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To Get a Buzz Going Before Dinner
by GoodStrong
Citation:   GoodStrong. "To Get a Buzz Going Before Dinner: An Experience with Coffee (exp112499)". Oct 29, 2018.

3 cups oral Coffee


3:35 PM

Brewed a cup of Nespresso using three of the disposable pods. Normally I use one, the past few days I've been using two. When using two I am quite caffeinated and feel drowsy when the effects subside. I figured I'd go for gold and drink three to get a buzz going before dinner today.

Took a few sips and feel a lift from the warmth and decent flavor. I always have wondered if this reaction is due to my body realizing the consumption of caffeinated beverages. That or the caffeine actually breaking down once it touches down in my belly.

Definitely feeling boost. My supervisor joined me in my office briefly and I felt myself responding rather quickly...Maybe it's just me.

Had this thought that even if it is just me thinking that my speech is accelerated, wouldn't that mean that my speech is actually accelerated. If my brain realizes a difference that must mean something has changed. Placebo or not, I am feeling different than I did not even ten minutes ago.
Placebo or not, I am feeling different than I did not even ten minutes ago.

Upon typing the first words of this report, I was nervous and thought about typing only about the change of headspace as to not make this too personal of a report.

Now I just feel like expressing myself as a whole because whilst reading very in-depth reports, I being to imagine what the author is like. I feel as if you cannot do that unless I express myself clearly and truthfully.

Being clear and truthful has never harmed my mental state. Although, I do believe it may sometimes harm others.

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and a safe chemical when used properly. I find it fascinating how different I feel whilst drinking Yerba Mate. My theory on this is that coffee is dramatically more acidic and likely results in a faster absorption rate of caffeine.

I wish I knew these things, thankfully I have access to information that may lead me in the right direction.

More than half-way done with my brew. Bless the internet. Taking a break to research a little more about Yerba Mate to learn what else in the leaves. It's not like the feeling is dramatically different, just more enjoyable with the Mate.

I haven't been reading back and I normally am very self conscious about my writing. I like when things are perfect and thankfully caffeine does not accelerate my OCD-like tendencies.

I need to poop I feel like. Maybe just gas. Feels strange and almost tightening.

Got pulled from my desk to finalize an image, I work IT and we are currently in the process of pushing Windows 10 upon some older machines.

Need to use the bathroom. The urge to pee is growing exponentially. The tightening sensation mentioned earlier has evolved into a smooth body buzz. I can feel a slight twitch when focusing on individual parts of my body. Possibly this is just a heightened sense of feeling and I am feeling my blood pump.

Got caught up in typing that and didn't use the bathroom. I'm finding it hard to explain what I am feeling without using the words buzz or high.
I'm finding it hard to explain what I am feeling without using the words buzz or high.
I truly feel an altered state of mind and my body is surprisingly sensitive to the touch and almost clammy though the room temperature is quite average if not on the cold side for an office building.

Alright I need to pee forreal.

Came back and feel mostly stable. Not sure how much more stimulated I would want to be, I feel very in control and confident in my actions.

Wrapping it up, I still feel this chemical yet not in the way that I feel harder drugs. There is no loss of senses, only heightened ones. There is no paranoia or mania like with cocaine but the levels of energy are comparable in a sense. I don't have enough experience with cocaine to tell much. Caffeine on the other hand, I have been ingesting since the age 5-8 If I recall correctly. My parents were never huge supporters of soda but I certainly had one the many caffeinated sodas as a child. Once I hit high school I started drinking tea and or coffee every morning. During college I barely drank coffee, only the occasional overpriced dark roast from Pete's. To experiment with caffeine in the way that I did today was enjoyable. Knowing how much caffeine (on average) that I ingested was helpful because I read many experiences of similar and also excessive doses. I prepared myself for the worst but the stimulation was not too much to handle by any means. I do feel a little hot and quite cold now that I'm focusing on my fingers. This experience is not over but I feel as if I accomplished my goal of documenting the come-up.

Crashing is never fun and I hope not to experience many symptoms. I'm about to eat a hearty dinner and smoke quality flower so maybe that will combat it.

Thank you for reading, I feel as If I was all over the place as far as prose goes. My emotions remained quite stable in my opinion, other than the brief change of tone during the parts about me using the bathroom.

In the end, I wrote this for my own benefit and I hope that doesn't come across as rude. I think I will use caffeine in the future to learn with, not from.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112499
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Oct 29, 2018Views: 3,985
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Coffee (173) : General (1), Workplace (51)

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