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thDysfunctionalFam: Very Messy Studio Session
LSD & Coffee
Citation:   Glutton for Peace. "thDysfunctionalFam: Very Messy Studio Session: An Experience with LSD & Coffee (exp112483)". Feb 24, 2023.

3 hits oral LSD
  32 oz rectal Coffee
I have a bit of a substance abuse issue, with food and various drugs, especially alcohol. Several years ago while I was living in Africa, I think I contracted some bug or something (or it could have just been the dramatic change in diet) that suddenly had me feeling constipated all the time. So along with my adventures with drugs, food and particularly the elimination of waste became an obsession. Overall the struggle has been hugely beneficial to my personal growth; I feel very bright and enthusiastic most of the time and although I have struggles, Iím regarded as a health enthusiast in most of my social circles. Iím just trying to give context as to what my body chemistry was like at the time of this trip.

The night before was spent alone, drinking and eating heavily.
The night before was spent alone, drinking and eating heavily.
I think I had actually planned to trip that day (it was Saturday), but I failed to prepare properly. My body was not ready for a trip. But I dosed anyway, and as I often did, I promptly prepared and administered an enema of two liters of water, to flush out the mass of uncomfortable waste sitting in my intestine. For some strange reason it came upon me to do one with coffee as well (I had premeditated this suffering in a truly perverse way).

The acid was incredibly strong. No idea what the real dosage was, but these were the strongest doses Iíd ever had. I think I was having visuals less than half an hour after taking them. I canít remember but I think I spanned the dosing out over about the same timeframe, so itís a little confusing. Suffice it to say it was hitting me pretty hard as I was eliminating the coffee enema! Iím a bit of an electronic musician, and I just remember having these super-inspiring visual and auditory hallucinations. Lots of mandala-esque geometric patterns, but I was capable of working in my studio and began having a session, using my small, dysfunctional family of acoustic instruments, a microphone and some simple devices to glitch up the world around me. The glitches in the music felt very organic, as if I heard them naturally without having to use any devices at all. Basically I was altering the points in time at which sounds occurred. Whistling sounded particularly cool. As I looked over my shoulder out of my large, ground-level window for suspicious neighbors, I flew off into a musical realm of true ecstasy. I remember realizing that itís impossible for a musician to run out of ideas, because creativity is an energy with an appetite kind of like a fire. It grows the more you feed it. 

All the while, I was thinking, as I often do, about how wasteful it is to stress the adrenals as a means of mind alteration. My mind had not shifted away from my stomach. Before too long I ended up on the toilet again. More than once. As I continued producing this mess of a hippie tune I began to lose my groove. Before I knew it I had been sitting on the toilet with nothing coming out for probably a half hour, completely distracted by everything. The trip completely died! I canít remember ever having that happen, like, all of a sudden I was sober again. I guess my mind triggered some sort of defense mechanism, because it was a truly ugly trip. I mean worrying about cancer like a motheró, and also about this huge mass of waste I had in my bowel, afraid it was impacted in there and would never come out. So gross! I guess the trip might have lasted five hours? I really donít know. My perception of time was radically altered.

 Eventually I went back to attempt to clean up the mess of a recording I had made. I donít know if it can be rescued.

I learned that coffee enemas are extremely intoxicating. I have a pretty bad caffeine habit (I donít really regard any caffeine as healthy) so I didnít notice the effects as much in past coffee enema experiences without psychedelics. Also, it was some really cheap coffee from Trader Joeís too. I donít know why I couldnít have at least gone with organic. 
I actually might consider doing it again, although itís unlikely. Those hallucinations were extreme! And everyone feels energized after a good dump.

If something possesses me to go that route, Iíll make sure that I donít abuse the hell out of my body the night before. Itís hard to tell just how irritating the coffee was, and how much of that was just the God-awful food combination from the night before.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112483
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Feb 24, 2023Views: 344
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