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Very Sedative, but Mind Provoking
Morning Glory
Citation:   Theodon. "Very Sedative, but Mind Provoking: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp112530)". Erowid.org. Feb 5, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112530

4.5 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
LSA Quik No Hammer or Grinder, Used Knife

This is the second time doing LSA; the last time I did LSA was a very memorable experience, but nauseating as well, my friend and I planned a trip in the woods with it, thought it didn't work. Took 3 hours to kick in, anyways I digress to the original story.

I've decided after doing all duties needed to be done at home, I now have time off to be able to experiment again. Prepared 4 hours prior to 9:30 PM.

Items: Morning glory, large kitchen knife, solid surface, cup, distilled water** (important), rubber band, cloth/paper towel. Orange juice or any fruit juice (preference of chaser). Dry and cool place.

Without a grinder, coffee grinder, blender, or hammer, I was able to successfully, but slightly easier than hammer, squash the seeds with using a large kitchen knife center, and using body pressure with arm to crush seed. It crushes with ease compared to hammer, and much less destruction and noise.

I quickly dispatched them into distilled water (after cleaning the seeds thoroughly before crushing, forgot to mention) and waited 4 hours. Put in a cup and used paper towel over the top with rubber band, kept in cool dry area and maintained darkness.

After 4 hours, unveiled it, grabbed orange juice; took the seeds and transfered them into an orange juice drink to bear the taste. Drank the water first, and then slammed the orange juice with the seeds in it. Best way to obtain all of it without waiting 24 hours and possibly missing the pure amount.

Anyways back to the drug and times.

T: 0 - Very full from slamming lots of liquid, will end up peeing frequently before it kicks in.

T: +0:30 - Slight stomach issue, but nothing too intense.

T: +1:00 - More annoyed stomach issue, but eventually start to feel slight eye dilation and slight euphoria.

T: +1:25 - The stomach pain goes away, and a glow emerges slowly hitting every limb on the body starting from the stomach, almost like a blast of energy. Head feels euphoric. No visuals.

T: +2:00 - Drug is in full effect, it feels very sedative, but mind provoking thoughts on ideas and things that I never thought of before
T: +2:00 - Drug is in full effect, it feels very sedative, but mind provoking thoughts on ideas and things that I never thought of before
, problem solving almost, but without the motivation to do that particular thing at the time. Euphoric still, visuals not showing. Feels similar to head space of LSD, but not visual.

T: +2:45 - Believe at this point I'm peaking, very sedative, I can move, but desire feels like thinking of things more so than actually wanting to move, if emergency I can, but just feel lazy at this point (normally very energetic person). Very small visuals, fuzzes, head space is strong, deeper philosophical thought and ideas, closed eyed visual slightly strong.

T: +4:00 - Getting tired so was easy to go to sleep on this compared to other psychedelics, most others its very difficult to sleep. I've had before with this a much longer trip, but it's easy to just sleep.

Notes: This almost feel like an assisted sleep. One thing I did notice that I didn't experience prior, close eyed visuals were a thing this time, but the other time it didn't happen at all. The visuals were circular yet geometric, yellowish, diamonds, blackish, and no meaning behind like others feel. Almost had a micro hint of DMT feel or AMT visual feel, but other than that not enough to seek after.

Personal thoughts of this drug all together: Therapeutic or beneficial? I think it would be best to relax and rethink problems or current issues I'm having with myself or even writing a book. It feels like it's mostly a head space high, with a relaxing tone to it. Feels slightly like LSD. Also didn't have desire to have sex like I did with most psychs, I felt it mentally, but to actually want to do it was another thing.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112530
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Feb 5, 2019Views: 856
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