B-NBOH
+0:00 100 micrograms 25b-nboh IV
+0:05 We've reached peak visuals. The best way to describe this is one of those metal lawn ornaments that spins in the wind, usually in a butterfly or dragonfly shape that spins in the wind. Open eye, field of view is distorted into that. Closed eye is a field of white with those spinning in the wind in full rainbow color. Constantly moving in tune with the music. The visuals with eyes open are such that I could drive if required, but obviously will abstain.

My mindspace is 100% unadultered aside overwhelming lust. If I were to come in contact with another human between this time for the next hour and a half I would no doubtedly smother them in affection and just want to be in contact with them. I spend the next hour and a half writhing in my bed with pure erotic joy. I can only imagine in the same way a female might... though I can only speculate being ill equipped in that field, never becoming erect or reaching climax, my body is just quivering the whole time, and I'm so in the moment I cant imagine an outside world having any influence on how I've ever felt about myself. I can't help but note the immense amount of auditory distortion. Everything is echoed. Even when there is no sound, the silence is echoed. Almost like one experiences very deep in a nitrous balloon.

+2:00 Visuals have tapered off considerably, but are still quite prominent. Less now in a 'tangible' sense of geometry, and more in the sense that everything is brighter, and vibrant. Neon colors pop much more considerably. Everything is morphing and breathing at a very gentle, breeze like motion.
+3:00 The stimulant edge of the drug is becoming more noticeable, which for me is a welcome relief, in that I love stimulants personally.

Objective Commentary:
This drug never fails to amaze me. Every time I IV this drug, well over a dozen by now, it's like I'm stepping into a totally new psychedelic for the first time. If it wasn't for this vast inpredictability I would assuredly be doing this ritually once a week if not more. But it also comes with that foreboding sense of apprehension, since this is a very unpredictable beast. Who knows what it might hold this time, or if it will release its grasp either mentally or physically. I don't know anyone else who has IV'd this drug.

I'm sure they're out there, but I scoured the internet to find them before I dipped my toes in, and it was in vain. I've yet to find another experience report of this manner.

Part of me hopes someone will follow in my footsteps, but the unpredictable manner of this drug with this method at the same time fills me with dread, knowing someone somewhere will have the same thought that I did and proceed without knowing what they're getting into.

My first full on IV experience with this drug was harrowing, and at the same time beautiful and one of my most profound experiences but I can't help but feel a good part of the reason I lived through it was luck. I haven't since dared that dose of 500 micrograms. It was the most intense experience I've ever had, and wish I could experience it again without the worry of what I might be putting my body and brain through at that level of receptor overload.

I will say though, that in terms of comedown this drug has been nothing but overnurturing. Personally, I experience no ill repute with this drug.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112370
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Sep 24, 2018Views: 3,796
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25B-NBOH (614) : Alone (16), General (1)

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