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Checking In
2C-B (hydrobromide salt)
Citation:   Samanthe. "Checking In: An Experience with 2C-B (hydrobromide salt) (exp11255)". Jan 5, 2002.

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10 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  10 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)
It had been a while since I’d attempted anything new with a psychedelic. I had access to some 2C-B hydrobromide salt, which hurts less to do intranasally than the hydrochloride. Since I feel I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with 2C-B, I had it in my mind to snort a little some time, “just to see.” I generally do small doses of 2C-B, but lost interest in it somewhat since my stash of little 5 mg tablets ran out. One of the most annoying things about the drug war is the difficulty it causes me when I’m trying to get a known dose of something. I don’t have an expensive scale, or scales of any sort. Going just 5 mg “wrong” in one direction or the other makes it challenging getting to my target state of mind.

When I have the good fortune of aquiring some 2C-B, I usually look at it helplessly and think what a bother it is to either chronically underdose myself (the usual route) or just plain wonder how much I am doing. I’ve done generally no more than 12 mg orally, either on the tail end of MDMA (something I’ve discontinued, the cracked out feeling I get is not that great, and I rarely do MDMA anymore anyway) or to give me a zing to dance with. I love to do a little and dance; I get into the zone more easily, particularly since I’m generally not on any other substances and I get tired and cranky when it’s 3 AM and I really want to be dancing but my body doesn’t want to comply. The 2C-B helps my coordination and energy level.

This time I was at Earthdance. I took about 10 mg orally, but I didn’t really feel off-baseline. Maybe because it was cold and I was busy trying to stay warm. With a dear friend goading me jokingly as I considered snorting some about 3 hours later, I tried measuring out what I eyeballed (hah) to be about 5 mg. I didn’t really feel it. So he stuck a bullet full of 2C-B at me and said, “come one, just do it.” How much is a snort from a bullet? I’ve heard estimates but who really knows, depending on how fluffy the material is... In this case I’ll venture 10-15 mg. So I did it.

Well I got that familiar, “whoa!” whooshing feeling of peaking, within 10 minutes. I wondered, “How far up is this going? How long?” I got restless, and encouraged my group (3 on MDMA/LSD, 2 on LSD, my goading friend, I forget what he was on, and my roommate, who was the control) to start walking with me, back to the sound stages. My body felt suffused with phenethylamine energy, and I got the familiar visuals. I quickly got down to the business of tripping, rather than the twinkly energy boost I’ve usually used 2C-B for. It felt quite controlled, which I was pleased with; in a festival setting, I don’t want to feel I can’t handle my drugs. At one point, when some people in the group were attracted to an acoustic stage, but I felt restless and had to keep moving, I considered my options. And an option I don’t usually choose opened up -- I decided, hey why not set off by myself. I have **rarely** tripped by myself, and in those cases it was MDMA, so this was a novelty.

I walked off (goading friend soon chose to go to the same tent as me, the “electronica temple” or the “electronica ghetto” as we had renamed it). In the context of all my tripping this choice is relevant because I usually find a correspondence in non-tripping world, and in non-tripping world I’ve often depended on other people to lead, or felt like I needed to “stick with the group.” So this was a milestone for me. I love those little life lessons I get when I’m tripping.

At one point, all the people on LSD/MDMA got entranced by the gemstones&crystals vendor. In the past, I would have maybe gotten anxious that the “straight” people would get weirded out by the “tripping” people. That where my head used to be; overly concerned by appearances and other people’s perceptions. This time, instead of getting anxious, I just noticed interactions, and tried to read what I saw, without actually getting caught up in “believing” one story or another. I just tried to feel and sense it. And I just stood there, energetically self-sufficient, and serene, observing what was going on around me. I didn’t judge myself for doing or not doing. I overrode the self-judgment, pretty much: a victory.

At about 45 minutes, I got into the electronica ghetto, and stood near the back, and danced where I felt like it and stood still when I didn’t. In the past, I would have maybe gotten caught up in some sort of “I don’t belong here!” trip. But I didn’t do that this time. I had this really beautiful vision -- there were many people around me, and if I soft-focused my eyes, I could sometimes see my loved ones in the faces going by. It reminded me of shapeshifting. I felt very comfortable with this effect, a reminder of “we are all one.” I didn’t feel this to the point where I would actually mistake a stranger for someone I knew, but just at the threshold of my awareness, I sensed how a person could get that feeling of locking eyes with a “stranger” across a room and sensing the familiar. I felt how that was both a truth and an illusion, and how careful I should be to try and surround myself with honest people whom I love and respect, in order to grow with them, and also to avoid the kind of karmic agreements I’ve had with less-than-admirable partners. Who am I to second-guess my karmic agreements, I suppose, but still I would prefer to choose good matches with good honest partners rather than some of the fearful players I’ve partnered with before. I’m single, and have thought a lot about partnering lately, so I think this was a natural thought to be crossing my mind.

At some point I got restless again so I walked across a field to witness circus performers and firedancers. They looked like the DMT elves look in my DMT/ayahuasca trips. I experienced this dimensional overlay with a thought; will there be/is there a world where they are one and the same? The circus and the otherdimensional beings? I’m not conveying properly the nuance I was thinking -- but it was on the order of, we are building a world where our imaginings are manifesting; people are doing this around me, it’s not just something from fairy tales or eras gone by. I felt this in my body, rather than just playing with it in my mind, as a random thought. It’s a poorly articulated thought for now, but it’s a seed I’ll keep nurturing. And again, instead of comparing myself to the performers, as if they were somehow more highly evolved or conscious because they were doing cool things with their bodies and living a (seemingly) beautiful artistic lifestyle and I was just this normal, less-than, mediocre person watching them, I just observed my thoughts; just let them pass by me, without getting caught up in them. It was nice to be getting more in touch with my Observer.

I could probably describe a few more scenarios during this trip where I felt pleased at progress like this, seeing where I’d moved passed previously perceived mental blocks and compulsions, since the last time I tripped, but I’ll spare you the gory details.

It’s just nice to check in occasionally with tripspace and gauge where I am and where I’m going. And the same things pop up: breathe, dance, practice mindfulness, learn more and more about spiritual traditions (particularly Buddhism), and strive for balance.

At about 3 AM (about 3 hours after insufflating the ~10-15 mg) I went to bed under the stars, and had no trouble falling asleep.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11255
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 5, 2002Views: 15,775
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2C-B (52) : General (1), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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