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Metocin, The Lucid Psychedelic
Citation:   The Wanderer. "Metocin, The Lucid Psychedelic: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp112552)". Nov 13, 2018.

13 mg oral 4-HO-MET
I planned going camping with my wife and dogs. It is quite a beautiful Sunday and I feel curious about the Metocin that Iím storing in my freezer. From several reports out there, It seems to be a clear headed psychedelic, and without knowing much what that meant I decided to measure 13 mg to take with me.

My wife does not like seeing me under the influence of psychedelics and I get it; she is sober and Iím somewhere between a philosophical drunk and an autistic kid, so I always indulge when Iím by myself. Based on reported experiences of being able to perform in social situations, I felt adventurous and wanted to see how the situation would play out.

T 0:00
Itís 5 pm, 2 hours before sunset. I decide it is the perfect time and swallow the light brown powder. It looks like chocolate milk powder and tastes slightly bitter. Very easy to down with water. Itís a sunny day with clear blue skies. Iím inside a dense forest next to a lake with breathtaking views. I do not know what to expect.

T+ 0:25
Is something happening? I feel slight alarms. Iím waiting for my wife to come back from the store and I donít know how well in the head she will find me. From the nature of the onset feelings, this seems to be a light dose. I donít want to be very intoxicated, so itís ok.

T+ 0: 45
Introspection is definitely heightened. The come-up body load is very easy to handle. It is there, but it does not bother me. I feel intoxicated but capable of setting up my campground. Colors and textures are becoming psychedelic. My wife is back and Iím talking to her as we organize. She knows Iím on Metocin and she has no idea what to expect of me either. We just go about our things. Iím enjoying the views.

T+ 1:20
Iím surprised. This feels different for me. The visuals are quite strong; they are soft and creamy. Colors are surreal and strange visualizations of my mind present to me in the most beautiful ways. Iím enjoying the sunset with my wife. We are talking, laughing, playing with the dogs. I just want to sit down and relax even though Iím feeling euphoric. It is a good experience.
I just want to sit down and relax even though Iím feeling euphoric. It is a good experience.

T+ 2:30
The sun is hiding behind the horizon leaving us with left over light on our surroundings. I canít stop being amazed by this substance. I can keep long trains of thoughts and I feel I can come across funny and well grounded. Full logical sentences can come out of me during the conversations with my wife. As I talk to her I keep a straight face but Iím seeing much more that she can even imagine.

T + 3:30
I feel very clear headed and the crazy visuals have diminished. I feel weird about saying clear headed, because I donít know how else to describe it. There is definitely a headspace. It is not as therapeutic and life changing as other psychedelics Iíve tried. But it is nice. It keeps me positive and in a good mood. I burned my finger picking up a burning stick. It would have normally ruined the night. But I can make myself ignore the pain and feel there are more importance things to focus on at the moment. Iím still having a good time.

T+ 5:30
There is nice afterglow that I can still appreciate thanks to the reflected light form the bonfire. I feel tired and I want to call it a night. I go for a short walk with my dogs hoping to find a snake or an owl before I end the day. The body load has been very forgiving; it does feel sedating, but it does not impede a nice walk.

T+ 16:00
It was a cold night, but I felt very tolerant to it. I wonder if it has to do with the Metocin. Pain or cold could not bother me much. I wake up with good energy ready to take on a new day. I smile. It was a good evening with this novel(for me) substance known as 4-Aco-MET.

I use psychedelics mostly for therapeutic reasons. After tripping for a while itís hard for me to be amazed at the visuals every time. However, I will keep a place for this substance. It did not impair my brain at the dosage that I took, and I think this gives it very good props. I was eloquent, introspective, mildly euphoric, and able to perform tasks such as tent building, grilling meat, and keeping a conversation. It worries me a bit that people might experience muscle spasms as Iíve read, but my personal experience was very easy on the body. I donít know about frequent use, but sporadic use on the lower dosage side sounds like a good deal. Iím happy I discovered the potential of the Metocin.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112552
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Nov 13, 2018Views: 7,252
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4-HO-MET (436) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1)

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