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An Obscure and Beautiful Phenethylamine
Citation:   thisisscience. "An Obscure and Beautiful Phenethylamine: An Experience with 2C-EF (exp112521)". Nov 14, 2018.

[Erowid Note: Two of two samples of material sold as 2C-EF and analyzed by Erowid's DrugsData service were actually other 2C- compounds.]

6:30: 3mg 2c-ef dosed orally

6:45: actually feeling slightly drowsy. Perhaps going to give in and lay down and watch parks and rec and eat cookies

8:45: woke up from nap

9:30: after a quick run to the store it's clear there's a definate sense of intoxication, but it's not impairing or visual, aside from light sensitivity. Cant put my finger on the intoxication though. Just feel... different.

9:00 am following day: Not easy to get out of bed, though obviously no trouble sleeping as I don't remember trying to fall asleep. Higher dose next time.

7:30: 5mg 2c-ef dosed orally

8:00: still no effect. Could be due to only a 5 day wait between doses.

9:30: no effect. Has to be tolerance period.


11:15: 1.5mg 2c-ef IV

11:20: brightened colors, increased libido, slight stimulation, some morphing and waving. I'm starting to see this drug.

11:30: worthwhile to note the familiar feeling I get in the back of my throat/roof of my mouth, indicitive with phenethylamines seemingly.

11:49: considerable time dilation. Visuals seem to have dropped off. Muscle tension. Yawning. Tomorrow, perhaps 2-2.5mg. I'd like to see the visuals this drug has to offer.

Writing this mostly from memory, I was far too caught up in the experience to document this while it was happening.
T: 0:00 - 6 days tolerance. 3.5 mg administered IV.

T:+0:01 - As expected with IV admin, I was full on fairly quick. The visuals are astounding. Everything is crystalline, or perhaps ethereal would be a word to describe it. Overwhelming euphoria. Mindset is in tact, but a lot of normal thought processes are hindered. Will elaborate later in the report. No labido increase with this one because the visuals were too stunning and distracting.

T:+1:00 - My brother has come home. I'm elated to see him. Immediately I feel as though we're soulbound to each other. I feel like I can feel what he feels see what he sees hear what he hears. I ask him to prepare me food because I couldn't trust myself to do so. He's lazy so he makes me Ramen. Although as previously mentioned my mindstate was in tact and I wasn't confused or lost, had my bearings and new where I was and what I was on, Looking at the bowl of Ramen was so foreign. I remember looking at my brother and asking, 'So, this is acceptable tablefare for a human?' This was amusing for him.

T:+1:30 - Visuals seem to have boosted and reached a plateau. Though my field of view is 'clear', I still walk with my arms extended just to be sure that none of the crystalline structures are actually walls. I'm overwhelmingly curious about human contact, so I ask my brother to touch palms together with me, almost like patty cake except stationary. I feel like I'm absorbing his memories and thoughts. In reality, these are probably my own vicarious memories of him being his brother for 25 years. Contact at the fingertips feels like a small electric shock. Not uncomfortable, but tingly.

T:+2:00 - After getting my fill of human contact, now I need to know about water contact. I stay in the shower until the water goes cold.

After this I don't remember anything substantial. Overall probably 4-5 hours total in this experience.

Beautiful chem. It's just too bad that it's so obscure.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112521
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Nov 14, 2018Views: 1,567
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2C-EF (621) : Alone (16), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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