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by Leo
Citation:   Leo. "Daylight: An Experience with LSD (exp11238)". Jan 27, 2004.

1 hit oral LSD (gel tab)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


As I started to feel the effects of the acid working on me. I started feeling very nervous. I felt my self leaving the world I had known for so long, and entering a strange, new forbidden land, that only few people will ever see. My room was lit by black light. There were strange posters hanging on the wall. I had a big mirror with flames, teardrops, stars, and planets painted on it with fluorescent paint. All this only helped to separate reality farther from me. 'Ricker' I said, trying to draw his attention away from the rock and roll magazine he was reading. ' I'm trying to read this' he said, not realizing how scared I was becoming. My other friend Tom did notice though, and tried to help me to calm down. 'I am leaving reality' I thought to my self. 'Isn't anyone going to stop me' Just then there was a knock on the door. 'What's going on in here?' It was my dad asking as he appeared in the doorway. I thought that he had been sent as an answer to my thought, to try and stop me. 'We're burning incense' I answered knowing full well it was the smoke he was talking about. I was hoping he wouldn't see the bag that was laying out in full view.

I still had not lost a complete grasp of reality yet, so I started getting mad when he said he did not believe me. And he said he knew what we were doing and that we were ruining our lives. 'I wish he would leave' I thought to myself. As soon as my thought was finished he left. It almost seemed like he had heard my thought. He had failed to stop me and I was slipping farther and farther away from reality. Or was I? I started to lose control of my thoughts, They started to speak to me on their own. 'This is a normal experience that happens in some peoples lives.' My thoughts explained to me. 'This was meant to happen.' they continued. The universe, and life would mean nothing if no one knew what it was all about. There are some who are chosen to know it. It is extremely sad to know these things, but someone has to know what it's about, because of this people who are wicked are chosen to find out these realities. '

As my thoughts continued to explain all to me, I seen a huge wheel made up of billions of people. It was like a giant whirlpool. The wicked people would reach for vices that were scattered throughout the wheel. These vices were used to draw those reaching for them more and more in to the center, until they would find themselves in the center. The center was like the eye of a hurricane. those in the center suddenly found out the sad details of life. It was a kind of hell. The ones that never see the center are the ones spared the sad realities that were being explained to me. That was their heaven. I was in the center of the wheel. My thoughts continued to explain more. At times they would animate themselves through things or people in the room. 'There is no God. Religion is just fables that are piled up layer by layer through time. Life is just a pinhead of senseless time, in the uncountable spans of time, that always was and always will be. There is no beginning and no end to the universe. People use this time to work, play games, and indulge in vices. Smoking, drinking, and swearing are the things that brought you here.' My thoughts explained.

Just then John turned to me with a joint and said 'want a hit' and laughed. These thoughts seemed so real to me, and were so extremely depressing, that I couldn't bear the things I was shown. 'If I could go through my whole life without seeing all this again' I thought, 'that would be a heaven enough for me'. I seen a pack of demons entering through a window as my friends were laughing and partying. I started wishing my dad would come back. All of a sudden my dad walked back in to the room. It was like someone was reading my thoughts and orchestrating the events according to them. My father started telling us how we were ruining our lives again. My thoughts started to take control of my mind again. My thoughts would use what my dad was saying to continue my lesson about life. My father was a doctor. He was planning to take the whole family to the Philippines where he grew up. He told me that he was going to show me how hard he had it. He said he was going to show me where he had to work at a fishpond as he was growing up.

As he talked about it, my thoughts were telling me that the fishpond was my origin, my very early descendants came from the fishpond, and that all life came from the water. He told me he would show me the pond, all this stuck in my mind. He told us that education would get us through life. As he was telling us all this, I seen him as being an equal. Age meant nothing in the vastness of time. I thought at this point he knew what was going on with me. I thought he wanted to have a friendly conversation with us. He was still standing in the doorway, so I asked 'why don't you come in and join us?' I really did mean it, but he thought I was telling him to get lost in a sarcastic way, so he left. My thoughts ended the lesson telling me that although life is a sad senseless fact, some people try to find some fulfillment , although not much, in somehow doing a service to their fellow man. My thought's last statement was that no one, not even a religious person could save me from this sad and senseless life.

Every one left except Ricker, he was spending the night at my house. 'Let's smoke another joint' he said. ' No' I answered, 'I've had enough.' 'Aw come on, lets not ruin a good buzz, I'm coming down' he said. 'My dad caught us, everything went wrong tonight and you want me to smoke another joint? I asked. As I was saying this, a song started playing on the radio, Suite Judy blue eyes, by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. The song started out 'It's getting to the point where I'm no fun any more, I am sorry.' It happened again like someone read my thoughts and put them on the radio. I couldn't figure out how that kept happening. Finally convincing me to go outside and smoke a joint, we headed for the stairs. On our way out I heard our dogs scratching at the door, I went to let them in. We would chain them to the door at night. When I let them in, they would run in to the kitchen to see if there were any scraps that might have fallen on the floor.

One dog ran in to the kitchen and stopped suddenly because he didn't want to slide on the linoleum floor. I didn't realize that that was why he stopped so suddenly. I thought that he had seen something in there that frightened him. When I went to look I seen a huge rattlesnake in our kitchen. I was alarmed, then I reasoned, we lived in Ohio how could there be a rattlesnake in our kitchen. Still being cautious I approached it very slowly. As I got near it, it transformed into a paper bag. We went outside and smoked another joint. I felt much better outside. We went out for a walk. I looked up in the sky and each of the millions of stars turned a different color. There were some radio towers off in the distance, as I looked they turned in to a futuristic spiral city. A plane was flying past the towers, it turned in to a space ship. Tom and I talked as we were walking. He was telling me he wanted to have the most fun in life. As he was telling me this, his ears started getting pointy, and he started growing a goatie. He started turning in to a devil. 'What's the matter?' Tom asked, as I quickened my pace to get away from him. He didn't know what I was seeing.

We went home. I couldn't get much sleep that night. Every time I would close my eyes I would see planets, stars, and galaxies. The next morning in the shower I couldn't feel the water. My body was numb. I could tell that the drug had been really hard on my body. I told myself I would never do it again. Even though the thoughts were so convincing when I was high, I remember thinking the next day that there still might be a God. It was easier to consider it now that I was no longer high. While I was high I was convinced there was no God.

Exp Year: 1975ExpID: 11238
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 27, 2004Views: 15,471
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LSD (2) : Families (41), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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