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Less Is More, Tipsy Is Better Than Blackout
by CrystalMan07
Citation:   CrystalMan07. "Less Is More, Tipsy Is Better Than Blackout: An Experience with Alcohol (exp112517)". Oct 26, 2018.

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Hi fellow trippers,

It took me way more than I care to admit to learn the proper dosaging of Alcohol. I've been drinking and getting drunk since my teens as everybody else, but I always seemed to go with getting too drunk too fast for my own good. What I have learnt recently is that less is more with alcohol, definitely.

I am a very experienced substance taker, I have gone through all the possible and impossible substances one can imagine. That means all of the known illegal ones and many of the so called legal highs, substances you wouldn't even know about. I've done it all and been wasted on it all and been addicted on it all. A true veteran of the psychoactive scene. So my judgement in terms of the perceived effects is impeccable.

Today I thought I'd better go slow with booze if I want to get the best out of it. At the weekend I drank a bottle of wine quickly and then another two drinks and was hammered so much my head was dropping and my wife was commenting I looked like a zombie. This got me thinking, I prefer the feel of being tipsy to the feeling of being drunk way too much, so what is the way to make the tipsy period last for longer and not get blackout drunk.

So I started with a bottle of wine. I drank it fairly quickly looking to get drunk, but after the 3rd glass I noticed I was tipsy and decided to slow right down. What I discovered happened was way better than any of the previous times I've been drunk (so many times). The tipsy phase lasts for 30-60 minutes once I'm there, I don't need to take a single sip after I get there and I'd better not or I'll end up in drunk territory. So once I first feel I'm tipsy I can take another 3-4 sips out of my glass and then just STOP drinking altogether for an hour or so. Alcohol intoxication lasts for between 1.5 and 3 hours, I won't run out of steam without a sip in an hour! I'll stay pleasantly intoxicated for that duration of time and only when I feel the tipsiness decrease should I start drinking again. After I feel that I have another drink and see how far that takes me. It tends to bring me to the same level I was on before with just one drink. I don't need anymore!

Being tipsy is the best part of being drunk. Being woozy, having my head spin is too much and it's just not as pleasant and as optimistic and happy as tipsy is! To get tipsy [I have]:

2-3 pints of beer
2-3 glasses of win
3-4 25cl single shots of spirits or mixers

after that I'll be there, at the best possible effect alcohol can offer, it gives it early rather than late. WIth MDMA for instance it's the opposite, the more I take the happier and more loved up I'll be, but with alcohol, It's worse the more I consume and there is a definite level that I can maintain for hours that keeps me feeling good and is not too much.

Be smart!

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112517
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Oct 26, 2018Views: 761
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