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What Started Out as Hell
Morning Glory
by Woterboi
Citation:   Woterboi. "What Started Out as Hell: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp112371)". Oct 31, 2018.

500 seeds oral Morning Glory


The First Successful Trip

It all began a week after a “failed” CWE based trip on these seeds. I’m not saying I wasn’t high or didn’t enjoy the trip, but the visual effects where minor and from what little I did experience wasn’t worth the hour of nausea and stomach cramps. Albeit it was my first time trying LSA and you learn from your mistakes, it left with more to be desired.

One Friday in summer just woke up at 3:00pm after eating my daily meal (I fast) I think to myself “I want to feel the full effects and see visuals that will make the heartache worth while, why not just eat the seeds plain”? So at 5:00pm I then counted out 1000 on my desk and began eating 100 at a time for around 30 minutes. I remember the husks being hard and the flavor being even more unbearable than before. The taste is similar to that of a rotten sunflower seed unlike the rotten summer squash flavor or the water extract. I could only down 500 of these suckers due to an unbearable mixture of the nausea and taste caused by the seeds.

The nausea would only get worse as it was fallowed quickly by stomach cramps comparable to getting kicked in the stomach without tightening your abdomen… it was a very intense bruise-like pain for my organs. I then do what I could only think to do, lie down in my bed and regret my decision. I lay there for a solid 3 hours thinking about how bad it was, but also slowly drifting into very wide varieties of topics as time went on.

8:00pm The nausea had vanished but still some minor stomach cramps. Now my brain fills with nothing but suppressed memories of my childhood like field trips I had forgotten about, friends I’ve had at very young ages and even thoughts that I had when I was a young lad. Then it hit me, fully lucid closed eye visuals mostly consisting of characters within my life. I cover my head with a pillow to shut out all light so I can experience these visuals with more acuity. Wow I had thought, just from what little I’ve seen so far this can help drastically with my artwork.

9:pm After an hour of basting in my own thoughts I look over to my desk which is right next to my bed to be surprised with the wooden flow pattern to be bowing in and out as if it where breathing. My stomach cramps had gone but I had to take a massive shit. Upon getting out of my bed I immediately feel feeling of higher physical heaviness, sedation similar to taking a benadryl and joint pains similar to having the flu or a slight opiate withdrawal. I head to the bathroom (not to be vulgar) shit what looked like a mixture of pee and black seeds. While sitting on the commode I stare unto the tiled floor of the bathroom that normally would just look like a standard marble design, but low and behold the visuals were getting much stronger. The geometry of the non-patterns began shifting slowly similar to that of DMT with cartoonish snowflake like patterns laying upon a river. Slowly morphing into each other and separating.

I get up to leave the bathroom, the bodily weight made it feel as though I was dragging myself into the room like a child wearing their fathers steel toed boots
the bodily weight made it feel as though I was dragging myself into the room like a child wearing their fathers steel toed boots
. I sit down at my computer desk and stare at the ground below me for a good hour just enjoying the cool sight.

11:00pm Another effect very unique to this drug overwhelms me, inane and blissful joy. Nostalgia Critic once coined a term in the Bridge To Terabithia review called whimsical digestion, for lack of a better term I would use this to describe the feeling. It’s a stronger feeling of happiness then that of a powerful sativa (number one favorite drug) and is what made me fall in love with LSA moreso than LSD. I watch some AVGN and notice the darks are a lot darker and the brights are beyond garish and the screen would have rainbow colored waves anytime a video would start.

1:00am After binging videos decide to get up and go see myself in the bathroom mirror. Walking to the bathroom I notice the ground and walls are beyond fucked with patterns way more vivid but same in design as earlier. Another very common effect which I usually experience myself only for some reason but I get the eye floater esk roman candle effects in my eyes anytime a light appears or goes away. It’s like a welder is fucking with the lights just to make me turn my head and look at them again. I arrive to the bathroom, still flabbergasted at the fact the trip was only getting stronger. My previous first try only had dreamlike visuals comparable to the movie eyes wide shut, but this trip has become a lucid dream while conscious. I stare at myself with a large shit eating grin goofier than ever, my faces was breathing and shifting and had a cyan glow to it. I felt like a puppy, just happy to be alive and in the moment. I head to the kitchen for some grapefruit juice which was an adventure into a distorted funhouse of visuals. While there I notice the morphing pictures on the walls and remember the psychedelic picture I had drawn while high on cannabis and decided to rush back into my room to find them. Staring at these pictures made me realize the basis of how the patterns are formed. Instead of my eyes creating the patterns from the already made patters my eyes where making patterns from the stroke directions of the colored pencils while the patterns already there just simply breathed and wobbled. I stare in awe for over an hour at my collection of art pieces.

3:30am The sedating effects become far too overbearing and the trip only continues to get stronger. It was becoming a welcomed psychosis, but my body had grown far too tired. I lay down on my bed with the light on staring unto the ceiling. The paint drip bumps formed happy clown faces and I heard circus music playing from outside of my room, reminded me of going to cirque du soleil when I was 5. I was so tired, I thought to myself “good things always have to come to an end” in an accepting death kind of feeling. I closed my eyes to see even more wild imagery and finally fell asleep after what started out as hell and ended up becoming the trip that I would continue to chase for years to come.

I am someone who has used LSA for years, more so than any other psychedelic.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 112371
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Oct 31, 2018Views: 449
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Morning Glory (38) : General (1), Alone (16)

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