Taken by Surprise!
Citation:   The Wanderer. "Taken by Surprise!: An Experience with 4-Aco-DET (exp112479)". Erowid.org. Oct 18, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112479

T+ 0:00
3-7 mg oral 4-AcO-DET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:20 2 hits smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:30   smoked Cannabis  
5 mg +-2 mg 4-Aco-Det
0.1g Cannabis

T 0:00 : I have 100 mg of the substance. I divided the tan powder into 10 squares of same size. Then I proceed to ingest half a square which should be roughly 5mg give or take 2 mg. It tasted bitter, but nothing terrible. My purpose is to allergy test the substance, and maybe get a bit of a feel from it. But I知 not expecting much to be honest.

T+0:20 I feel different. Definitely not placebo. I知 at home and I want to chill. Since I did not expect much from the small amount, I went to smoke some Cannabis. I took about 2 good hits from a joint. It potentiated the body feeling I had felt from the 4-Aco-DET.

T+0:50 It is going. I feel good. I feel that my mind has expanded. I知 having deep thoughts. It is subtle, but undeniably there. I feel I want to socialize, read, walk. I feel active. My vision is bright. Objects have pronounced colors. I start thinking a lot about what is going on in my brain and body. All I want to do is read about chemistry and neuroscience. I cannot follow too well all this scientific literature, but I definitely want to try and re-read paragraphs as needed. Feel very motivated.

T+1:30 Bright objects such as my phone and computer screen have auras that can turn colorful at times. The walls of my apartment look weird. Everything looks vibrant, almost alive. Nothing is breathing or moving if it shouldn稚, but all objects have this extra sense of reality and beauty to them. I致e tried magic mushrooms several times at 2.5-3.5g doses, I致e never gotten too far visually-wise, but this feels like that and even more, but the overall feeling is energetic, positive, curious, sort of different to my mushroom experiences. I think this should be the peak experience, not really expecting something stronger than this from 5mg. But I知 completely taken aback by how powerful such small amount is. Completely recreational, could even be therapeutic; I can imagine this at a friend痴 gathering with people having a good time. I tried couple more hits of cannabis just to potentiate this feeling. It adds up, but not too much really.

T+2:30 I知 probably past the peak right now.
T+2:30 I知 probably past the peak right now.
Still motivated, visuals actually got stronger. I can see tracers, and my apartment looks even weirder. Emotionally and mentally I think the substance is wearing off. This is a first for me. In other substances visuals are the first to go as emotional responses start to subside. Not on this one, the more sober I feel the weirder things look around me. I do have to note that at times my chest felt quite a bit of pressure, Nothing terrible, but the pressure could be uncomfortable.

T+4:00 I still have visuals. I致e been reading non-stop for the last hour and a half or so. Very immersed in the subjects I知 exploring. I知 tired now and want to try to sleep. I go to bed and close the door. I知 seeing colors where there is none. The outside light that creeps through the door apertures is green, red, yellow. The colors are subtle, they almost look natural; but, there is no way I have green lights coming from outside my bedroom.

T+4:30 After some effort I could sleep.

Conclusions: I知 surprised what a small dose can do. I could even go out and have a good time with friends and strangers. This is coming from someone who does not like psychedelics in public. Even 25ug of LSD makes me want to be alone or with as few people as possible. Higher doses should be strong I suppose.

Caution: This is relatively new material, not a lot of people have tried it. Do it carefully! Next day I woke up with flu symptoms such as sore throat, and feeling down, I got the virus. This is NOT an effect of the drug, I probably had it coming even the day I took it. However, throughout the day I felt some weird nauseous waves that creeped on me and made me feel disoriented. I have never felt this symptom from the flu. I知 not saying the 4-Aco-DET is responsible, but I really find it weird. Those nausea waves is nothing I had experienced before from the flu, and almost seemed like little hangover waves. Could be unrelated, but worth noting in case other people also feel them and can relate.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112479
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Oct 18, 2018Views: 1,849
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