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My Mouth Is Numb and My Breathing Is Deep
Coca & Cigarettes
by abraxxas
Citation:   abraxxas. "My Mouth Is Numb and My Breathing Is Deep: An Experience with Coca & Cigarettes (exp112445)". Oct 4, 2018.

3 g buccal Coca (leaves)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


Experience with coca leaf and cigarettes

I am a Colombian boy who does not like cooking, far from that living world near some coca bushes and I collect about 20 grams of fresh coca leaf which I put in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a few days while I use it. The method I use is to bind an amount close to 3 grams per night to write study and tone my central nervous system.
Experience: I take about 3 grams of coca which I divide into 3 pieces of coca per session and deposit them in the back of my mouth along with 200 mg of baking soda while I start to chew.

When I chew the leaves I feel as it numbs all my mouth while juices of coca and bicarbonate begin to be released to dissolve in my mouth little by little. I am swallowing a little of the liquid and I feel as my breath goes deeper than normal. Also my heartbeat gets more marked and starts to beat with greater force and there is some nausea while I do the procedure. My mind becomes more active, more vigilant to the environment.
My mind becomes more active, more vigilant to the environment.

Little by little the effect reaches its peak after 12 minutes after chewing it down gradually, and I can continue with the effect for half an hour after chewing it. My mouth is numb and my breathing is deep and there is some nausea while I am doing the procedure, my mind goes more together. With nicotine, the effect has a body synergy, while I smoke a cigarette the coca leaf rises causing it to absorb more nicotine. At this moment I feel energized as I write, without the stomach or bodily discomfort related to cocaine. There is also no sign of paranoia, the low is normal, I can sleep well, feel good, fall asleep and do so many things at once without being affected or betrayed by the effects.

It can become somewhat addictive for nicotine, which I hope will not cause problems in the future.
Definitely worth it

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112445
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Oct 4, 2018Views: 1,151
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