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Nozi- Not
by Brad
Citation:   Brad. "Nozi- Not: An Experience with Methotrimeprazine (exp112546)". Dec 16, 2018.

100 mg oral Pharms - Sertraline (daily)
  5-25 mg oral Pharms - Methotrimeprazine (pill / tablet)
I'm one of those peopke has had the misfortune to be confined in a mental ward. I was on a lot of drugs and was not making sound decisions. I was getting violent, and I was "voluntarily admitted" to a psych ward by police after a particularly nasty meltdown, where I stayed for 9 days. Being a basically normal guy who'd just spun himself out on dope, the real maniacs had me a bit edgy so I would tactfully ask for tranquilizers--Lorazapam mostly, but they brought Diazepam at night, since by comparison I was a model patient, the nurses were good about the downers provided I had a good reason. They didn't go directly to the -Pam's though, only when they exhausted all the other options and I suggested benzodiazepine, as I was familiar with them as the doctors came to find out during our sessions dealing with my drug use.

In that time before they relented and just started doping me up (along with 100mg of Zoloft a day) I tried quite a few psychiatric drugs that were sedating, but not tranquilizing. They work by quieting the places in the frontal lobe where psychotic activity is most prevalent. Maybe for an actual psychotic the feeling of a drug like Quetiapine is somewhat recreational from simple relief. Much like benzo's--not that much fun really, but if I'm wired it feels pretty damn good to be brought down. This could be called euphoria and these are the same feelings I have toward anti-psychotics...they probably feel pretty good if you're actually psychotic. The sedative effect is usually so weak I barely notice it. This is a man who is not mad, but so wound up I most certainly appear that way. They handed out the Seroquel like candy in the Ward, but if it didn't work there was another option, Nozinan. Supposedly anxiolytic and analgesic as well as anti-psychotic. I admit, I was curious, so I told them the Seroquel didn't make the nut (which was true, as a downer it's shit) and got put on Nozinan.

I'd heard these things can get you high, but I heard a lot of that same rap about Seroquel and the Z-drugs, and as I understood it my RX was a pretty low dose, so I wasn't so sure it was worth the trouble. I've never had any luck with drugs like this, Nozinan is no exception. My shrink made me promise not to "abuse or sell" the pills when he wrote out the RX, so I was excited about them...for no real reason. They're crap. Total shit. Could be a placebo sugar pill for all of me. They were 5mg pills, so I edged it up to 25mgs to overtake the therapeutic use of the drug and get high. Something, anything, even an effect I don't like like Trazadone or Zopiclone, should've happened at 5x the medical suggestion. Nothing. Goddamn doctor made the shit sound like heroin and xanax in a pill, and it didn't do a fucking thing. What the doctor said is true, don't abuse these, there's no point. Nozinan sucks. Like all the less desirable downers, its a pointless drug for a brain that's just adventurous, not insane. I truly hope this works for psychotics as some of the other options like Risperidone and Effexor sound down right terrifying. Maybe it's better with Coke or Mandy, but I don't think I'm gonna bother finding out.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112546
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Dec 16, 2018Views: 1,627
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Pharms - Methotrimeprazine (175) : Medical Use (47), Retrospective / Summary (11), Hospital (36)

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