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Lucid Dreams
by SomeGuyFromTheWeb
Citation:   SomeGuyFromTheWeb. "Lucid Dreams: An Experience with Tapentadol (exp112516)". Erowid.org. Nov 12, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112516

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral Tapentadol (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:45 100 mg oral Tapentadol (pill / tablet)


Before I get started here is some information I feel is relevant to this report.

I will be attempting to fill in this report as my trip progresses (present tense).

This is my first experience with a more 'hardcore' opiate. What I mean by this is; I have tried codeine before, but in a lot lower dose and it was also combined with paracetamol, so it is almost impossible to compare these two experiences. I had quite a sizeable dose of Temazepam two days earlier to this experience, which I doubt would affect the results, but it was worth mentioning.

The pills I received were Tydol brand (50mg) from Sun Pharma in India. Not sure on the efficacy, but I guess we'll find out.

I am somewhat immunocompromised as I just got my rabies shots, am just getting over a virus and had an allergic reaction from the Temazepam I mentioned earlier... Otherwise I'm in good shape. The last I had eaten before the first dose was approximately 2-2.5 hours before the first pill. I only had half a sandwich, so this experience was essentially done on an empty stomach. Other medication I've had today: 1x 500mg Paracetamol (30 minutes before), 1x 180mg Fexofenadine (around 8am), 3x 200mg Ibuprofen (2 at 8am and another with the paracetamol).

T+ 0:00/2:30pm - Swallowed a single of the small, white pills. According to the packaging it should take 30 minutes to take effect.

T+ 0:30 - Starting to feel somewhat of a buzz while doing some manual labour. Feels very similar to the opiate buzz I've read about countless times.

T+ 0:45 - Took another two tablets. The first I simply swallowed like the first, but with the second pill I decided to partially dissolve it under my tongue, chew the remains, then swallow the dissolved pill powder.

T+ 1:00/3:30pm - Definitely feeling an effect now. My head has started to feel heavy, and a stoned, drunk feeling is creeping in. The effects are quite similar to the benzodiazepines I have tried
The effects are quite similar to the benzodiazepines I have tried
(Alprazolam and Temazepam). I am finding it harder to type now, and frequently have to re-check my writing for errors (it took my about 5 attempts to spell frequently).

T+ 1:20 - Just stood up and walked around to get something to eat. Not a total loss of balance by any means, but I'm not completely stable. Touching or running my fingertips over my arms feels quite nice. No real sense of euphoria yet, but a very nice body high at the moment.

T+ 1:30 - Strong feeling of nausea just came on. Grabbed a bowl just in case...

T+ 1:35 - Decided to move from sitting at my desk to laying on my bed. This produced a very nice feeling all over my body, and the heavy feeling in my head disappeared for whatever reason.

T+ 1:50 - Reading over my entries, I realise how long it has taken me to write the last two, especially in comparison to how little I actually wrote. On a side note, my eyes are having a hard time focusing and staying focused which makes typing EVEN harder.

T+ 1:55 - I have some pretty bad bruises on my arm/shoulder from paintballing. They were somewhat painful before, but I can barely feel them at all any more. The pill definitely performs its intended task well.

T+ 2:05/4:35pm - After having a bit of a snack, I returned to my bed. With nice breeze from the wind, and my fan, it is nearly irresistible to fully concentrated, or even awake. I am also noticing what is almost a closed eye hallucination (weird colours and patterns on the back of my eyelids).

T+ 2:15 - After sitting at my desk for a matter of minutes, the strong feeling of nausea is back. Am returning to my bed.

T+ 2:20 - Feeling less nauseous again, and back at my desk. Having some strange, very vivid daydreams (about video games I used to play - of course) almost as soon as my eyelids shut when I'm resting on my bed.

T+ 4:40 - I decided to temporarily stop making entries just so I could enjoy the trip, and possibly explain it better once I started coming down (around now). All I was doing was watching videos and chatting to people online, but everything just felt like it was... right. I also experienced a very strange phenomenon when I was listening to music I knew quite well. The music would incorporate into the small, semi-conscious dreams that happened almost every time my eyelids started to droop and I drifted into a light sleep... it was almost like the lyrics were part of the extremely lifelike dreams that made me feel like I could read people's minds - I think this drug led me to my first lucid dreams.

Final Conclusion -I truly believe people are either expecting too much from it (Oxy levels of euphoria) or maybe aren't in the right setting. Both of these factors can lead to a mundane, boring, upsetting, startling, or perhaps even scary trip - it is very important to go into this with an open mind and a safe environment/trip sitter so you don't do any stupid shit. That being said, this chemical is quite a strong depressant, I felt fairly sleepy, however I believed that may be a blessing in disguise, as I had a great time lucid dreaming and simply feeling content about everything while just laying back in bed. 3x 50mg pills caused a significant amount of nausea in me.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112516
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Nov 12, 2018Views: 4,244
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Tapentadol (495), Dreams (85) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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