Funny Fart Clown
by tps
Citation:   tps. "Funny Fart Clown: An Experience with Changa (exp112520)". Nov 6, 2018.

300 mg smoked Changa
After months of curious contemplation I decided I wanted to see what a DMT experience was like. Freebasing sounded too difficult to manage so I got my hands on 1g of Changa. I also bought a small bong to smoke it with.

I went to my office on a friday afternoon. None of my workmates were around, but I locked my door anyway just in case. I set a pillow on the floor and laid down next to it, on my stomach, close to the open window. I had a nice 80s style retrowave mix playing from my speakers as I loaded the bong with around 0.3g.

I remember feeling a little anxious and not knowing what to expect, really. The stories and experiences I'd read made me think I was prepared, though. During the last year, I'd experimented with LSD and shrooms quite a lot. But I wasn't sure yet how different and how powerful this was going to be.

I took three solid hits from the bong. The taste and smell felt chemical and alien to me. I was a bit scared. I mean, what did I really know about this substance I was smoking here? I had no idea what it was, really. But I wasn't going to back down now, was I? Everything felt creepy as hell. While inhaling the third one I could already feel my perception changing. Nothing really quantifiable at first, just a distinct otherness everywhere around me and inside my mind. As I exhaled the last hit I saw the edges of the bong brighten strangely, along with some mild visual alterations around me.

I rolled over onto my back with my head on the pillow, wondering what was about to happen. I reminded myself of the advice I'd read: just go with it, don't fight it even if it feels unpleasant or scary, otherwise you're going to have a bad time. So I tried to relax even though I was apprehensive as my consciousness felt very, very altered, much unlike anything I'd felt like before. But this was what I wanted, right?
I was apprehensive as my consciousness felt very, very altered, much unlike anything I'd felt like before. But this was what I wanted, right?
What the hell have I done to myself?

Suddenly, with my eyes closed, I felt an entity rush into my world from my left side, kind of peeking in from nowhere. I didn't really see it but completely feel its presence. It was laughing in a sinister manner. The words 'Funny fart clown' echoed through me, and that was its name, I guess. This presence wasn't evil, as such, it wasn't here to kill me but to torment me. Forever. It was never, ever going to release me from its manic carnival. All I saw were fractal-like blinking lights and the Clown's strange visage. Not really a face, or a body, just something that came from another place to torture me.

I still remembered how I got there, and who I was, so I kept telling myself over and over again: 'This will pass, just keep it cool. It's not really forever. Just a few minutes and you'll escape this thing.' I could think this to myself but I still felt like I was trapped for good. The music I had playing was nothing but unintelligible mush which I didn't recognize in any way.

After an indeterminate amount of experienced 'time' I forced my eyes open. I knew I could stop this somehow, I had to try. The ceiling didn't look familiar, but heavily distorted and I couldn't recognize anything of my surroundings at first. But I was sure I was still in my office room and after opening and closing my eyes a few more times I decided to stand up. The malevolent Clown was still with me.

Everything I saw around me was made up of smooth, colorful chips, or fish scales maybe. I grabbed my cigars, threw on a hoodie and stumbled outside to smoke. I had to get out of there.

As the effects subsided I was shaken. Slowly the overbearing feeling of the other presence faded, and I was thankful for it.

I don't know what I was expecting but it sure as hell wasn't this. The rest of my Changa is still untouched as for now.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112520
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38
Published: Nov 6, 2018Views: 1,844
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Changa (816) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2)

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